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Free catalogue of excellent modules with diverse functionality for growing sales and solving all other marketing tasks. Easy-to-manage implementation, a broad array of customizing options and expert assistance.

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The most optimal Elfsight modules for giving maximum to your Laravel website

the best free laravel modules for your website

Over 9 years, our Elfsight team of specialists produces easy-to-use and fully-responsive modules for your business. Elfsight always arranges for you a life-time support and an impressive loading rate. Elfsight modules give a hand to a lot of ecommerce, non-profitable and other website owners all over the world to cope with the main website problems more efficiently.

Simply installing modules on your website can raise sales, show gratitude for your products, and boost good attitude towards your company. Our plans vary from free to VIP. Easily integrate any required apps into your website, using our interactive demo and see how much it will be important in terms of promotion of your service website.

Why are our Laravel apps premium tools for you?

Uncover for yourself a list of vital features of our apps, which allow us to be better than rivals:

  • Free and quick help with adding or setting apps;
  • Adaptability to all screen parameters;
  • Unnecessary to have a team of developers;
  • A extensive number of the customization settings;
  • Cloud solutions provide you with to advance website speed;
  • All upcoming updates are without any charge and come out regularly;
  • Fair pricing plans;
  • Prompt help for any clients’ problems.

Use a free version of our modules and upgrade your website with its potential or install any required solution with a 20% off.

How to use the modules on the Laravel platform

To integrate our tool, read all the points from the clear tutorial:

  1. Click on the needed module;
  2. Adjust some suitable settings as it’s necessary;
  3. Click on the button “Save”;
  4. See the obtained code;
  5. Insert it into the available place of your website or template;
  6. Done! You have finally integrated the tool.

In case you need a recommendation, please don’t hesitate to inform our support team.

Which way do I embed the modules into my Laravel theme?

You can implement the modules on your website. Just go to the administrator board and do the following actions:

  1. Select theme settings;
  2. pick the part where you need to embed the app on;
  3. embed the code from Elfsight modules and employ your modifications.

Simple as that.

Which one of Laravel versions and themes can be integrated with Elfsight app?

Our modules can be implemented with any option templates of the Laravel website. We assure you a substantial work of all tools. [faq_item question_tag="h3" schema_markup="1" question="Where can I edit Elfsight modules?"] You will be able to take the necessary changes of the widget options in our initiative Elfsight configurator.

Could I get in touch with the Help team in case I have a free subscription?

All users can email our competent Our Support experts to ask for consultation about the usage of Elfsight solutions.

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