How to add Contact Form plugin to ModX website

Elfsight Contact Form – is easily manageable in setting and creation tool to build contact, response, and and all other types of forms without skills in development.

Simple Contact Form for your ModX site

Elfsight Apps Contact Form is an easy and extremely adjustable plugin allowing to create any type of contact form. If you are searching for a user-friendly tool, which will boost visitor responses and raise your conversion rate – this plugin is definitely for you!

Our main features:

  • Premium design;
  • Responsive template;
  • Captcha protection included;
  • Popup and onpage options;
  • Two-minute installation.

Stay in touch with customers 24/7, receiving feedback on requested email and get more leads for your business!

Steps of adding the plugin

Installation of our plugin is ultimately simple and intuitive; it will take just two minutes. Follow all steps described below to create a plugin.

Act 1: Create your personal module

Shaping the module

Follow this link (Live Editor) to create a module. Pick the pattern and display settings to create the module that will suit your site best. Or find out more on product page.

Get the code of the module

The finishing step in setting up Elfsight form is to receive the product html code.

Act 2.1: Add a full size contact form to a ModX page

Pin your contact form to one of the pages.

Log into ModX admin panel

Enter admin page of your website.

Select the page for the module

In the left-side menu, in «Website» tab choose the page to insert the module.

Place the module

Add form code to the content of the page and save it to apply the changes on the site.

Success! Contact Form has been installed

Visit your site to check the settings.

Act 2.2: Add popup contact form to follow visitor’s scroll

Popup form can be added to each and all pages of your website.

Enter your account on ModX

For further steps, get logged into the admin panel.

Adjust the template

In the menu to the left, find the «Base Template» link. Enter it, paste the form code, and save the result.

Installation is complete!

Go to your website to see the result.

Editing the plugin via Elfsight profile

Following the installation of the plugin, all settings of the form can be changes on Elfsight Apps. Altering texts, choosing another look or type of displaying and all other adjustments, made in the editor, will be at once displayed on your site.

Also, in your personal Elfsight profile you can test new ModX plugins and display them on the personal resource for free.

Generate a customized Contact Form right here!

Free live editor for creating plugins fast and easy.