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Why do I need Elfsight Quiz?

Educate users. Capture data to make better offers.

Educate and fascinate users

Create knowledge quiz or trivia games with our widget builder to test people's awareness on any topic, and drive engagement on your own website or blog

Magnify excitement around your website

Make people stay on your own website longer and participate in enjoyable quiz activities with hilarious personality questionnaires.

Offer individually adapted solutions

Basing on the people’s answers, create personalized quiz proposals and stimulate people to make more purchases on your website.
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What makes Elfsight Quiz special?

An awesome builder to create any Quiz type
An awesome builder to create any Quiz type
Quiz, questionnaire and survey are awesome instruments to engage people and boost their activity on your own website. You will be able to create personalized tests and surveys in just a few steps using the Quiz builder widget. As a teacher, scientist or researcher, you can significantly benefit after you create an enjoyable survey for your website with our new widget. Check the users’ awareness in any field, grow and deepen their knowledge with one little tool for your own website. Personality Quiz widget can be extremely advantageous for you in case you wish to create a new experience and entertain the audience of your own website. You’ll create a questionnaire that will help visitors associate with a particular animal, Disney princess, superhero or whatever. It will make everyone laugh and keep users coming back to your own website every now and then.    Learn more
Flexible setup
A robust configurator for different question types
You can configure the appearance of each question on your own by choosing settings from a wide range of variations. It will be possible to choose whether the questions of your quiz should be closed and receive a very short factual answer or multiple and create a selection of several answers from the list. You will also be able to use your own visual materials for your Quiz, such as images, for making questions more attractive and entertaining. And don’t worry about the widget’s work - it will look impeccable anywhere. No matter what gadget you use.   
A robust configurator for different question types
Make the questions conditioned by the previous answer
Conditional logic
Make the questions conditioned by the previous answer
Ask questions and get results that are genuinely relevant to your users with the help of this amazing feature. You will be able to create personalized scenarios and make the widget react to the answers given by your users. Look at this logic as at the tree with branches: the user chooses answer A and receives question 2. If he answers with B, he will have question 3, and so on. A Quiz app with conditional logic will be extremely helpful in picking up a truly personalized solution for your users based on their answers.  
Numerous variants of CTA buttons at the end of the quiz
Turn quiz participants into clients by finishing the quiz with an ingenious CTA button. Choose the next step you want users to make: whether you want to redirect them to particular URL, restart the test, or show a finale message. Don’t forget that each CTA at the end can be personalized according to the conditional logic.  
Numerous variants of CTA buttons at the end of the quiz
Perfect the look of the quiz with numerous style options
Perfect the look of the quiz with numerous style options
Thanks to the powerful configurator, you are very welcome to create a quiz widget that blends with your website color scheme and overall style. You can add supportive materials as images to the questions. Colors of the text, button, and backgrounds are also under your control, as well as the font size of the final message.   
Stay tuned!
Envision a range of functional and design choices, influenced by our user community
With the invaluable feedback from our Elfsight users, we've cultivated a distinct vision of what an exceptionally efficient plugin could offer. Imagine a widget offering a vast selection of adjustments, enabling you to effortlessly embed a custom button into your website. While we are excited about the concepts and detailed setup functionalities, please be aware that these ideas are currently shaped by user suggestions. Your insights play a critical role in determining which features can genuinely make the widget an integral part of your online presence. We deeply value your input and eagerly anticipate the continuation of this collaborative journey!  

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
Elfsight have an amazing service! If you've come across any obstacle, be sure their support team will solve the problem in a few days and will be online through the process.
Mark Harper
Mark Harper
Brand strategist
All the apps are easy to manage, have various customisation features. Fantastic technical support in case you have a few questions while the set up.
Theodoros Kakoulidis
Theodoros Kakoulidis
CEO, PureProductsTrade
I am amazed by the customer support team, offered options and various design personalization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other plugins are launched at Elfsight soon?

We suggest you to wait a while till the following widgets come out:
Rating, Recipes, Resume.
In the event that you didn't obtain what you lacked, then contact us straight or leave a message at the wishlist section!

Can I make a quiz with my own script?

Absolutely! With our new Quiz builder, you’ll easily add a new widget to your website. It’s extremely easy and you won’t need to look for a skilled developer. If you need to make your own quiz, all you have to do here is to create a widget in the online configurator and after you’re done - paste the code into your website.

Should I know html or javascript to create my interactive quiz?

To create a quiz for your website, you won’t need to learn coding. Also, there’s no need to look for a skilled programmer with deep knowledge of javascript or html as our simple quiz builder can be easily formed via live configurator. Simple as that!

Can I add the quiz widget on Wordpress?

To create your own Quiz plugin and to add it on your WordPress site, you’ve got to form the tool in the online configurator, and then copy the code from pop up. Then, embed the code into your website. You’re done! Now you are ready to create a quiz for your WordPress website.

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