Shopify Countdown Timer app

Create shopping excitement on your site with timers and counts
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Use Elfsight Countdown app to design various counts and timers, which encourage visitors to purchase faster and more. Stock or sales count will evoke a sense of scarcity and competition; sale countdown will inspire users to buy before they lose a profitable deal. An individual countdown will stimulate each customer to use a personal offer faster; holiday sale bars will draw maximum attention thanks to their bright theme style.

Boost your web sales with the help of urgency-building timers and counts.

Inspire customers to buy by producing a sense of urgency.
Set countdown timers that will tick the time till the end of your sales and special offers. They will produce a feeling of urgency and encourage audience to make a purchase decision sooner.

Demonstrate the stock is decreasing fast in order to lift items’ perceived value.
Demonstrate that your offers are popular and the stock is reducing quickly, with a special stock count. It will make users value the items more and become jealous to acquire them too.

Entice more attention to your holiday sale via an eye-catching holiday-theme countdown bar.
Set up an attractive theme sale bar for holiday time. It will create celebrating atmosphere and promote your special offers to help you increase sales in the time of profitable season.


See what features make Elfsight Countdown the most valuable app for every Shopify site.

  • Two actions after timer finish: hide timer or show message;
  • Editable button text;
  • Editable time unit labels;
  • Option to change the color of timer, buton, labels, and message;
  • Customizable sizes of timer and button.
More features in Elfsight editor

How to add Countdown Timer to Shopify website

Overall duration of the installation is only 80 seconds, plus you do not need experience in web programming.

  1. Set up the app.
    Press «Get» button, to add the app on a site.
  2. Generate your personal app.
    Adjust the parameters of the app: add required data and configure the interface. Acquire your personal widget code.
  3. Display the Countdown app on the page.
    Open «Pages» category and choose the page to place the app. After that, place the code in HTML format and publish the edits.
  4. You successfully performed the installation.
    Visit site, to see your app!

Experiencing any problems with installation or customization of the widget? Write a message to our support team or study our comprehensive tutorial.

Shape your Shopify Countdown Timer in a couple of clicks!

Use this simple demo to create your own app in 2 clicks.


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