Coronavirus Popup notification widget

Applying this template you'll be able to to embed our widget into your website with absolutely no effort.

Keep your audience updated about the situation around the Coronavirus spread around the world. With Elfsight Coronavirus Update Popup you can shape a widget that will become one of your most informative tools. Simply apply a variety of inbuilt elements and design and placing options; choose activating trigger and find the frequency to maximize the efficiency. Keep your audience aware. 

  • Configure any kind of popup
  • Option to align popup elements
  • 12 diverse element pieces to shape a popup

How do I insert Coronavirus Popup notification template on my site?

To embed the widget, you don’t need coding knowledge or special skills about your website platform

  1. Get registered in our service through the demo to have a selected template;
  2. Copy the embedding code, that can be found in your page of Elfsight Apps;
  3. Add the code to a the page where you plan to embed the widget or into the site template;
  4. Apply|Make sure to save the edits. Ready!

When you feel like further customizing your form, you can do it in your personal account at Elfsight Apps. It’s not required to edit the website code.

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