Form Builder Examples

Check Form Builder examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: A handy contact form in rounded look

A simple contact form with text fields for name, email address, phone, website URL, and customer message. Two of the fields are required for the form submission, and they are marked with * symbol. It’s Default layout and the fields are split into two columns for a more compact look on the page. Flat rounded style is used with custom color of the button.

Example 2: A multi-stage customer survey form

This case shows a variety of rating options on the page: Star rating, Number and Thumb scale. There’s also a text field for customer suggestions. The filling progressis split into two steps, which is clear from the progress bar that shows step numbers and titles. It makes the form manageable for users. The header has an icon and a header text describing the aim of the survey.
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Example 3: Expandable feedback form

Feedback form in Floating layout that allows to place it on several pages of the site as an icon to be shown on a click. It always stays visible during the navigation and customer can leave their feedback at any time. Here Classic style is applied, with two text fields and Smiley rating. The button is of a custom orange color with edited label.

Example 4: A sleek booking request form

Classic style with minimalist design and Default layout spread widely on the page make this form look spacious. The fields are spread into two columns and have placeholders to hint how to fill them correctly. Dropdown menus makes filling process faster. The form allows for activating subscription option by ticking the box.

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