Popup Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Popup and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Sales and special offers popups

Running a sale or a promotional deal? It’s essential to embed a popup that will keep every user informed and involved. You can offer copyable coupons and direct users to the sale page in one click before they think twice.

Easy subscribing forms

Call for your visitors to join your email list in the way they can’t resist. You can design a form that won’t ruin the user experience and write the most capturing text to grow your subscriber list.

Revive carts without effort

Be on the lookout for abandoned carts with the help of pop-ups that appear right when a user is intended to leave your website. You can offer assistance or a discount to help users complete the purchase.

Announcements that make it to the users

There’s nothing better than a popup when you need to inform every visitor about your upcoming project launch, a new collection, a featured product or any other important news. Add banners to make it unforgettable.

Collect feedback with unobtrusive popup forms

Use the opportunities of Elfsight widget to create a subtle and unobtrusive popup with a feedback form. Triggered by a certain time spent on the site, this form can bring you more genuine client impressions.

Welcome popups for the positive start

Set website visitors for a positive experience the second they land on your site. With the help of welcome popups you can tell about your company or products using videos, pictures, or even iFrame.

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Select the action that activates the popup

Elfsight Popup includes six triggers, each of them will activate the popup after a certain user’s action that you choose: loading the page, spending a certain time on the page, reaching a particular element or scroll percentage, clicking a certain element, or exit intent of a user.

Set the right timing

Flexible time options will allow you to select the optimum frequency of popup activation. You can set it to appear every time when the trigger comes into action, or choose to do so once a day or once a week only. There’s also an option to make the popup appear only once.

Determine the pages to show popup

Depending on your needs, the widget can display pop-ups on all pages, or only on those pages that you specify. You can also use the option of excluding pages – simply add URLs of the pages where you want to limit the displaying of the widget.

Choose which devices will have popups active

With our widget, you don’t have to worry about smooth user experience. It’s you who controls on what devices the widget will work. You can choose to show or deactivate popups on desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.


5 layouts help to build any type of popup

We have shaped five variants of the layout, each with a different align and spacing. They will suit all set of use-cases and provide the best position on the page. Modal will attract maximum attention in the very center of the screen, Side-in variants are more subtle, and Pane is for everything in between.

Create a perfect visual design

With flexible design elements, feel free to construct your absolutely authentic popup. Upload background image and add an overlay, choose the alignment of the popup elements, vary the shape of the whole popup window. Add close button and choose the color. It’s all you need to create endless combinations.

Overlay for seamless blending in the website

Overlay helps highlight the popup and attract maximum attention to it. Upload your own picture and it will fill all the screen, leaving users with nothing else to do but to interact with the popup. You can make it more subtle, choosing background color instead of the picture.

Adaptive widget width

With Elfsight widget, you can adapt the popup right to the requirements of the page it will show on. Flexible widget width allows you to enter any amount of pixels to set the needed width value.


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