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Popup Examples

Check Pop up examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Popup example 1: Black Friday

What can be better than the world's most popular and profitable discount day? A popup that decorates your website and makes the sale even more enjoyable is, of course, even better. Appearing as a pane from left to right of the screen, in bright contrast colors, and huge text, it captures everyone’s attention. In addition, it allows you to collect people’s email addresses and contact them in the future.

Popup example 2: Cyber Monday

People worldwide spend more than 9 billion dollars every year during… Cyber Monday! The first reason why they do - this day goes after Black Friday, and those who have lost the chance join those who managed to stock up. This modest yet bright popup window will show up in the right lower corner of the user’s screen and will remind of the last chance to buy presents before Christmas. Add a coupon code and a call-to-action and collect orders!
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Start with creating your widget
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Popup example 3: Christmas Sale

This Christmas themed popup is the perfect way to promote your seasonal sale. Not only does it serve as an eye-catching ad, but it also helps people redeem a discount coupon—just click on it to copy it. The red CTA button is linked to the sale page and takes users right there. You can also choose from 6 popup triggers to make the popup appear at the right moment.

Popup example 4: Exit Intent

This popup fills the entire space of the page and leaves users no choice but to interact. This is possible thanks to the widget's responsive size, which fills all free space if set to autosize. A custom image is loaded to use as the background image of the overlay and all elements are center aligned. The Popup widget appears when the user is about to leave the page and moves the cursor towards close. And also you can choose other triggers for people to see the widget.

Popup example 5: Valentine’s Day

Simple design is suitable even for short messages. If the client is interested in your offer, it is quite possible to do without bright illustrations and creative wording. Simply describe your offer in a few words, spice up the popup window with a couple of unpretentious details and that’s it! - your Popup widget is ready to convert. Remember that you should generate interest with a popup, and this variant is perfect for it!

Popup example 6: Thanksgiving Day

This is another variant of a functional and attractive popup. It allows you to add a universal box to the website, and it will match your design anyway. It’s the time to give presents to customers. Notify site visitors about current promotions and discounts using a popup, use a recognizable image, and add the installation code to HTML.

Popup example 7: Sale Notification

To create an unobtrusive popup, you can use one of our Side-In layouts. They make your modest-size popup appear from the side. The popup window tells only the most important info and has a CTA button. It makes a popup more gentle and subtle to save the positive user experience on your website. And you can also choose the exact pages where you need your popup.

Popup example 8: Popup Form

Concentrate mostly on the form collecting specific information from users. For instance, in this very case we have used it to gather emails of website visitors. In addition, we have added an attractive image above the content part, highlighted the discount amount with a header, and used black to accentuate the text. Now, it’s your turn to customize the widget the way you wish and add it to your site HTML. Keep in mind that you can choose different types of content for a form field. There’s an opportunity to attach a short text field, an email, a choice and a consent box.

Popup example 9: Newsletter Subscribe

Even if you don’t promise any obvious material benefit, a newsletter may still seem very advantageous. Guarantee that people are going to get only the best materials, and don’t think about design at all: we’ve already done it for you. This popup template has an amazing colorful background and a flashy call to subscribe.

Popup example 10: Floating Popup

Make a popup in green and yellow appear above your website content. To achieve this, you should simply paste its installation code to either the footer or header of your HTML site code. Even unpretentious popups with bright accents can be good if they offer a benefit to a person. In mobile versions of sites, the absence of unnecessary details is more of a plus. Simply use extraordinary wordings that reinforce profitable offers.

Popup example 11: Recent Sale Popup

Show any activity that one of the customers has done - this signals that many visitors are buying on your site. Notify users that a particular product has just been purchased. Show products and their prices. This will create the desired level of trust among your customers and attract even more new ones. You only need to decide which action to show: subscribe, sell, review, etc. You can also use this type of a popup for increasing social proof. For example, it’s a good idea to notify about the number of recent purchases.

Popup example 12: 3 days only

It’s the final countdown! Show your popup for a limited time and grow a sense of urgency. Just add a picture and a CTA-button leading to the page with a special offer. Pink color will catch the eye, and pictures can represent the idea of your offer in short. In this popup, we decided to make it show up on each page load. It will remind users about the offer every time they open a new website page. But be cautious about this feature: use it in case you’re 100% sure your users will react positively and won’t leave your website forever.
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Start with creating your widget
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Popup example 13: COVID-19 Update

A lot of companies stopped working as they used to after the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 popups on websites began to serve as a source of news and updates. This was how people told their customers about new working hours, rules of working remotely, and the overall reality.

Popup example 14: Special for you

Sometimes design can fade into the background. That is such a case. If you have a profitable offer or interesting content for the user, you can use a minimalistic template. Highlight content rather than design. Use an accent color, your own icon, text block and button. People will surely appreciate minimum text and maximum value.

Popup example 15: Ready for Christmas?

Ready… Steady… Go! The season of the kindest and brightest celebration starts with a Christmas sale. Make discounts on hits of the outgoing year. Let this popup appear in a modal layout, change the width of the whole window and each element’s design or leave this box as is. It is universal and will match any website template. Simply add popup code to the HTML of your website and enjoy!

Popup example 16: New Year Sale

This bright and nostalgic popup will remind people about the last sale of the year. It is going to be special, just add a coupon code and CTA there. We have created it in a dark longing template with red as an accent color. You can make it smaller or bigger, change colors a little bit, and your New Year popup is ready.

Popup example 17: Announcement

A beautiful popup is all you need to announce your new product, special offer, upcoming event, or other important promotional information. Create your popup with an enticing picture, informative text, and a button like in this example. You can change the color of the elements and the font size. Users can close the popup with the familiar cross in the top right corner.

Popup example 18: Offer

A traditional and clear popup that will help you promote a special offer. Change the design of every element: colors, sizes, and fonts. Don’t hesitate to select the color of the background and an image. You can totally customize the overall layout or its behavior, and add the widget to site HTML in seconds. For example, you can choose to show the popup only on mobile screens or make it appear on every page load.

Popup example 19: New Collection

This template with a bright CTA button and an appealing image is one of the best traditional popup examples. It will surely attract tons of attention. You can recreate it with the following main blocks: text, heading, button, and picture. Customize the popup so it matches your website design and make it appear at the right time: and enjoy the growing conversion.

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