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Why do I need Elfsight Audio Player?

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Make profit off your music

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Set the mood of your audience

Deliver the message you want to broadcast to your users faster

Diversify the user experience of your visitors

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What makes Elfsight Audio widget special?

All types of audio content on your website
All types of audio content on your website
Elfsight Music widget suits for playback of all types of audio content. Share your favorite or the freshest releases, form an audio library, present your audioshows, educate your audience with audio lectures and articles. The widget supports numerous sources like SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista, Amazon, Google Drive and many more. Files can be uploaded by URL or directly from your device.   
An accessible music player right on your homepage
Using this uncomplicated tool, you’ll be able to create a playlist which your audience definitely won’t miss! Add an unlimited number of tracks by URL or directly from your device, loop and shuffle your audio files, enable the autoplay option to make an acquaintance with your web page notable and place the player anywhere you like. Choose the most appropriate layout to find the best position of the widget. And there’s also a possibility to show or hide playlists for greater audience convenience.   
An accessible music player right on your homepage
Add marketing options to your website player
Add marketing options to your website player
Broaden your website music player operability with our Audio widget marketing solutions. Give your audience the option to download audio tracks first-hand from your website, if you spread the content yourself. You can also direct people to a specific purchase page at any online marketplace where you distribute your audio content, to make the buying process faster and smoother. Add several buttons with marketplace icons to your website player, to let your visitors pick the one they are used to get their music from.  
Make your music player noticeable or neat
We offer different design options which will help you make your player remarkable and informative. Add author’s name, title and progress bar or switch them off to build a minimalistic player. You may also recolor its elements to make it harmonize with overall website's design. And of course, dark color scheme is there to help you make stylish addition to your web page in a click.   
Make your music player noticeable or neat
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Audio Player widget to my website?

To add the music plugin, use the steps from the simple guide below:

  1. Launch Elfsight editor and start creating your custom-built tool.
  2. Modify the widget functional traits and save the needed.
  3. Receive your unique code appearing in the notification.
  4. Paste the unique code on your website and press “Save“ button.
  5. You’ve added an Elfsight tool on your website.

Stumbled upon any problems during the setup or the customization process? Contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

Also, you can find detailed installation guides here.

What formats are supported by your Music Player?

File types supported by Elfsight widget include mp3, mp4, ogv, webm, HLS (m3u8), DASH (mpd).

Can I add the Music Player widget to my website builder?

Of course, you are free to add the Web Audio Player widget to any website that uses HTML code. You should simply
  1. Create a widget in a free visual editor
  2. Get an embed code
  3. Create an HTML field in your website builder
  4. Paste the installation code into it
    1. Great! Now check the widget on your website. If you need a more thorough guide on each platform: HTML, iFrame, Webflow, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress. However, if you come across any difficulties, you can contact our friendly and top-notch customer support team. They'll be more than happy to help you.

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