How to Embed Google Reviews on Any Website for Free

Learn about the simplest and fastest way to add Google Reviews to a website. Increase business trust and automatically collect new customer reviews.
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How to Embed Google Reviews on Any Website for Free

Quick guide: Embed Google Reviews with a widget

To add Google Reviews to the website without programming in a flash, you can use a ready-made solution called widget. With the help of Elfsight Google Reviews, you’ll be able to create a review section in a visual editor: change colors and fonts, switch on and off all the elements.

Spend 2 minutes embedding Google reviews on a website

  1. Sign up for free in an Elfsight account.
  2. Customize a template you like the most and save the widget.
  3. Copy installation code.
  4. Embed it in the needed place on a web page.

Wow, that’s easy! By the way, you create a widget in a free dynamic online demo. Test all the functions without registration and reveal your creativity!

Benefits of the Google Reviews widget

Google reviews widget is a powerful tool to increase trust in a brand, get new and actual testimonials, create smarter user experiences. When embedding Google Reviews by Elfsight you get tons of advantages in swift. Here you will learn about reasons to have Google Reviews on website.

  • Universal installation code for any CMS
    Google Reviews widget by Elfsight will be embedded perfectly on any platform: Shopify, WordPress, Wix, OpenCart, or even a website created with HTML and CSS.

  • A large number of ready-made templates
    Google Reviews widget offers 30+ pre-built templates. They are extremely professional, neat, and functional. Such a big number of available review galleries will save your time and money.

  • Full customization
    We know you want your embedded reviews to look an inseparable part of a web page. To achieve this, the Google Reviews widget allows you to personalize all elements in a visual editor. You can change colors, sizes, fonts, buttons, rewrite header and button texts.

  • Growing and evolving product (+ help and forum)
    Our engineers are constantly developing Reviews. Thanks to Google Reviews widget being cloud-based, bugs are updated directly in all the widgets embedded on all websites.

  • Innovative AI review summary
    Enhance your online reputation and captivate potential customers with Elfsight’s AI Summary Card. This feature takes your Google Reviews to the next level by condensing the emotions and experiences of numerous satisfied customers into one powerful summary.

Top-notch support. You won’t get such professional help in any other service. Support specialists have written a well structured database of instructions for review embedding and customization. Also, we have a welcoming community where Elfsight users share their love and experience. Here’s what you can get after requesting supporters for help:

  • Free installation aid. In case you come across any difficulties embedding reviews, our professional and friendly supporters can help you right away.
  • Help with review customization. Never mind if you have any personal requirements with the widget’s appearance. Elfsight support specialists will help you with it with great pleasure.
  • Wishlist to describe your cravings. Having ideas of how Google Reviews widget can be improved? Add your thoughts on the wishlist and vote for your favorite concepts.

Agency or freelancer? Working with your clients?

In case you help a lot of businesses to improve their websites, you can join our affiliate program. Embed our Google reviews on your clients’ websites. This is a truly win-win situation: real benefit for customers means real payouts to you.
Find out how you can gain profit from working with clients on our Affiliate page.

Join Elfsight affiliate program and promote Google Reviews

Elfsight Google Reviews widget is attractive and functional. There are tons of amazing ready-made templates which you can use as they are or customize according to your preferences. Review section is not only attractive, but can also increase website performance. Look at the real examples of our customers’ embedded Google reviews and get inspired.

Google Place reviews by House+Co Property

Gorgeous! Fantastic! Amazing! We simply adore this use case. Website owners decided to embed Google reviews at the beginning of a homepage. This solution is so unexpected yet logical, that helps House+Co Property steadily grow their sales and boost trust. Actual reviews left not long ago make people sure they’re at the right place to buy their house.

House+Co Property Google Place Reviews

Review badge by Spartan Geek

True gamers need outstanding PCs and accessories. Spartan Geek owners described all the products they sell so juicy that thousands of gamers visit their website monthly. Google Reviews badge embedded on a website is a cherry on a gamer’s cake. Visitors are offered to get acquainted with all the ratings on a separate page and see examples of the best ones right in the section. 

Spartan Geek Google Place Reviews

Google My Business reviews by PrintShoppy

PrintShoppy is a noteworthy and significant tool for ordering printable books, clocks, bottles, iphone cases, and so much more. To gain trust and increase sales, website owners decided to embed the Google Reviews slider on a separate page. It attracts a lot of attention, and works as it is supposed to. Any interested customer can visit this page to learn they’re in the right spot to get a unique present.

PrintShoppy Property Google My Business Reviews

Google rating by Razer Store

Meet the Razer – an absolutely unique and undeniably best online store for true gamers. They provide admirers of simulations and strategies with the top-notch gaming accessories and services. Their community army consists of millions of gamers who eagerly share their positive reviews on Google. Google Rating is embedded in the middle of their homepage, decreasing cart abandon rate and boosting sales.

Razer Store Google Rating

Super thorough guides: How to embed Google Reviews in CMS

After you’ve got your portion of inspiration, created the Google Reviews widget, customized it according to your requirements, you’d need to embed it. No matter what platform you use to manage website content, you can embed a widget on any web page into an HTML field.

The process is easy and fast. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy a tremendous increase of conversions. Here’s what you get after installing the widget on your site.

  • The embed is free with no limitation in review functionality.
  • You can make changes in the design and template through the Elfsight admin panel, no need to make adjustments in platform code.
  • Review updating and adding is automatic.

That’s why the first thing you’ll need to learn is how to embed Google Reviews in HTML code. And there’s nothing as easy as this, the process only takes several easy steps:

  1. Log into the Elfsight admin panel.
  2. Create, customize, change settings of your Google Reviews.
  3. Save a widget. 
  4. Copy an installation code.
  5. Add it to the needed HTML field in your web page backend.

That’s how easy it is! Now, you can check the Google Reviews section on your website. 

Embed Google Reviews in WordPress

It’s simple to add Google Reviews to a WordPress website. However, some users prefer Elementor over WordPress’s default editor. For your convenience, we’ve outlined both embed options.

Option 1: By means of the WordPress editor

It’s time to add your Google Reviews to a WordPress website. Once you’ve added and modified them in the Elfsight admin dashboard, embed installation code in the HTML field of the WordPress admin panel. And it doesn’t get any easier than this! In most cases, you should add installation code to an HTML Code section. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create Elfsight Google Reviews widget in an admin panel.
  2. Copy installation code.
  3. Log in to your WordPress account.
  4. Go to ‘Pages’ and choose the page you want.
  5. To the required part of the website, add a custom HTML block.
  6. In this block, insert the Google code you got in the code generator.
  7. To save the modifications, click ‘Update.’

You may make as many adjustments as you like in the Elfsight panel, and they’ll display in your Google Reviews. It’s not necessary to make any changes to your WordPress site.

Set up and embed Google Reviews in WordPress→

Option 2: By means of Elementor

Many WordPress users select working with a visual editor over the default editor since it eliminates the need to deal with HTML. Elementor is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier for website owners to make changes to their pages.

  1. Create Elfsight Google Reviews widget for free in an admin panel. Save.
  2. Copy installation code.
  3. Within the WordPress admin dashboard, choose the desired page.
  4. Either from the list of pages or from the WordPress page manager, select ‘Edit with Elementor.’
  5. Drag the ‘HTML’ element to the needed page area.
  6. To save the changes in both Elementor and WordPress, click ‘Update’.

You may use this tutorial to add the Google Reviews HTML code on every Elementor-created WordPress page. Simply do it all over again for as many pages as are required, and Google Reviews will display on your website as soon as this.

Create and embed Google Reviews in Elementor→

Embed Google Reviews in Wix

Wix is a platform that allows anyone to create a website with the help of ready-prepared blocks.

To add Google Reviews to it, you should go to the Wix admin panel. Then, you’ll need to find an option to add custom HTML code to Wix there. Don’t worry, it’ll be simple!

  1. Create Elfsight Google Reviews widget in an admin panel. Save the changes.
  2. Copy installation code.
  3. Log into your Wix Admin Panel.
  4. In the Dashboard menu, go to the ‘Settings’ area.
  5. Select ‘Custom code’ from the drop-down menu.
  6. Copy and embed your reviews code into the ‘Add Custom Code’ box.

After completing these steps, you’ll see embedded Google Reviews on Wix. Every time you change them on the Elfsight side, the changes will display on your Wix website automatically.

Create and embed Google Reviews in Wix→

Embed Google Reviews on Weebly

Weebly is a fantastic tool for creating personal and commercial landing pages. It’s a terrific approach to improve the website’s performance and appearance by displaying Google Reviews on it.

  1. Create Google Reviews for free in the Elfsight admin panel.
  2. Save the review widget. Copy the installation code.
  3. Click on ‘Edit Site’ in your Weebly Admin Panel.
  4. Drag the ‘Embed Code’ element to the appropriate page space.
  5. On the Weebly page, click the block.
  6. Select ‘Edit Custom HTML’ from the drop-down menu.
  7. In this Weebly block, embed the widget’s installation code.
  8. Changes should be saved.

Go check Google reviews embedded on a Weebly page. There, you’ll see the reviews from Elfsight added. Your Google Reviews section will display on a Weebly site after these few steps. In the Elfsight admin panel, you may go back to it and make whatever adjustments you wish.

Create and embed Google Reviews in Weebly→

Embed Google Reviews on a Squarespace website

Squarespace helps tech newbies create websites and landing pages with zero coding. With blocks inserted one by one to the Squarespace page, you’re able to add any kind of content, including Google Reviews. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create, customize and save Google Reviews on
  2. Copy installation code.
  3. Go to the Squarespace admin panel.
  4. Initiate an HTML code block in a Squarespace editor by adding a ‘Code block’.
  5. Add Google Reviews widget code to this field.
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Go check Google Reviews on your Squarespace website.

They’ll display on a web page as soon as you save changes in a Squarespace admin panel. From that moment you won’t need to add reviews to the website manually, they’ll show up automatically from your Google profile.

Create and embed Google Reviews in Squarespace→

Embed Google Reviews on website in Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce business owners. They all know how important it is to win customers’ confidence. To do it, Google Reviews will for sure help improve Shopify website performance. Here are the steps describing how to add Google Reviews to a website built on Shopify.

  1. Create, customize and save Google Reviews for free on
  2. Copy installation code.
  3. Go to the Shopify Admin Panel.
  4. Go to the ‘Online Store’ area of the website.
  5. Select ‘Customize’ from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the left-hand menu, select ‘Add Section.’
  7. In ‘Custom Content,’ click ‘Add.’
  8. Remove the Shopify parts that were pre-installed.
  9. Select ‘Custom HTML’ from the ‘Add Content’ menu.
  10. In the ‘HTML’ section, embed the Google Reviews installation code.
  11. Save all modifications.

There’s no need to update Google Reviews after embedding. The most actual testimonials on the website will display right after they are left in your profile. In addition to it, if you want to make any changes in the widget design or functionality, you can do it in the Elfsight admin panel. They’ll display on a Squarespace website immediately.

Create and embed Google Reviews in Shopify→

Google Reviews widget features

Together with easy embedding and tons of benefits, by using Elfsight Google Reviews widget you get enhanced functionality. Responsive and coding-free Review widget is easy to create in a visual editor. You can find the main features of it in the table below.

Easy integration
  • Paste your Google Place ID from Google My Business
  • Display your place by business name and address
  • Paste it to the widget in a click and see reviews right away
  • Show reviews with or without text
  • Set minimal rating (for example, only display 5-star testimonials)
  • Display a certain number of reviews
  • Display or hide reviews by certain authors or keywords
Review sorting
  • Most recent show up first
  • Random sorting
  • List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating Badge, Embeddable Badge layouts
  • All layout types can be totally customized
  • It’s possible to change columns, number of posts to display, gaps between reviews
  • You can personalize content width and widget title
  • Display or hide the header (you can switch it on and off)
  • 5 elements to display or hide: title, the overall rating, total number of reviews, and a CTA.
Review style
  • 3 pre-set review styles
  • Display or hide elements of review: author name, picture, date, rating, source
  • 3 review source styles
  • Long and short variants of displaying review text
  • Light and dark color schemes
  • Opportunity to choose an accent color
  • Customizable font
  • Each element of the review gallery can be tailored separately
  • You can change colors, alignment, text and button sizes, button color radius and outline
Other settings
  • Language of elements
  • – enable this config and you’ll see a rich Google rating snippet in search results
  • Enable or disable external links
  • Make them open in new or the same tab

Many features give you so many opportunities. What is more, you can test them all for free, and even add the widget to the website. Create a widget right away and start growing engagement on your website without delay.

Why you need to embed Google Reviews on a website

People have significantly changed the way they choose products on the Internet. Ten years ago everyone asked their friends for recommendations of the best products and services. Today, according to numerous studies, insecure buyers read at least one review before making a purchase decision. To shorten the time between the moment people learn about your products and consider buying, you can simply embed Google reviews on the web page.

It has amazing benefits.

  1. ⅔ of consumers read reviews before buying.
    And, according to the BrightLocal study, in 2021, 77% ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read them when browsing for local businesses (with only 60% in 2020).
  2. Reviews reduce bounce rate.
    The average conversion rate in 2021 was a dismal 2.2%. It means, people leave your website or app without completing purchases in most cases. That’s why reducing the bounce rate by even 1% will help you earn many times more. Embed reviews on a website to increase time on a website and help users make a purchase decision.
  3. People trust new reviews.
    It means you need a tool that adds reviews to a website as soon as they’re left on Google. Customers don’t believe testimonials left 3 years ago, they need to know how your business treats clients today. As stated by numerous surveys, when products begin displaying user-generated content, conversion rates escalate. Having five reviews causes purchase likelihood to increase by a factor of nearly 4x.
  4. Google believes your users.
    The search engine prefers articles, businesses, and products with good ratings over others, because value is one of the main ranking factors.

    Google believes good reviews
  5. Reviews add relevant content to your website.
    Text in testimonials contains keywords related to your site. In addition, if you embed a widget, reviews aggregate in it automatically. And renewed content raises your website in search results.
  6. Review snippets increase click-through rate.
    Stars in rich snippets boost the attractiveness of your site in search results, making it more outstanding. So, Google rating will also make you stand out from the crowd of your plain and insignificant competitors.
  7. More information improves customer satisfaction.
    Add details about shipping, prices, delivery times, and reviews – all the kinds of facts will boost confidence in your brand. People will know you don’t hide anything from them, and this will surely increase sales and stimulate conversions.
  8. Even bad reviews can be useful.
    No business avoids troubles and inadequate customers. But if you properly treat public negative reviews, people will know you don’t hide from bad reviews and admit mistakes. Based on Neil Patel’s recommendations, you should decide on a communication strategy that will match your brand identity and tone of voice. Afterwards, constructive feedback will become a gold mine for your business.
Embed Elfsight Google Reviews in a website code CTA

After you’ve decided to add Google Reviews to the website, you’ll need to work with them and gain even more. In the next section, we’ll discuss tips on how to reach success more thoroughly.

7 tips on using product reviews to boost sales

No doubt that you should embed product reviews on a website to develop digital marketing strategy. Shoppers consider them to be of the same weight as a recommendation from a close friend. It happens so because Google fights against fake reviews. In some countries leaving fake Google reviews is punished on the governmental level for misleading in order to gain money.

Below, you’ll find the pieces of advice on how you can use both good and bad reviews for making profit.

  • Tip 1. Automate collecting reviews
    Embed a Google Reviews widget on your website and switch on a CTA button. Actual and new reviews look more trustworthy. People visiting your website will see an invitation to leave their thoughts, some of them will eagerly make their opinion public. Those reviews are the key to making people take purchasing decisions faster.

    Google Reviews CTA button for collecting feedback
  • Tip 2. Switch on the markup
    Stay different from your competitors. Switch on the markup, and stars will appear in search results. They will make you stand out from the crowd and increase the click-through rate. Being prominent in search results, you’ll get more website visitors, and, therefore, sales. In the Elfsight Google Reviews widget, you can do it with ease by just switching on this option in the configurator

    Schema markup for Google Reviews
  • Tip 3. Manage Google Reviews
    Respond to all reviews, even negative ones. Users invest their time leaving their comments, so, spend several minutes on saying thank you or taking criticism into account. According to a 2022 Report by ReviewTrackers.

    Companies aren’t responding fast enough (or at all) to reviews. 53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week. 1 in 3 have a shorter time frame of 3 days or less.
    Good answers will increase trust in your brand and will make people sure you’ve improved. After all, you can add a Google Reviews widget to the website, filter reviews and show only those with 5- and 4-star ratings.

  • Tip 4. Optimize Google My Business profile
    Claim it and update business information. Make it more appealing for the prospects, and social proof will help you get more organic reviews from them. Also pay attention to the appearance of your business in Google Maps, and work with it as well.

    Optimize Google My Business profile
  • Tip 5. Don’t stimulate people to leave reviews for rewards
    Bought reviews are easy to indicate. Don’t deceive your customers just to get good ratings. It’s especially important, because too good five-star testimonials look extremely suspicious. According to Medill Spiegel Research Center’s research, only five-star ratings are ‘too good to be true’ in the eyes of prospects.

    Across product categories, we found that purchase likelihood typically peaks at ratings in the 4.0 – 4.7 range, and then begins to decrease as ratings approach 5.0.
  • Tip 6. Make the process of leaving new reviews simple
    We’ve figured out that new Google reviews are crucial and help your website rank higher. To get more reviews, you can include a link to leave reviews to an email signature or ask for a review after seeing the customer is satisfied with your service.

  • Tip 7. Don’t ask employees to leave reviews
    Fraudulent and implausible Google reviews look suspicious in the eyes of your customers. Don’t ruin their trust. Ask real clients for reviews, and if your services are as great as you advertise, people will be happy to give you a five-star rating.

Need more sources? Reviews from Amazon, Facebook, Yelp and 30+ others

30+ sources in one widget: Google, Amazon, Yelp, Booking, Etsy, Airbnb, Aliexpress, and many, many more! Combine together, show one at a time, create rating badges for any site – the widget gives you an opportunity to do whatever you want!

Get more reviews and grow your business with an Elfsight All-in-One Reviews widget.
Embed All-in-One reviews on any website CTA

In case of other questions

If you have read the instructions but still have some requests, you have the following options. We are here to make sure you are aware of how to add Google Reviews to a website or its pages:

  • Support. If you have read the instructions but still have any questions, you can always contact our support specialists or read articles in the Help Center.
  • Forum. Contact Elfsight peers, share your thoughts, and participate in community activities!
  • Google Review API. Here’s documentation, if you want to try to create your own widget.
  • Google about My business. Find out how Google itself advises working with reviews.

If you liked the article or did not find the information you need, we warmly welcome you in the comments below. Let’s discuss everything that interests you!