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Hey, we've got something else for your acquaintance with our Shopify YouTube app. Take a look at how differently Yottie can be used if to keep imagination in mind. Just make a wish list out of all parameters, implement them and start playing!
  • Custom Color Scheme
  • Shutter Video List
  • Loony Carousel
  • Single Video
  • Cinema Video Gallery
  • Simple Video Grid
  • Structured Video Channel
  • Blue Play Box

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About Yottie in Brief

Are you a YouTube star? Do you have thousands of subscribers? Take a look at the widget which will definitely help you to enlarge your audience through the Internet as YouTube is the largest video-sharing website in the world.

Don't say that you've never thought about the idea of displaying YouTube channel on your website, because you are here.

Yottie allows selecting the desired channels and even videos for creating your own playlist right on your website. Interested? Let's take a closer look at what we've prepared for you.

Key Features

Manage infinite combinations of YouTube sources

Display your channel and grоw subscribers

Share videos by using different combinations of

You can use all these sources in one app at the same time!
YouTube app for Shopify Yottie will help to arrange the best video-flow on your website. Do you have your own channel on YouTube for promotion? Or maybe you would like to make a list of videos which will fit your website? For all your YouTube needs Yottie will be a fascinating assistant. Combine all kinds of sources as you wish. It's time to show everything you've got!

Organize and show YouTube spots like you want

Divide videos in groups assembled by yourself

Unlimited number of sources for each group

Get a structured video playlist with chosen groups

No one loves the mess made of different video recordings in the playlist. Help your audience to find the required video. Our YouTube channel app allows creating additional lists of videos depending on the subject of each spot. For now, you are able to control a content of Yottie. Manage YouTube channels for the best experience on your website.

Use YouTube plugin anywhere on your website

Flexible sizes

Perfection on any device

Retina ready
Fully responsive
There is no doubt that Yottie is flexible in any direction. You control entirely all sizes of the YouTube Shopify App to be certain about its perfect allocation on a web page. Enter any value of width and all the content will automatically fit widget's size. It is responsive for any device and retina ready for your eyes. Indeed, the high-quality Shopify App should have the proper quality of each element.

Customize fully Yottie header

3 header layouts

1. Classic
2. Accent
3. Minimal

Show / hide the stylish header

Choose info to show in the header

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Channel name
  • Channel description
  • Videos counter
  • Subscribers counter
  • Views counter
  • Subscribe button

Customize info as you wish

  • Channel name
  • Channel description
  • Logo
  • Banner
Header is a very important informative element of the YouTube App. All information about videos and channels is right on your screen. Include or exclude various data and then present it the way you want by choosing the layout. Yottie flexible customization allows you to adjust the header to your requirements. Head your app towards the synergy of creativeness and informativeness.

Adjust flexible UI parameters to your website

Change grid settings

Set navigation

Combine any of three controls or use them together

More useful UI settings

  • Free mode - Smooth scroll takes place of slides paging.
  • Direction - Set horizontal or vertical movement of video gallery browsing.
  • Autorotation - Rotate videos in the gallery with specified time.
  • Animation - Choose slide, fade, coverflow, flip and cube animation effects.
The very important thing is to let your audience feel comfortable in using YouTube Channel Shopify App. Yottie has plenty of features to customize for the best user experience. The grid's view and its navigation can be managed simply in no time. All these features depend on the app's allocation on the web page and the structure of your website itself. Choose wisely to get a tremendous result!

Pick out the appearance of video preview

Choose one of three awesome layouts

1. Classic
Standard vertical oriented card. The main goal is paying attention to the preview image.
2. Cinema
The preview image is set by default. The data appears in popup while pointing the image.
3. Horizontal
The layout is handy for displaying videos in the form of the list.

 Info to show in the video preview

  • Play icon
  • Duration
  • Title
  • Date
  • Description
  • Views counter
  • Likes counter
  • Comments counter

3 ways to watch a video

  • In a popup player
  • In YouTube new browser tab
  • Directly in the video gallery
The power is in order. There are millions of videos in YouTube. And you are able to display as many spots in our YouTube Shopify App as you wish. That's why there has to be an organized list. Yottie is here to help you. All the information about videos are uploaded from YouTube. You need only to decide what must be presented on your website. Choose a layout and a playback approach. Now, what are you waiting for? Click the video play!

Make popup a handy element of the Youtube app

You can switch on/off 12 elements

  • Title
  • Channel logo
  • Channel name
  • Subscribe button
  • Views counter
  • Likes counter
  • Dislikes counter
  • Likes ratio
  • Date
  • Description
  • Description more button
  • Comments

Moreover, adjust these parameters

Autoplay - switch on/off
The option allows starting a video replay automatically when a web guest opens it in popup. Turn it on/off on your discretion.
Video slide animation
You are able to slide videos directly in popup and to set manually speed and easing of browsing animation.
Popup is a very useful element for sharing any kind of information. There are often a little space for representing all the data at once on one web page. Our YouTube Channel Shopify App can enlarge the opportunities for such goal. Show videos in the app and left all info being displayed in a popup window. Make yourself a choice what Yottie should include.

Features List

Display your YouTube channel, its info (logo, banner, name, description, etc.) and videos on a website.
Source Groups
Combine videos from different YouTube sources (channels, playlists, specific videos) into custom groups and display them as tabs.
Video Order
Decide yourself in what order videos should be shown in your YouTube gallery. Sort them by date, views, likes, dislikes, position or comments.
Cache Time
Control the time, when your plugin requests to YouTube API. It defines how long a data from YouTube will be cached in a browser.
Control the content of app’s header. Choose its layout and customize channel info as you wish - head towards uniqueness alongside with Yottie.
Let the audience subscribe to your YouTube channel right on the website with one single button.
Yottie adapts to any screen resolution. No matter what is the size of the screen – our responsive YouTube app will show everything in the best possible way.
Retina Ready
Each design element of YouTube Shopify App supports high-resolution displays and has a great look.
Video Grid
Modify your video grid by setting columns, rows and gutter. All video previews will easily fit to your requirements.
Responsive Breakpoints
Set the number of columns, rows and gutter depending on a width of user’s browser
Browse the app gallery with 3 different controls: Arrows, Scroll and Drag. Choose desired controls to guarantee the comfortable browsing.
Scrollbar Indicator
Have the scroll option turned on? Show a scrollbar in the video gallery and provide your audience with the handy use of the plugin.
Control the direction of video gallery sliding. Choose vertical or horizontal movement for comfortable usage of Yottie.
Turn this option on and the plugin will switch automatically videos in the gallery.
There are 5 animations for videos sliding in Yottie: slide, fade, coverflow, cube, flip.
Video Preview
Change the look of YouTube video preview by choosing 1 of 3 layouts and displaying info you want.
Video Play Mode
Play video in popup, directly in YouTube or in gallery’s video preview.
Provide your audience with the opportunity to watch any video and to discover all information about it from YouTube without leaving your website.
With flexible color settings you are able to settle uncommon style for the YouTube Shopify App. Yottie has more than 60 elements to paint.
Color Schemes
Choose any of available ready-made color schemes for a quick customization of Yottie. Make your YouTube gallery look outstanding!
Be multilingual using Yottie. To clean a language barrier our YouTube Shopify App supports 16 languages.
Code Generator
Adjust Yottie as you wish. When you complete customization, you will be able to get the code and insert it into your website.


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