How to embed LinkedIn Feed on Shopify for free!

Broadcast LinkedIn corporation’s updates, visuals, and clips on your website

Embed LinkedIn Feed on Shopify for free!

The LinkedIn Feed widget is the perfect tool for companies to present and promote their LinkedIn content on Shopify websites: display posts, photos, clips, etc. The widget’s installation is simple—without a need for coding or technical skills.

Create a look that suits your website preferences and stay true-to-brand by playing around with custom feed attributes, templates, layouts, and post styles. Add a popup effect as a post-click action to catch the users’ eye. Lastly, enjoy the increased trust and prominently established branding in the industry.

  • Enhance your networking channels with the LinkedIn company page.
    Spark new connections in the business world and amplify the lead count by leveraging content from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Expand your LinkedIn following.
    Highlight your LinkedIn presence within the Shopify user community and evoke strong interest in your offerings.
  • Enhance the genuineness of your business.
    Add an extra layer of credibility and trustworthiness to your brand by showcasing the latest LinkedIn activity right on the website page.

Embed the code-free LinkedIn Feed plugin on the Shopify website to foster credibility, promote authenticity, and expand your network by leveraging strong social confirmation.

Are there any other tools for Shopify that I can use on my website?

Yes, indeed! As a Shopify user, Elfsight offers you dozens of code-free tools to add to your website, including the LinkedIn Feed plugin. No matter what type of business you have or the specific niche you work in, there are always opportunities to display your strengths. Here are some ideas to add to your list:

  • To create any other social media app for your Shopify website similar to the LinkedIn Feed plugin, consider using the Pinterest Feed or Instagram Feed widget.
  • Take advantage of the All-in-One Reviews or Google Reviews plugin to display customer feedback.
  • Embed the Form Builder widget to collect responses and let your Shopify users get in touch with you.
  • Add the Countdown Timer plugin to build anticipation and create a sense of scarcity among the audience.

And remember, these are just a few embed examples from the vast range of additions that can cater to your specific business requirements. Start with the code-free LinkedIn Feed to come back later and explore the extensive selection of widgets to add to your website!

How to embed LinkedIn Feed for free on Shopify?

If you want to add the LinkedIn Feed widget to your Shopify website for free, follow these instructions:

  1. Personalize the look of the LinkedIn Feed widget to match the design style of your website.
  2. Log in to your Elfsight dashboard or set up a free account.
  3. Receive the unique installation widget’s code.
  4. Access your Shopify website.
  5. Paste the code into your Shopify website builder to add the LinkedIn Feed plugin. Done!

As evident from the context, there is no need for mastering writing code to embed the plugin. Create the code-free LinkedIn Feed widget for a Shopify website with ease and enjoy all the benefits that come with expanding your audience.

Do I need to know how to code or have programming skills to add the LinkedIn Feed to Shopify?

No, you don’t. Any prior coding skills aren’t required at all. You can build and add the LinkedIn Feed plugin to your Shopify website, even without any specialized background or previous code experience.

These are only several of the rich widget features:

  • Display all types of LinkedIn content: blog posts, photos, clips, etc.
  • Filter feed posts by keywords, hashtags, or URLs.
  • Call-to-action buttons to improve the engagement rate on your company’s LinkedIn feed.
  • Dynamic popup mode to draw attention toward your LinkedIn content.
  • Code-free customization with advanced design settings: ready-to-use templates, color scheme creator, multiple layout designs, post styles, Custom CSS, and more.

Try all the personalization features in fully functional demo

How can I embed LinkedIn Feed on my Shopify website?

If you want to add the code-free LinkedIn Feed plugin to your Shopify website, perform the following actions:

  1. Make use of our free editor and start building your custom LinkedIn Feed widget.
    Specify the selected layout and characteristics of the plugin and save the modifications.
  2. Get the individual code revealed in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the generation of your tool is complete, copy the individual code in the appearing popup and keep it for further use.
  3. Get started with using the widget on your Shopify website.
    Add the code you’ve saved before to your website and apply the corrections.
  4. The installation is successfully accomplished.
    Go to your website to observe the work of the LinkedIn Feed plugin.

On condition of experiencing inquiries or facing some obstacles with the embed process, please seek assistance from our support team. Our people will be delighted to resolve all the difficulties you might have with the code-free LinkedIn Feed plugin for Shopify websites.


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