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Extend your theme or website builder functionality with Elfsight widgets and make extra money.

Will it work for me? Yes.

Website Template Developers

Preset Elfsight widgets to specific locations in your template. Or, build in the widgets catalog to the page editor for people to choose the right tools. Sign up to Affiliate Program and make more with each sold template.

Page / Website Builders

Add Elfsight widgets as extra building blocks to your builder. Offer a complete building blocks library to your customers to save their time and effort, and earn extra money with Affiliate Program, too.

Our Affiliates

Embed Widgets Catalog or Widget Demo to your website. Let your visitors sample the widgets - configure and install - directly on your website. Convert website visitors to referrals and boost your affiliate revenues.

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Steps to Integrate.

So Simple it’s Almost Magic.

1. You integrate Elfsight Embed SDK

This is easy - add a code snippet to feature the widgets right in your interface. Set up handlers for user activity (adding, editing, removing widget). Use preset options to configure the components appearance and functionality in your own way.

2. Your users interact with Elfsight platform

All it takes for your customers to create widgets in Elfsight editor and subscribe to payment plans is a couple of clicks. The handlers you’ve configured embed the user widgets to specified locations. Your users are happy :)

3. You earn money with Elfsight Affiliate Program

You can include your Affiliate reference when integrating Elfsight Embed SDK to your interface. This will bring you a termless 30% of all payments your referred customers make to Elfsight.

Why Elfsight?

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What’s included?

Elfsight Embed SDK includes a set of components you can integrate in your interface to let your users work with Elfsight widgets directly from your page.

App Catalog

This component displays the complete list of Elfsight widgets. Filter by category and search functionality are also provided. Configure this component in one of two ways: let your users open an apps’ editor on a click on its card, or direct them to our website.

App Card

Embed the card component to feature a specific Elfsight app. The editor where users can configure it will open up on a click.

Widget Management Panel

Add this panel alongside the user’s widget. This will enable the user to manage the widget (edit, remove, etc).


This component includes 3 buttons: Add - opens the app catalog to let users choose an app, Edit - opens the widget eidtor window, Remove - remove widget from website.

Use the API endpoints to create your own components or interface to interact with Elfsight widgets.

Ready to integrate?

Get Elfsight Embed SDK on GitHub or NPM to start.