Elfsight AI Form Generator: Experience the Future!

Elfsight full-fledged AI Form Generator is here now 🚀
And yes, you heard it right!

We’re thrilled and proud to introduce the Elfsight AI Form Generator — an innovative feature that lets you create custom forms based on your specific needs and use cases! Just add your request, and our advanced AI will generate a tailored form that suits your requirements. Save time and effort while receiving high-quality, personalized forms with just a few clicks.

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First, check out our AI Form Generator Review to see that this update is truly awesome!

Second, make sure to see real examples of what our AI Generator can do!

Examlpe 1: Job Application Form

The AI generator can use all types of fields, including inputs, checkboxes, dropdowns, to name but a few. It also fills in hints and form content.

And here is what we got when requesting a form to search for a js react developer:

Example 1: React Developer Job Application Form

Examlpe 2: NPS Score Survey

The AI generator fully understands the context of the request, so the more accurately you describe your idea, the more accurate the final form is going to be. Besides, you can use any language, it will work perfectly fine.

See what we got on request Simple NPS Survey:

Examlpe 2: NPS Score Survey

Finally! Experience the future of form creation with Elfsight AI Form Generator!

Use the Form Builder editor below. Find the AI Fields Composer field, Click “Generate Form” and simply add your request and see the magic happening.

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We hope you’ll find our AI generator exciting and test it to the fullest! Have fun and see you in our community, we’re eager to hear your feedback on the forms you generated!

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One More Thing!

Check out our new Form Templates catalog.

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Use this simple form and customize it by adding new fields as your requirements change.
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Accept and manage appointment requests better with the help of handy form.
Wholesale Order Form
Create a form for wholesale distribution using the template for website.
Create a website quiz with the template to unravel users' personality types.
Create a website quiz with the template to ask multiple-choice questions and have fun with the website users.
Captcha Contact Form
Create a form for collecting contact details with Captcha protection using the template for website.
Create a website form with the template by including contact questions based on conditional logic.
Email Contact Form
Create a form for collecting contact details and emails using the template for website.
No Suitable Form Template?
Create your form with Elfsight AI by describing your requirements in plain language, or build your own form using our form builder.