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 Logo Showcase<br> widget for website

Why do I need Elfsight Logo Showcase?

Showcase your partners. Get new ones.

Increase the credibility of your company

Seeing well-known companies among your clients, your visitors will be sure you are secure to work with.

Gain news sales

Inspire users to further engage with your company and use your services, showing that you are a trusted partner.

Generate more leads

With CTA button, you’ll have an additional way to establish contacts with new visitors and turn them into leads.
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What makes Elfsight Logo Showcase special?

Add logos of clients and sponsors. Establish brand credibility
Add logos of clients and sponsors. Establish brand credibility
Make your social proof visible: demonstrate logos of your biggest clients, show your partners or sponsors, let users know what they write about you in press. With Elfsight Logo Showcase, show unlimited logos by just uploading images and add links. You can show widget title and CTA-button to turn visitors into leads.  
What I love about Logo Showcase is that the influential names inspire my users to become my clients!
Leone Horne
Three layouts and adaptive size. Configure your widget yourself
Three layouts, adaptive widget width, variable size of the logo and the gutter - all these options will let you configure your impeccable logo showcase. You can choose sliding speed, navigation, and pagination, turn the widget into vertical-oriented, choose auto sliding and more. Whatever you design and space requirements are - it’s all manageable.   
Three layouts and adaptive size. Configure your widget yourself
Colors, shapes, and sizes of the perfect look
Make the widget look exactly what it should to become a perfect match for your website. You can personalize the background, uploading your own image or choosing the color; choose original or grayscale color of the logo or paint it yourself; select a style and color of the CTA button and vary its shape. All text elements support font size and color option.  
Colors, shapes, and sizes of the perfect look
Usage examples
See a selection of real examples to explore the full potential of Logo Showcase for your website.
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Why Elfsight widget of all others?

Powerful features are not the only thing you will get. Our support specialists are always ready with competent help with any enquiry and fresh updates.
Handy live editor
Manageable interactive panel
No programming, no help from a developer - our live panel allows for the easiest installation to save your effort and money.
Professional Elfsight team
Experienced Elfsight team
Our timely high-quality support and free adding service will bring you smooth experience.
Marvelous Elfsight Apps service
Fabulous Elfsight Apps service
Cloud tools for systematic automatic updates, fast bug fixes and powerful loading speed in any location.

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
Useful, alluring plugin that is convenient! Wonderful client service as well!
Mark Harper
Mark Harper
Brand strategist
They expeditiously fixed an issue I was having with their Logo plugin. I need to check out their other products surely!
Theodoros Kakoulidis
Theodoros Kakoulidis
CEO, PureProductsTrade
Superb plugin and customer service is super quick, really aidant, and professionally done. Great partner!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Helpful plugins, simple and demonstrates your social proof to get more business. I use it on practically all of my sites.
Brian Colin
Brian Colin
The customer logo widget is really uncomplicated and i sincerely love it and this is the reason for me It feels right to write this review.
Tom Michaelson
Tom Michaelson
Great widgets, really easy to customize and in case of any issue, you can surely get immediate help. I am really considering using all apps.

Try Logo Showcase widget demo

You can customize the widget in a couple of clicks and add it to your website right from the demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many logos can I add to the widget?
You can add any number of logos to Elfsight Logo Showcase. Our widget doesn’t limit this.
How do I link a logo to the company’s website?
It’s easily done in the settings. When adding a new logo, just copy-paste the link to the special field. Your users will be automatically redirected to this address when clicking the logo.
Can I create an infinite loop automatic carousel with this widget?
Sure, Elfsight Logo Showcase allows to do it. Simply choose Carousel type of the layout, and the logos will slide automatically, with the infinite loop.
Can I color the widget?
You can set colors for background, logos and their backgrounds, fonts in the header, and the CTA button. You can also upload an image as a widget background instead of choosing a color.
Is Elfsight Logo Showcase mobile friendly?
Our widget works and looks perfectly on any device from desktop to smartphone. You can set the size of the logos and the gutter for mobiles and tablets yourself.
Is it compatible with my platform?
Our widget is compatible with all the most popular website platforms and can be added to any of them in seconds. Check your platform in the list below: Adobe Muse, BigCommerce, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, jQuery, iFrame, Magento, Facebook Page, Elementor, HTML, ModX, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Webnode, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google Sites

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