How to Add Contact Form Widget to HTML Website

You cannot imagine a site that doesn’t provide a chance to leave your message. Multiple response forms, message or reply forms and other tools helping stay in touch with visitors are crucial. Create any of that yourself without coding skills needed!

Secure Contact Form for Your HTML Website

Elfsight Contact Form is an easy and totally adjustable widget allowing to create any option of contact form. If you are searching for a user-friendly tool, which will boost visitor responses and raise your conversion rate – this widget is right for you! Learn more about the widget.

Our main features:

  • Premium design;
  • Responsive template;
  • Captcha protection included;
  • Popup and onpage options;
  • Two-minute installation.

Stay in touch with customers 24/7, receiving messages on preferred email and boost leads for your business!

Video Guide

Stages of Placing the Widget on Your Website

Installation of our widget is extremely easy and intuitive; it will take only a couple minutes. Follow all steps stated below to shape a widget.

Stage 1. Shape your unique plugin

Creating the plugin

Follow this link (Live Editor) to create a plugin. Choose the layout and display parameters to create the plugin that will be most appropriate for your site. Or learn more on product page.

Copy-paste the script of the plugin

The final action in installing our plugin is to add the plugin script.

Stage 2. Step 2. Add a contact form to your website

Display your form at one of the pages or add a popup form to each and all pages of your website.

Edit HTML site code

Open the template file in the editor and add plugin code to the required unit. Save the changes and refresh the page.

Plugin installation to HTML site is finished!

After you have updated the template on the server, enter your site to check the plugin.

Elfsight's Wide Range of Contact Form Templates

Browse our wide range of contact form templates designed to help you maximize your website's potential:

Auto Reply Contact Form
Create a form with an auto-reply feature to collect contact data using the template for website.
Slider Contact Form
Create a contact form with the built-in slider feature using the template for website.
Small Contact Form
Create a small form to collect basic contact details using the template for website.
Smtp Contact Form
Create a form to collect contacts and send SMTP email notifications using the template for website.
Snippet Contact Form
Create a form with built-in snippets to collect contact info using the template for website.
Validation Contact Form
Create a form to collect contact data with validation fields using the template for website.
Map Contact Form
Create a form to collect contact data and provide a location on the integrated map using the template for website.
Drag And Drop Contact Form
Create a drag-and-drop form to gather contact data using the template for website.
No Suitable Form Template?
Create your form with Elfsight AI by describing your requirements in plain language, or build your own form using our form builder.

Adjusting the widget with the help of Elfsight profile

After the product is shaped, you can as well customize it any way you need. For this, go to Elfsight apps site and enter Live Editor. You can edit texts, alter templates, or choose the suitable display option. The changes you’ve made in the Live Editor will be shown on your site right away.

For trying and installing other powerful HTML widgets by Elfsight team, visit your Elfsight account.

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