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Over the years, our Elfsight team of experts releases simple and mobile-friendly plugins for your website. We constantly arrange for you a quick support and an incredible loading speed. Elfsight plugins give a hand to lots of businesses, educational and many other website owners around the world to cope with the basic website issues more efficiently.

Simply adding plugins on your website may raise leads rate, show best opinions on your products, boost trust to your business. Subscription plans are from free to VIP. Try to integrate any suitable plugins into your website, using our live- demo and check out how much it will be useful in terms of optimization of your business website.

Why are our Umbraco plugins such impressive tools for you?

Uncover for yourself a list of greatest features of our plugins, which guarantee us to be better than our rivals:

  • Free and prompt help with implementation or tailoring plugins;
  • Adaptability to all screen sizes;
  • Unnecessary to code;
  • A broad variety of the personalization opportunities;
  • Cloud based plugins offer to advance loading speed;
  • Constant without any charge updates;
  • Flexible pricing rates;
  • Constant help for any customers’ problems.

Start using the free option of our plugins and upgrade your website with its features or select any selected solution with a 20% coupon.

How to integrate your plugins on the Umbraco website

In order to integrate the tool, apply all the from the uncomplicated tutorial:

  1. Select the needed solution;
  2. Configure suitable configuration as you need;
  3. Don’t forget to save the changes;
  4. Get the received code;
  5. Add it into the required place of your website or template;
  6. Done! You have totally embedded the tool.

If it appears you have some problems, just inform our Support Center.

How can I insert the plugins into my Umbraco template?

You may insert the plugins into your site layout. Simply open the administrator panel and perform the following actions:

  1. Select theme settings;
  2. Find the part where you are to insert the app on;
  3. embed your code from the Elfsight plugins and save your changes.

You’re done.

What Umbraco versions and themes can be compatible with Elfsight app?

Elfsight plugins can be implemented on any version templates of the Umbraco website. We will grant you reliable work of all tools. [faq_item question_tag="h3" schema_markup="1" question="Where can I customize integrated plugins?"] All our users will adjust the needed changes in the settings in the handy Elfsight configurator.

Could I email the Help specialists in case of I haven’t integrated the Umbraco app yet?

All customers can email the competent Elfsight center to ask for assistance on the usage of solutions.

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