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InstaShow in brief

The Shopify version of the most flexible Instagram Feed is here! InstaShow is an easy-to-use, completely flexible, premium solution which will become an irreplaceable tool for sharing your photos on a Shopify store and presenting them in a beautiful grid. Upload photos from any public Instagram account, use hashtags and unite these sources for creating an eye-catching photo set. Moreover, adjust sizes and customize colors – we’ve developed the widget which will look like you want. To convince you of its potential check its Online Demo!

Key features

60+ variable parameters of the Shopify Instagram Feed InstaShow let you show potential customers yours best. Everything you need to organize Instagram Feed is here. Discover the best look for your Instagram photos and customize each parameter of the Shopify app yourself!

Unlimited sources

Our Instagram feed on Shopify gives freedom in selecting the content of your gallery on the website. Insert public usernames, choose trending hashtags, locations, add any pleasant Instagram photo with its URL or even create different combinations of all channels. It's up to you how many sources to point out.

Most wanted filters

2 types of filters allow you to guard your Shopify Instagram feed from undesired content. Exclude photos from specific accounts, hashtags, locations or photo URLs with the help of option "except". Moreover, option "only" allows sharing certain Instagram photos.

Full control of sizes

Shopify Instagram App InstaShow allows you to set the feed’s width. The app will calculate its height automatically. The Shopify feed is flexible at any point. Change the gutter between photos, set the number of columns and rows - no matter what is the chosen layout, all Instagram images will fill an empty space automatically. Change dimensions as you'd like in a blink of an eye!

Flexible UI customization

Our Shopify Instagram widget includes 8 variable UI parameters. For greater navigation convinience, we've implemented two Instagram Feed layouts - slider, that you can browse with arrows and drag controls, and grid with the load more button that loads more and more images as you move through the feed.

Infinite popup

Shopify Instagram Widget InstaShow has got a brand-new look and a host of new features. You're sure to love our new popup! It displays photos complete with all sorts of data from Instagram profiles. To contribute to your store profit, the Instagram widget allows you to place call to action buttons on images in the popup. Use them wisely to boost the sales of products in your photos.

Popup features

  • Infinite scrolling with mousewheel
  • Post author with picture and username
  • Post location
  • Call to action button to target your audience
  • Follow button
  • View on Instagram button
  • Share post in social media
  • Supports carousel posts and videos
  • Autoplay video while scrolling
  • Recent like info and likes count
  • Post text with hashtags and emojies
  • Latest comments and view all link
  • Automatic new posts uploads as you scroll
  • Fully responsive
  • Specific layout for mobile devices

It looks like you want

Choose the way Shopify Instagram feed looks like. Place your images in the gallery full of colors. 10 Color Schemes demonstrate you how different the Instagram feed can be. If you want to stand out from crowd in your Shopify Store then be free to build another scheme by changing colors of 13 UI elements. InstaShow is the place for showing your creativity.
  • 10 predefined color schemes
  • 13 Color options to create custom scheme

21 languages support

Features list

Choose any combination of public usernames, hashtags, locations and photo URLs to display Instagram feed in your Shopify Store. Attract your customers creating a great content.
Option "except" allows you to moderate your Shopify Instagram feed. With option "only" you are able to show specific Images from any public account, hashtag, location or photo URL.
Limit number of photos
Set the number of latest Instagram photos which you would like to show in InstaShow grid. Share only the best and the newest feed to amaze your web guests.
Our Shopify Instagram feed adjusts to any screen size. No matter what – InstaShow will present everything in the best possible way.
Control of sizes
The Instagram feed allows setting the grid layout by choosing the amount of columns and rows. Such parameters as width and gutter between images are also customizable.
Responsive breakpoints
Manage the number of columns, rows and gutter by setting breakpoints according to a width of browser window to get an eye-catching Instagram feed on any screen resolution.
Slider and Grid layouts
Displaying your products in the right way is one of the keys to success! 2 predefined InstaShow layouts – Slider and Grid – let you do just that in one mouse click. Just select the layout you need, and the gallery will shape itself!
2 post templates
2 predefined post templates – tile and classic – will give you all you need to make your gallery perfect. Display the images in pretty tiles, or set up your own Instagram territory with the familiar look and feel!
Non-square images support
The option transforms any image into the square layout in your Instagram feed. Although, all photos have initial proportions in pop-up window.
Your potential customer can speak any language. To clean a language barrier the Shopify Instagram app supports 21 languages.
Popup Share button – let your website visitor share your Instagram content and thus promote your goods and services!
You are able to change colors of all UI elements for setting up a marvelous look of your Instagram images. 24 customizable design elements and 10 ready-made color schemes will help.
Share Instagram photos and additional data at the same time. Let your audience view all image data without leaving your Shopify website.
Сode generator
The generator will let you set and implement all needed settings of your Shopify Instagram feed. When the adjustment is completed, you can get the code and start using InstaShow.
Retina ready
Design elements of the Instagram feed InstaShow support high resolution so that the grid looks purely on any screen.
Cache time
Determine the required time of the uploaded Instagram images being cached in browser's local storage to optimize the web page loading time.

Reviews and Real Usage

Lots of owners of Shopify stores have already expressed their opinion about InstaShow. Our top-trending Instagram feed app gets only positive reviews and 5-star ratings. Take a look at satisfied feedbacks and check out awesome examples of how InstaShow can be installed on various Shopify websites!


Are you kidding me with this plugin!? This is by far the BEST Instagram plugin I've come across! This is probably my first ever review on Codecanyon since my 4-5 years with Wordpress - and I'm happy it is for this plugin! Keep up the good work, fellas.
You will not find a better instagram plugin anywhere on the market. Even more, the customer support they provide is second to none. Quick, reliable, and packed with the latest and greatest code, this is a great buy!
For me is the best plugin for Instagram. Believe me, I tried so many others...
All inclusive script to easily integrate Instagram in flexible formats on your website, best one i've seen so far.
Not only a great, customizable widget for Instagram, but very quick and extremely helpful support from Elfsight. 10/10 Would buy again.
Brilliant Support and and Excellent Instagram Gallery. Really happy with the purchase and the support offered. Rob
Very well done. Plays nice with my current theme. Easy to customize and loads & reacts quickly!

Real Usage Online Sport Community
The website aims at building a global community of athletes and promoting healthy lifestyle. InstaShow is a way to reach these goals. It shows sport achievements of people and promotes brand products, which can be purchased in the store. Online Sunglasses Shop
This Shopify website has an individual page with our Instagram feed app on it. The feed comes in handy to show how glasses are look like in real life and to increase interest in the whole range of store’s goods. Online Slippers Shop
The store created a nice eye-catching Instagram feed where it shows home slippers for men and women. Our app is adjusted skillfully including sizes and colors that repeat website’s color scheme.

Mass media about InstaShow

We highly suggest checking InstaShow out.

It really has a multitude of customization options adding to the flexibility of the widget, and it truly was easy to use.

And at the low, low price of $24, it really doesn’t get any better than that!

We really liked this plugin.

Its very easy to configure and the UI is immaculate, it has obviously been crafted by very good developers as the level of polish is high.

The plugin is available to purchase on CodeCanyon for just $24 which I think is a very fair price for this plugin.

Amazing Look For Your Images!

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There are lots of possible variations of how InstaShow can be settled on a website. Here are some cases which will help you to define the layout of your Instagram grid. With InstaShow there are no limits - just your imagination!
  • Slider layout
  • Grid layout
  • Classic post template
  • Large grid with small images
  • Custom colors
  • Single post


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