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 Airbnb Reviews<br> widget for website

Why do I need Elfsight Airbnb Reviews?

Excellent reviews. Higher sales.

Increase social trust through showing real clients’ reviews

Prove that the recommendations you show are written by people and raise trust to your website and brand.

Raise sales showing your excellent ratings

Boast your high rating and excellent reviews to show your place is worth visiting and draw more sales.

Have new reviews with call-to-action and redirect to Airbnb

With quick access to your Airbnb page and a call-to-action button, you will collect more impressions.
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What makes Elfsight Airbnb Reviews special?

One more way to use your Airbnb widget
Integrate Airbnb reviews
One more way to use your Airbnb widget
Increase the reach of your customer reviews and embed them into your website. Elfsight Airbnb widget will help you add detailed comments with author’s name, picture and a link to your account. That’s an effective way to prove your brand reliability! You are free to use filters to show only the best, change text settings, add ratings and much more. Automatic updates help ensure no new recommendation will be missing on the site.  
Settings of the header
Totally transformable widget header
With Elfsight Airbnb Reviews, you have everything to prove to your website visitors that you are a credible partner. The header of the widget features a star rating - one of the most trusted types of ratings. It also shows the total amount of clients, who recommended your place, with their photos, and these elements are active and lead a user to your Airbnb page. Raise customer trust showing your full transparency.  
Totally transformable widget header
Use a chance to get even more reviews
Review-request button
Use a chance to get even more reviews
With the help of the call-to-action button, you can direct even more customers to add impressions about your business. Elfsight Airbnb widget includes an active button, which offers each user to write their own review. Pressing “Yes” option, a user will get to your Airbnb page, and pressing No, they will get a text message from you. There you can display any text and add a link for sending you an email.  
Layouts and templates
Transform the interface with ease
Our widget was developed with completely adaptive interface, so that you can change it for your case. Choose one of four variants of the layout: place your reviews as a List, arrange them into a Grid, show as a Slider or pick the Badge variant. Vary the width and height of the widget to your needs and manage the header. In addition, you can pick a template, show or turn off its elements, for example author name, photo, Airbnb icon, and other, and choose to demonstrate full text or add Show more option.   
Transform the interface with ease
Style options
Configure your unique interface
Enjoy a widget that will be a real match for your website in terms of colors and style. Elfsight Airbnb Customer Reviews allows you to select colors and set fonts of the widget. You have five interface details that you can paint and an option to change font size of the title and reviews text. Construct widget yourself to make it truly custom without a lot of work!   
Configure your unique interface
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Why Elfsight widget of all others?

We will offer you a wide spectrum of features to make a choice of. Now you won’t have to be concerned about your total website work. Elfsight cloud widgets are fitted with a good deal of options you can handle the way you need. And if you confront any questions, our experienced assistance team is always ready to help!
Handy live editor
Interactive convenient console
No more need in looking for a proficient developer or coding. Employ our operative editor which guarantees easy plugin integration.
Professional Elfsight team
Experienced Elfsight team
Your smooth experience is provided by our qualified team. We will be in daily contact to assist you add widgets on your web page.
Marvelous Elfsight Apps service
Remarkable Elfsight Apps service
Cloud solutions assure impressive loading and direct bug fixes. You’ll have the latest stable release of the widget exclusively of the CMS you utilize.

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
Elfsight widget plugin is amazing, and their customer support is real quick and kind. Relevant and flexible widget, I strongly recommend Elfsight!
Mark Harper
Mark Harper
Brand strategist
Elfsight apps superb, well built, untangled, and easy to customize. I'm so pleased and impressed with their Airbnb plugin and support.
Theodoros Kakoulidis
Theodoros Kakoulidis
CEO, PureProductsTrade
Impressive Airbnb testimonials, easy to customize and if you have any problem, you will receive professional support. I am seriously considering using all their plugins.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Excellent widget for a very moderate price. Customizable, untangled and the Elfsight staff is really friendly and helpful. Wonderful user experience!
Brian Colin
Brian Colin
Elfsight team ubelivably quickly fixed an issue I was having with their Airbnb customer reviews. I want to check out their other plugins now!
Tom Michaelson
Tom Michaelson
The widget is must-have and responsive interface. Absolutely customizable and setup is real quick. Customer support was amazingly professional and friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add reviews to the widget?
The widget will automatically display on your website reviews from your Airbnb page, as soon as you get authorized on Airbnb. It will also update to show every new review immediately after it appears on your Airbnb page.
Is it possible to filter customer reviews for my website?
Sure. We offer three filters that will help you show only the reviews you want on your website. Enter keyword or name into Exclude filter box, and it will hide all reviews containing these words. Type filter can be set to show all or only positive reviews. Finally, with quantity filter, you can choose what number of reviews you want to display.
Can I get website visitors to leave their reviews, too?
You can use the review request button to invite website visitors to leave their reviews on your Airbnb page. The button will redirect them right there. There’s also a No option of the button, which will open a message with your text and can include an email address to send feedback to you.
Can I make a carousel with customer reviews?
Yes, you can arrange your reviews into an active carousel, which your users will be able to slide. For this, simply choose Slider layout of the widget. You can also set arrows or drag navigation and choose slide switch speed.
How can I change the size of the Airbnb widget?
It is absolutely easy. You can set the width and height in pixels or percentage or leave Auto to make it automatically adjust to the space on your page.
Is Elfsight Airbnb widget mobile friendly?
Absolutely! Our widget works and looks perfectly everywhere - from a desktop to a smartphone. Users will have great experience whatever device they are using.
Is it compatible with my website platform?
Our widget is compatible with all the most popular website platforms and will be installed to any of them in seconds. Please check the list below: Adobe Muse, BigCommerce, Blogger, Drupal, Facebook Page, Elementor, Joomla, jQuery, iFrame, Magento, HTML, ModX, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Webnode, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google Sites

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