How to Embed YouTube Video Widget in HTML Websites

YouTube – is a superb site for featuring your ingenuity and talents to your customers and increasing trades. Our cloud-based solution - Elfsight Apps - offers a resource to carry out the implementation of a YouTube Video Gallery to any website builder or CMS in a small series of steps.

Arrange Your YouTube Channel Gallery in 2 Steps

Implementing the widget will only take the HTML site builder users less than 3 minutes and it won’t require any programming proficiency or other special expertise.

Video Guide

Part 1: get your widget

Shape and compose your unique gallery to add it to your website.

• Construct your widget

Enter the editor of the widget to start creating the video gallery for website. Or login in our service, to launch module generating from your own page.

create the youtube plugin

• Receive the script for activating YouTube widget on your web service

The concluding step in Elfsight Apps is to copy the app's html code by pressing “Get” button by the gallery’s title.

Copy YouTube widget code

Part 2: insert the widget to the website

To set up the video gallery on the site, put the YouTube widget’s HTML code you’ve created to the required pages.

• Paste the plugin to the page’s code

Open the required page in any editor, select a place for the YouTube Gallery and add the widget’s code. Save the changes by reinstalling the page to the server.

Embed YouTube widget on HTML page

• The gallery’s installed!

Great work, go to the page to check out the widget.

The YouTube Video Gallery has been installed

Changing widget’s configuration after the setup

To correct some gallery design configurations or to redo gallery sources, you should authorize in your account at Elfsight Apps, specify the new conditions and save the improvements. After approval, the video gallery will soon get the fresh look on your web resource.

What Is the Best Method to Establish a Video Widget on a HTML Website?

When you install a YouTube video gallery to your website using Elfsight Apps, a high-quality product is not the only thing that you’re acquiring. You also buy the following:

  • One of the lowest prices as compared to other plugins;
  • Our team’s lifetime technical support;
  • Regular updates of the plugin.

Also, we feature fantastically facile installation variant that will permit you to execute the whole setup work yourself, without engaging a developer to do the job. See more widgets for HTML in our catalogue.

Details about to Elfsight Apps?

Elfsight Apps is a cloud service that offers diverse widgets for sites that will support in upgrading your company to a different stage.

Check out the YouTube Widget for Free

Try out the design configuration and construct the most striking YouTube plugin for your website.