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Free catalogue of plug-and-play plugins with full-scale functionality to boost sales and gain all different business objectives. Simple setting up, a broad spectrum of adjusting settings and ongoing customer support.

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The most effective Elfsight plugins for all the needs of your ClickFunnels website

Over numerous years, our Elfsight professionals design cloud and adaptive plugins for your website. Our team constantly arranges for you a lifetime support and a fast loading rate. Elfsight plugins give a hand to a lot of business, educational and many other website owners around the world to tackle the main website issues more rationally.

Just implementing integrations into your website you will have an opportunity to increase sales, demonstrate good testimonials about your offers, raise loyalty to your brand. Subscription plans vary from free to premium. Easily integrate any desired plugins, using our live-demo and define how much it will be useful in terms of development of your website.

What makes Elfsight plugins perfect tools for you?

Here’s a list of prominent advantages of our plugins, which guarantee us to be better than our rivals:

  • Free and quick support with implementation or setting plugins;
  • Mobile-friendly and adaptable to any screen resolutions;
  • No longer necessary to code;
  • A vast range of the adjustment options;
  • Cloud data storage provide you with to rise website speed;
  • All forthcoming updates are free and come out regularly;
  • Affordable pricing range;
  • Constant assistance for any clients’ issues.

Assess free Lite plan of our plugins and see its features or single out any selected solution with a 20% off.

How to add the integrations on the ClickFunnels platform

To integrate the plugins, get acquainted with the simple guide:

  1. Select the necessary plugin;
  2. Make some suitable settings like you need;
  3. Don’t forget to save the changes;
  4. See the obtained code;
  5. Install the code into the suitable place of your website or template;
  6. The customization of the integration is absolutely finished.

If happens you have some problems, feel free to contact support specialists.

1. What type of ClickFunnels versions can be integrated with Elfsight integrations?

Our plugins can be integrated with any versions of the ClickFunnels website. We guarantee a enduring representation of our tools.

2. Where can I check statistics of Elfsight plugins?

All Elfsight clients will be able to apply the required adjustments in the settings in initiative admin panel.

3. Is it possible to contact Help Center if I haven’t integrated the plugin yet?

All users can email the friendly Support experts to ask their questions about the work of integrations.

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