Webnode Coronavirus Stats widget

Provide your homepage visitors with current stats about the new coronavirus outbreak
Webnode Coronavirus Stats widget
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Elfsight Coronavirus Stats is an uncomplicated widget for Webnode which permits you to check the information on COVID-19 outbreak around the world. By means of it, you can demonstrate the stats right on the pages of your website and help your users take charge of their health and relatives. You can translate all the app’s components to your language, employ any number format and recolor the background and text elements.

By means of our Coronavirus widget you’ll manage to control and display the most recent statistics to your audience and help them take care of their health

We offer powerful and fast features, check some of them:

  • Choose the applicable number format.
  • Adjust fonts size and weight.
  • Three background types: Image, Color or Transparent.
  • Reveal overall stats or by country.
  • Decide upon the featured country.

You can check out the full capabilities of the widget in the demo on this page

How to embed Elfsight Coronavirus Stats widget on my Webnode site?

Simply follow a couple of steps presented below to integrate the plugin.

  1. Launch our free configurator and start creating your custom-made widget.
    Specify the suitable layout and aspects of the widget and apply the modifications.
  2. Receive your individual code exposed in the window on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the creation of your personal tool is over, copy the individual code in the emerged box and keep it for future need.
  3. Commence employment of the widget on your Webnode site.
    Insert the code you’ve copied recently into your web page and apply the adjustments.
  4. The installation is successfully accomplished.
    Go your page to observe the performance of the tool.

Supposing you run into any obstacles, do not be afraid to contact our support team. Our specialists are eager to help you with all the difficulties you may have with the plugin.

Have no hesitation to compose personalized Webnode Coronavirus Stats

Personalize it and implement the tool into your website making use of active demo.


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