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How to Embed Google Reviews on Website for Free

Learn about the simplest and fastest way to embed Google Reviews on a website. You will discover how to display Google Reviews on your website in the most attractive way and get a CTA button to encourage more positive feedback.
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How to Embed Google Reviews on Website for Free

Quick guide: How to Embed Google Reviews on Your Website for Free

In search of a quick way of how to embed Google reviews into your website with no coding involved? We want to introduce you to Elfsight Google Reviews, a simple widget solution that lets you create a manageable review section in a visual editor. You can easily change colors and fonts, and switch on and off all the elements. As a result, you receive a ready-made widget that you have designed yourself within a few minutes.

  1. Start creating the widget in a user-friendly demo.
  2. Add the source of your reviews and customize the widget.
  3. Copy the installation code.
  4. Embed the code into your website.

That’s how you can easily embed Google reviews into any website! Test all the functions and reveal your creativity to make a unique widget that perfectly suits your goals.

See for yourself how easy it is to create your Google reviews in the demo below! ⇓

Detailed Guide: Embedding Google Reviews on Your Website for Free

Let’s see a more detailed guide on how to embed Google reviews on a website, by performing a few simple actions. You will see tutorial pictures that describe the steps to adjust everything resulting in a well-functioning custom widget for your website.

  1. Select a template to start with. The easiest way to start making your custom widget is to select a suitable template for your needs. When you choose a template in the left panel, you will immediately see a preview of it on the right.
    How to Embed Google Reviews into Website: select template

  2. Add sources to display your reviews. What makes your widget truly unique is connecting your own business reviews to it. Find a method that suits your company best and embed the reviews into the widget creator.
    How to Embed Google Reviews into Website: connect your source

  3. Customize style and layout. You can leave your widget the way it is but why not make it more suitable for your website pages? It is simple and fun to explore the tabs with settings changing colors, fonts, formats, card styles and layouts, badge and source indication, and much more.
    How to Embed Google Reviews into Website: customize settings

  4. Get an embed code. When you think you have done enough, just press ‘Add to website’ and ‘Publish’ to see the ready-made embed code. These short strings contain all the necessary information concerning your widget and are ready to display the Google reviews on the website.
    How to Embed Google Reviews into Website: receive embed code

  5. Integrate the embed code with your website. Our widget works perfectly on any popular CMS or website builder. You just need to insert the code into the desired location of your website page. You will find guidelines for the most common CMS platforms in the next section.
    How to Embed Google Reviews into Website: embed the code into your CMS

Integrate Google Reviews Widget on Your Website Builder or CMS

It might be confusing to embed Google reviews into a specific CMS platform. However, most of them are quite friendly to third-party widgets. Moreover, we prepared manuals that will teach you how to display Google reviews on a website of your preference.

HTML icon Add Google Reviews to HTML website

Watch this video to see how one can quickly embed the Google Reviews widget on any HTML-based website. It might be helpful to visualize the process before performing the embedding process. Or just follow the simple written steps below.

  1. Go to the backend of your website. Make sure you can edit the HTML code in your admin panel to integrate the widget seamlessly.
  2. Put the Elfsight code into the HTML of your website. Choose the location where you want your Google Reviews to appear to pursue your business goals.
  3. Save the changes to your website. Check whether everything functions the way you planned and looks consistently on the page.

Create Google Reviews in HTML→ 

WordPress icon Add Google Reviews to WordPress website

You can quickly embed your no-code widget into your website, by inserting the provided code into a block. Thus, you will make your Google reviews appear exactly in the spot that you need.

  1. Log in to your WordPress account. You will need to work in your admin panel in order to make changes to the HTML code.
  2. Go to ‘Pages’ and choose the page you want. Keep in mind your business goals and reasons for embedding the reviews into a certain area.
  3. Add a custom HTML block. It must appear in the required part of the website that you have chosen to embed Google reviews into.
  4. Insert the generated code in this block. Don’t forget to ‘Update’ the page and check the functioning of the widget.

Create Google Reviews in WordPress→ 

Wix icon Add Google Reviews to Wix website

Adding the widget with your Google reviews to a required page of the Wix website is simple. The custom code that you received from Elfsight integrates seamlessly with a desired area of the pages.

  1. Access your Wix website editor. Log into your Wix account and select the site you want to edit. Navigate to your site’s dashboard and click on ‘Edit Site’ to open the website editor.
  2. Add an HTML block for the Google Reviews widget. Click the Plus icon on the left-hand menu and navigate to the Embed section. Under the ‘Custom Embeds‘ tab, select ‘Embed a Widget‘ to add a new HTML block to your page.
  3. Insert the Google Reviews widget installation code. Click ‘Enter Code’ and paste the installation code provided by your Google Reviews widget provider. After entering the code, hit ‘Update‘ to embed the widget into your page.
  4. Adjust the widget’s dimensions and placement. Adjust the widget’s dimensions and placement on the page. Make sure the widget fits perfectly and is visually appealing by resizing and positioning it appropriately.
  5. Optimize for mobile devices. Switch to the mobile editor and adjust the widget as needed. Ensure the widget looks great on mobile devices, then publish your changes once you are satisfied with the layout.

Create Google Reviews in Wix→ 

Shopify icon Add Google Reviews to Shopify website

You can quickly add the Google Reviews widget to any page of your Shopify website. You will only need to insert the ready-made code from Elfsight into a required area of your website.

  1. Go to the Shopify admin panel. You need to find the ‘Online Store’ area of the website.
  2. Select ‘Customize’ from the drop-down menu. Then in the left-hand menu, select ‘Add Section.’
  3. In ‘Custom Content,’ click ‘Add.’ You will have to remove the Shopify parts that were pre-installed.
  4. Select ‘Custom HTML.’ It is the option that you will find in the ‘Add Content’ menu.
  5. Locate the ‘HTML section. It is where you can embed the Google Reviews installation code and save all modifications.

Create Google Reviews in Shopify→ 

Squarespace icon Add Google Reviews to Squarespace website

Anyone can quickly embed the reviews to the desired page on a Shopify website. All you need to do is to enter the generated code from Elfsight into a specific block on the page.

  1. Sign in to your Squarespace account. Log into your Squarespace account and select the site for the widget. Navigate to your site’s dashboard and choose the website you want to edit.
  2. Navigate to the Website section. Pick the page where you want to add the Google Reviews widget. Go to the ‘Website section from the main menu and select the desired page.
  3. Hit Edit and then Add Section. Click Edit on the chosen page and then select Add Section where you want the widget. This allows you to create a new section on your page for the widget.
  4. Add a code block. Select Add a blank section, then click Add block and choose Code from the list. This is where you will insert your Google Reviews widget code.
  5. Insert the Google Reviews widget installation code. In the Edit icon, paste the Google Reviews widget installation code and adjust the block’s width. Ensure the widget looks well-placed and visually appealing on your page.

Create Google Reviews in Squarespace→

Webflow icon Add Google Reviews to Webflow website

Adding the widget to Webflow pages is smooth since you only need to add an Embed element where you deliver the generated code of your Google reviews.

  1. Start in Webflow. Sign in to your Webflow account and pick the website where you intend to embed the widget.
  2. Embedding the widget. In the Webflow editor, click the Plus icon. Then, simply drag and drop the Embed element from the left menu to where you want the reviews to be shown.
  3. Inserting the code. Embed Google reviews installation code in the HTML Embed Code Editor that appears. Afterwards, click Save & Close.
  4. Customization and publication. Adjust the settings of your Google reviews, then press Publish and choose the domains for its activation.

Create Google Reviews in Webflow→ 

Elementor icon Add Google Reviews to Elementor website

It is simple and convenient to embed the Google Reviews widget into Elementor. You will just need to have an empty block on your page where you insert the code of the widget.

  1. Start in the WordPress backend. Log into your WordPress website’s backend, go to ‘Pages’, and select the page for adding the Google Reviews widget.
  2. Initiate Elementor editing. Choose ‘Edit with Elementor’ to begin customizing your chosen page.
  3. Implement the HTML element. Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to place the HTML element on your page.
  4. Add the widget’s code to the website. Embed the Google reviews installation code by Elfsight into the HTML Code box.
  5. Update and enjoy. Hit ‘Update’ to apply your changes and see your page transform with the embedded Google reviews.

Create Google Reviews in Elementor→ 

Benefits of the Google Reviews widget

Businesses need a strong online presence to succeed. One awesome idea to spruce up your activity is by embedding Google Reviews on the website as a code-free widget. It’s not just about trust and credibility – it also does wonders for SEO and brand awareness, making everything smoother for the user. Tossing up real customer feedback on your site can seriously sway how customers view your business. Here’s why it matters:

  • Builds trust and credibility. Adding Google Reviews to your website lets visitors see what others are saying about your business. This honesty builds trust, as people value real customer opinions more than ads. Good reviews can reassure new customers and encourage them to choose your business.
  • Improves SEO and brand awareness. The Google Reviews widget boosts SEO by adding fresh, keyword-rich content to your site, helping you rank higher in search results. Positive reviews also highlight your strengths, increasing brand awareness.
  • Enhances user experience. A Google Reviews widget makes it easy for visitors to read reviews, helping them quickly decide about your products or services. This can keep them on your site longer and increase the chances of them making a purchase or inquiry.

Methods to Embed Google Reviews on Your Website

There are two most common ways you can try to embed Google reviews on your website. Google My Business offers an integration of reviews that any business can use on their website. The second option is to use specially designed widgets by third-party developers. Let’s see what suits you best.

#1 Use official tools by Google to put the reviews on your website

It is secure and convenient to integrate your reviews using the official services of Google, meaning you work directly with the company that registers the feedback. However, adding Google reviews to your website using Google API involves a few steps that may seem confusing to users without experience in coding. 

Key feature: recognizable service provider

Benefit: direct integration via Google

Drawback: not a code-free solution

Here’s a detailed process to guide you on how to embed Google reviews on the website without third-party tools:

  1. Get an API key from Google Cloud Platform to gain access to Google Maps. Ensure the Places API is enabled for your project.
  2. Get a “Places ID” for your company. You can find your place ID using the Google Places API or the Place ID Finder.
  3. Get the “Google Places” script. Ensure you have the google-places.js script. If you don’t, you’ll need to create or find a library that can handle the fetching and displaying of Google Places reviews.
  4. Insert the lines of code that display the reviews on your site. Queue the necessary script files and paste the following code in the <head> section of your site:

    <script src=”https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js”></script>
    <script src=”/js/google-places.js”></script>
    <script src=”https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.exp&libraries=places&key=[API_KEY]”

    Replace [API_KEY] with the one you generated in step 1.

  5. Add the following JavaScript function to the <head> section of your site:

      jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    placeId: ‘[PLACES_ID]’,
    render: [‘reviews’],
    min_rating: 0,  // Adjusted min_rating to 0 to show all reviews
    max_rows: 5  // Adjusted max_rows to 5 to show up to 5 reviews

    Replace [PLACES_ID] with the place ID you obtained in step 2.

  6. Add this HTML exactly where you want the Google Reviews to be displayed:

    <div id=”google-reviews”></div>

#2 Embed Google reviews as a code-free widget

We will take the Google Reviews by Elfsight as an example. Focused on widget development, the company offers certain extra features. The widget gets regular updates and is extremely simple to embed and manage.

Key features: 24/7 support, code-free integration and customization, simple source management & filters for the reviews displayed

➕ Templates for an easy start. The Google Reviews widget by Elfsight has numerous templates to boost your creativity and provide a simple beginning in crafting the review widget for your needs.➖ Third-party solution. Despite its numerous advantages and additional options, any widget is still an extra bridge between Google reviews and the reader.
➕ Universal embed code for any CMS. Whatever website platform you use, Elfsight guarantees a simple integration process and smooth functioning.➖ Less troubleshooting cases. The internet evidently provides more solutions for problems with Google than with other companies’ services, however, a responsible widget provider can promptly assist you in resolving any trouble.
➕ Adjustable filters. You can select groups of reviews to display in order to provide the most relevant information on products or services for the audience.
➕ AI-generated review summary. Enable an AI-crafted summary to provide readers with the key opinions concerning your strong and weak points.

Best Practices and Tips

Gain Google rating snippet in search results

Stay different from your competitors. Switch on the markup, and stars will appear in search results. They will make you stand out from the crowd and increase the click-through rate. Being prominent in search results, you’ll get more website visitors, and, therefore, sales. In the Elfsight Google Reviews widget, you can create review snippets with ease by just switching on this option in the configurator.

Schema markup for Google Reviews

Attract new reviews and gain credibility for your brand

Embed a Google Reviews widget on your website and switch on a CTA button. Relevant and new reviews look more trustworthy. People visiting your website will see an invitation to leave their thoughts, some of them will eagerly make their opinion public. Those reviews are the key to making people take purchasing decisions faster. This button will significantly simplify the process of leaving reviews right on your website!

Want even more reviews? You can include a link to leave reviews to an email signature or ask for a review after seeing the customer is satisfied with your service. Learn more about the ways to get more Google reviews about your business.
Google Reviews CTA button for collecting feedback

Use various sources to connect your business reviews

The easiest way to find your Google reviews is surely by introducing the name and address of your company. The widget by Elfsight knows how to identify your business using Google Place ID, or even add your reviews without a physical address indication. You can read more about each of the ways to feature your feedback in Elfsight’s Google Reviews.

Choose the right reviews by filtering them

Elfsight Google Reviews widget allows you to filter reviews by various categories for optimal display. You can show reviews with or without text, set a minimal rating to highlight only 5-star testimonials, and choose the number of reviews to display. Additionally, you can display or hide reviews by certain authors or keywords, ensuring the most relevant feedback is showcased. If you disagree with certain reviews written by the customers, there are ways to delete a bad Google review about your company.

Embed Google Reviews: filters

Manage Google Reviews

Respond to all reviews, even negative ones. Users invest their time leaving their comments, so, spend several minutes on saying thank you or taking criticism into account. Learn how to properly manage Google reviews to make any review useful for your business.

Responding to Google reviews shows your current and potential customers that you care about their feedback and want to have a solid reputation. People may consider whether they would like to get such a response when they share their thoughts. Therefore, remember that your answer is read not only by the person you responded to.

53% of customers expect you to respond to reviews (within one week!). So give the people what they want!

Optimize Google My Business profile

Claim it and update business information. Make it more appealing for the prospects, and social proof will help you get more organic reviews from them. Also pay attention to the appearance of your business in Google Maps, and work with it as well.

Optimize Google My Business profile

Customize design and layout for a solid appearance

The Google Reviews widget offers extensive customization opportunities to match your brand’s unique style. Choose from various layouts such as List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating Badge, and more. You can adjust the color, size, and fonts of elements, change columns, and select the number of posts to display. Each review’s content, including titles, badges, names, and stars, can be personalized to fit your design perfectly.

Embed Google Reviews: customization and layouts

Which Businesses Can Profit from Google Reviews on Their Site?

Google reviews are a powerful tool for boosting a business’s online presence and credibility. They provide potential customers with social proof, enhance trust, and can significantly influence purchasing decisions. Embedding Google reviews on a business’s website can lead to increased visibility in search results and greater customer engagement.

  • Local businesses

    Local businesses, such as retail stores and service providers, can greatly benefit from Google reviews. Positive reviews from local customers build trust within the community and attract more foot traffic. They also improve local SEO, making the business more visible to nearby customers searching for related products or services.

  • E-commerce stores

    For e-commerce stores, Google reviews can be a game-changer. They help build trust with online shoppers who cannot physically inspect products before purchasing. Reviews provide reassurance about product quality and customer service, leading to higher conversion rates and reduced return rates. Consumers will spend 31% more than planned if a company has excellent reviews.

  • Hotels and hospitality

    Hotels and hospitality businesses thrive on reputation. Google reviews can significantly impact booking decisions, as travelers rely heavily on feedback from previous guests. Positive reviews highlight excellent service and amenities, helping to differentiate a hotel from its competitors and attract more bookings.

  • Travel and tourism

    In the travel and tourism sector, experiences are everything. Google reviews allow tourists to share their experiences, which can entice others to visit the same destinations or use the same services. Reviews can also provide valuable feedback for improving services and creating memorable experiences for future customers.

  • Restaurants and food services

    Restaurants and food service businesses can see a direct impact on their patronage through Google reviews. 90% of consumers read online reviews before deciding where to dine, and positive feedback about food quality, ambiance, and service can draw in more customers. Reviews also provide insights into what customers love and areas that may need improvement.

Embedded Google Reviews Examples

Google reviews on homepage

Gorgeous! Fantastic! Amazing! We simply adore this use case. Website owners decided to embed Google reviews at the beginning of a homepage. This solution is so unexpected yet logical, that helps House+Co Property steadily grow their sales and boost trust. Actual reviews left not long ago make people sure they’re at the right place to buy their house.

House+Co Property Google Place Reviews

Review badge

True gamers need outstanding PCs and accessories. Spartan Geek owners described all the products they sell so juicy that thousands of gamers visit their website monthly. Google Reviews badge embedded on a website is a cherry on a gamer’s cake. Visitors are offered to get acquainted with all the ratings on a separate page and see examples of the best ones right in the section. 

Spartan Geek Google Place Reviews

Google reviews slider

PrintShoppy is a noteworthy and significant tool for ordering printable books, clocks, bottles, iphone cases, and so much more. To gain trust and increase sales, website owners decided to embed the Google Reviews slider on a separate page. It attracts a lot of attention, and works as it is supposed to. Any interested customer can visit this page to learn they’re in the right spot to get a unique present.

PrintShoppy Property Google My Business Reviews

Google rating dark theme

Meet the Razer – an absolutely unique and undeniably best online store for true gamers. They provide admirers of simulations and strategies with the top-notch gaming accessories and services. Their community army consists of millions of gamers who eagerly share their positive reviews on Google. Google Rating is embedded in the middle of their homepage, decreasing cart abandon rate and boosting sales. A stylish dark theme is used to match the brand’s design and to give a modern look.

Razer Store Google Rating

Final Thoughts

Embedding Google Reviews on your website is a powerful strategy to enhance your online presence, build trust, and attract more customers. By showcasing genuine customer feedback, you can significantly improve your brand’s credibility and influence potential buyers. Whether you choose to use Google’s official tools or a third-party widget like Elfsight, the process is straightforward and yields substantial benefits.

Displaying real customer reviews builds trust, improves your site’s SEO with fresh, keyword-rich content, and enhances user experience by helping visitors make informed decisions quickly. Customizing the widget to match your website’s design ensures a professional look. This strategy leads to higher engagement and conversion rates, better local SEO, and ongoing customer feedback that keeps your content relevant. By integrating Google Reviews, you create a more engaging and trustworthy experience for your visitors, positively impacting your business growth and customer satisfaction.


Can I choose which reviews to embed?

Yes, with Elfsight Google Reviews, you can adjust specific filters to share Google reviews on website. This allows you to showcase the most positive and relevant feedback from your customers. Elfsight’s widget provides you with numerous patterns concerning how to show Google reviews on your website.

Can I embed Google reviews without coding?

Yes, Elfsight Google Reviews widget can be embedded without any coding skills. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily generate and customize the widget, and then simply copy and paste the Google Reviews widget embed code into your website. The embed code for Google Reviews contains all the settings you have chosen during configuration.

What is a Google Reviews widget?

A Google Reviews widget is a tool that allows you to display customer reviews from your Google My Business account directly on your website. This helps build trust and credibility by letting the customers see real Google reviews on your activity.

Where should I show my Google reviews?

Google reviews can be displayed in various strategic locations on your website, such as the homepage, product or service pages, testimonial sections, or even the footer. It often depends on your marketing strategies when you decide where to show Google reviews on the website.

Is there a limit to how many Google reviews I can embed?

No, there is no limit to the number of Google reviews you can embed with Elfsight. You can display as many reviews as you want to provide a comprehensive view of customer feedback.

How to integrate Google reviews on a website?

Integrating Google reviews on your website is easy with Elfsight. Simply start working in the live demo, configure your Google Reviews widget to your liking, and copy the provided code. Then, paste this Google Reviews embed code into your website’s HTML where you want the reviews to appear. That’s how to get Google reviews on your website.

How to remove bad reviews from Google My Business?

While you cannot remove bad reviews directly from Google My Business, you can flag inappropriate reviews for removal by Google. Additionally, responding to negative reviews professionally can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and mitigate their impact. Sometimes, you will need to contact Google support in order to delete a Google review.

How to get more Google reviews on your website?

Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews by providing excellent service and making it easy for them to do so. You can share direct links to your Google My Business review page, ask for reviews in follow-up emails, or offer incentives for leaving feedback to get more Google reviews. Integrating these reviews with Elfsight will help showcase them prominently on your website.

More Ideas to Enhance Your Brand

  • Need more review sources? Embed reviews from Amazon, Facebook, Yelp, and 30+ other companies in our All-in-One Reviews widget. Thus, you can display the most relevant platform’s reviews to the audience of your products or services. Also, your global online presence will be obvious.
  • Are you active in the media? We have a solution that can help you display your social media activities on the website. Check Social Feed widget by Elfsight to engage customers and boost loyalty to your brand.
  • Wish to attract more feedback? There’s a way to improve your communication with the customers. You can ask for direct feedback in detail or conduct surveys for new development ideas with Elfsight’s Form Builder. Create user-friendly forms that invite more answers and grow the number of leads.

Or just see the list of all widgets that Elfsight has developed to simplify e-commerce, social presence, and website management.

Have A Question?

We hope this guide has been helpful. Write to us to find out more on how to embed Google Reviews widget and get assistance. We’re here to ensure your experience is seamless and successful. Elfsight aims to provide you with a wholesome experience using our no-code widgets for websites.

We are a lively Community where opinions and expertise come together. We always welcome your creative suggestions for improvements, so don’t hesitate to add them to our Wishlist.

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