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Free collection of brand-new widgets with rich functionality to advance user activity and accomplish all basic business objectives. Simple implementation, a broad spectrum of personalizing settings and competent customer support.

Find out the best from the entire list of absolutely free plugins Mailchimp

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Please note that the possibility to add plugins depends on a specific website builder functionality and the option to insert custom code to the site is crucial. If it is impossible to place a custom code, we advise you to change the website builder.

The complete list of all CMS and website builders available can be found on the integration page.

The best Elfsight plugins for any needs of your Mailchimp website

the best free mailchimp plugins for your website

During so many years, our Elfsight team develops cloud and adaptive widgets for your business. We always offer you a lifetime support and a high loading speed. Elfsight plugins contribute to lots of business, non-profitable and many other website owners around the world to tackle the vital website issues more efficiently.

Just embedding plugins on your website you may uplift sales, showcase good feedback on your offers, increase users credibility to your business. Our plans vary from free to premium. Easily integrate any chosen widgets, using our online demo and evaluate how much it will be important in terms of growth of your company website.

What makes Elfsight Mailchimp widgets so unique tools for your website?

Explore a list of essential strengths of our plugins, which make us to be better than our competitors:

  • Free and prompt response with integration or setting plugins;
  • Flexibility to any website parameters;
  • No longer necessary to code;
  • A broad range of the designing features;
  • Cloud solutions help with to advance website speed;
  • Constant and free updates;
  • Affordable pricing range;
  • Lifetime help for any users’ issues.

Test free Lite plan of our widgets and check its features or single out any proper tool with a 20% discount.

Which way do I add the plugin into my Mailchimp template?

You are free to insert the plugin into your website layout. Simply go to the administrator board and follow these steps:

  1. Go to theme settings;
  2. choose the part where you want to embed the plugin on;
  3. embed your code from Elfsight Apps service and apply the modifications.
  4. Done.

What Mailchimp versions and themes can be a good match for plugin?

Our plugin are suitable for any options templates of the Mailchimp site. You can be sure of an optimum representation of the solutions.

Where can I adjust my plugin?

All Elfsight clients will do desired adjustments in the settings in the handy Elfsight configurator.

May I talk to Elfsight Support center in the event that I haven’t subscribed yet?

All clients have an opportunity to message our highly qualified Support experts to ask for a tip about the settings and integration of our solutions.

How to add your plugins on your Mailchimp platform

In order to add the widgets, use the uncomplicated guide:

  1. Start with the your plugin;
  2. Adjust some necessary settings as it’s necessary;
  3. Don’t forget to save the changes;
  4. Get the obtained code;
  5. Insert the code into the available place of your website or template;
  6. The integration of the plugin is fully.

If it turns out you have a question, please just inform support specialists.

1. Which of Mailchimp versions can support Elfsight widgets?

Elfsight plugins are suitable for any templates of the Mailchimp website. You can be sure of a optimum performance of our solutions.

2. Where can I edit the plugins?

All our customers can do needed amendments of the widget features in initiative admin panel.

3. Is it possible to contact Elfsight Help specialists if I have some questions about service?

All customers can email highly qualified Elfsight Team to ask their questions about the settings and integration of the plugins.

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