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The best Shopify apps

Free list of ready-to-use plugins with a diverse functionality for boosting user interest and cover all other promotional tasks. Instant setting up, a broad spectrum of adjusting features and professional service.

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The best Elfsight apps for all claims of your Shopify website

the best free shopify apps for your website

During several years, our Elfsight team of specialists designs simple-to-use and responsive plugins for your website. We constantly provide you a prompt support service and a high load rate. Our service assist to a lot of online trading, educational and other website owners in different parts of the world to solve the basic website problems more efficiently.

Simply implementing apps on your website you can uplift sales, showcase 5-star feedback on your services, improve loyalty to your company. Subscription plans differ from free to VIP. Quickly install any chosen apps, using our online demo, and check out how much it might be applicable in terms to upgrade your company website.

What makes Elfsight plugins so special for your Shopify website?

Have a look at a list of important benefits of our apps, which make us to stand before our competitors:

  • Free and quick support with the implementation or personalization plugins;
  • Adaptability to all website parameters;
  • Unnecessary to hire a developer;
  • A wide variety of the personalization settings;
  • Cloud service to increase loading speed;
  • Permanent without any charge updates;
  • Fair pricing range;
  • Professional help for any users problems or requests.

Test free option of our apps and upgrade your website with its features or pickout any suitable tool with a 20% off.

How to add your apps to the Shopify website

To add our plugin, do the steps from the brief tutorial:

  1. Open the needed plugin;
  2. Specify some configuration as it’s necessary;
  3. Save the changes;
  4. Click on code you received;
  5. Install the code into the available place of your website or template;
  6. Done! You have embedded the plugin on your Shopify website.

If you need a recommendation how customize or integrate the apps, please feel free to email Elfsight support specialists.

How do I integrate the apps into my Shopify template?

You are free to add the apps to your website. Just go to the administrator panel and perform the following actions:

  1. Select theme settings;
  2. Pick the part where you want to integrate the app on;
  3. Add the code from the Elfsight Apps service and save the adjustments.
  4. Simple as that.

Which of Shopify versions and templates can be compatible with the app?

Elfsight apps support any options templates of the Shopify website. We always ensure a substantial efficiency of the tools.

Where will I make some alterations in the settings of integrated apps?

You will be able to make all necessary changes of the widget features in the easy-to-manage Elfsight admin panel.

Could I talk to Support specialists in case I need help only with settings?

All clients are free to email our capable Our Support specialists to submit a question about the work of solutions.

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