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Countdown Timer widget for website

 Countdown Timer widget for website

Why do I need Elfsight Countdown Timer?

More urgency. More scarcity. More sales.

Set urgency to stimulate visitors’ buying activity

Increase a feeling of urgency, with seconds running out, to make your visitors purchase right now, before they lose your special offer.

Create scarcity showing the pace of sales on your site

Raise perceived value of your items with a counter showing how the stock is going down in front of your clients’ eyes.

Boost sales with attractive holiday theme bar

Create a holiday theme timer bar that no visitor can miss and maximize sales on the website during holiday time.
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What makes Elfsight Countdown Timer special?

The urgency that drives actions
Start-to-finish timer
The urgency that drives actions
Create a fear of missing out a special offer among your clients and push them to buy right now. A simple countdown widget on your website will show the time left to the end of the period and create a feeling of urgency. Just set when it should start and finish and choose the action after the time runs out. You can also add a message that will show above the timer and inspire to act.   Learn more
Remaining time counter per visitor
Pushing visitors into a faster decision
Don’t give your potential clients too much time to think - show a personal website timer for each visitor that will push them to buy before the time runs out. With our custom Countdown Clock widget, you can embed a timer for each client, that will tick down the time each user spends on your website and create a feeling of excitement. You can set it for just several minutes or a couple of hours - it’s up to you, since you can enable and disable any time unit.   Learn more
Pushing visitors into a faster decision
Scarcity for maximum sales
Start-to-finish number count
Scarcity for maximum sales
Heat up the atmosphere for your visitors! Show them that your items get sold more and more right before their eyes, and the stock is only getting smaller. Create a feeling of limited availability of your offers to encourage purchasing. Set a number count that will show increasing number of sales or decreasing number of stock. Just set start and finish numbers and the count will go. To speed up the purchase, you can add a button next to the timer. It will take a user straight to the product page or any other you find suitable.   Learn more
Holiday sale banner
Holiday mood for your profit making
Get the most of holidays time and don’t let people miss your special offers - a holiday countdown widget will help you with this. With responsive Elfsight Countdown Clock for website, you can create a really eye-catching sale bar that will have a holiday theme design. Our plugin includes New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and more beautifully made themes. Put it on the page header, footer or your custom place or make it move along with the scroll - everything to make it impossible to miss.   Learn more
Holiday sales are great for online merchants! I announce my sales with holiday-theme banner with a countdown. It works for me!
Astrid Mortensen
Holiday mood for your profit making
Your custom timer
Customization for wider opportunities
With stunningly flexible settings and design, you can create a countdown banner for any event or offer. Scroll bars will hep set the right size of the timer and button. Apply predefined style, change colors of your countdown clock, button, message and labels, and choose animation type. Endless opportunities will let you have a special countdown widget in your website for any occasion.    Learn more
Customization for wider opportunities
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Why Elfsight widget of all others?

Impressive features are not the only thing you will get. To give your website all it needs, our support team is always in touch with helpful assistance in any query and the latest updates available.
Handy live editor
Convenient interactive editor
No coding, no need to hire a developer - our live configurator allows for quick widget installation in a couple of steps to save your time and money.
Professional Elfsight team
Professional Elfsight team
Premium support and free setup help will bring you easy problem-free experience.
Marvelous Elfsight Apps service
Fabulous Elfsight Apps service
Cloud tools for regular automatic updates, instant bug fixing and quick loading wherever you are.

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
Elfsight widgets are amazing, and their support is real fast and kind. Relevant and reliable, I strongly recommend Elfsight!
Mark Harper
Mark Harper
Brand strategist
Elfsight apps gorgeous, well built, well documented, and easy to customize. I'm so pleased and impressed with all their widgets and support.
Theodoros Kakoulidis
Theodoros Kakoulidis
CEO, PureProductsTrade
Excellent widgets, easy to customize and in case of any issue, you will get perfect support. I am seriously considering using almost all apps.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Fantastic apps for a very reasonable price. Customizable, easy-to-use and the Elfsight staff is super-friendly and helpful! Great user experience!
Brian Colin
Brian Colin
Their team quickly fixed an issue I was having with their Instagram plugin. I need to check out their other software now!
Tom Michaelson
Tom Michaelson
The widget is brilliant and intuitive interface. Super customizable and integration is a breeze. Customer service was amazingly helpful.

Try Countdown Timer widget demo

You can customize the widget in a couple of clicks and add it to your website right from the demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Elfsight Timer for limited time offers?
Yes, you can use our responsive Countdown widget to set a timer that will show how much time is left till the end of your special offer period and stimulate people to buy.
Is your widget suitable for showing a personal timer for each user?
Our widget is absolutely suitable to show a custom countdown clock for each user, every time they open your site. When a visitor leaves your website, their time will be saved and the countdown will resume when the visitor comes back.
How do I create a down counter showing my stock size?
To create a counter that will show how the stock of the item is going down, use Start-to-finish number counter and set the start and finish numbers. Also type the related text in the message and your counter is ready.
How can I change the size of the widget?
Changing the size of website countdown clock is absolutely easy. There are two scrollbars - one for the timer and one for the button - by moving the cursor left or right, you vary the size from smaller to bigger, and can find exactly what you want.
Can I use your simple countdown widget with only minutes and seconds?
Of course. You can switch off any time units and leave only what you need. And you can set any duration of time, even if it’s several hours - they will be expressed as minutes and seconds automatically.
Is Elfsight Timer widget mobile friendly?
Absolutely! Your custom Countdown Timer is fully adaptive. It works and looks perfectly everywhere - from a desktop to a smartphone. It will become a nice detail of your website viewed from any device.
Is it compatible with my website platform?
Our simple countdown widget is compatible with all the most popular website platforms and will be installed to any of them in seconds. Please check the list below: Adobe Muse, BigCommerce, Blogger, Drupal, Facebook Page, Elementor, Joomla, jQuery, iFrame, Magento, HTML, ModX, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Webnode, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, WooCommerce, Google Sites
How to add Countdown Timer to a website?

Embedding Countdown Clock on your website will not take much time and will not require knowledge in programming. Use our brief guide to fulfil it:

  1. Create a widget in the editor and get your unique widget code;
  2. Embed your Сountdown widget to the page or into the template of your website;
  3. Save the changes!

Having any trouble creating the widget or adding countdown clock to your website? Do not hesitate to address our customer support team. Or try to solve the issue yourself, using our detailed installation tutorial published in the help center.

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