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For all Sitebuilder users, here's a complete list of free tools with wide functions for better sales rate and involvement on your website. Among advantages are quick adding, wide customization opportunities and practical customer support.

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What are modules in Sitebuilder?

the best free sitebuilder modules for your website

Our widget is a simple and powerful tool for website advancement: generating leads, giving customer support, growing sales, coordinating the website with social media, and more tasks. Elfsight widgets enable completing diverse tasks of e-commerce sites.

What makes Elfsight modules for Sitebuilder one of the best?

For as long as seven years, Elfsight widgets have gained the reputation of one of the strongest and the most effective tools for e-commerce site runners all over the world. They come with a broad functionality and ease of use that help them stay in advance of competitors. Here are Elfsight modules’ principal features.

  • No programming abilities needed;
  • Various customization features;
  • Professional help with any difficulties.

Check all the functionality of Elfsight modules via a free variant or purchase a widget for your task with 20% discount.

Which way can I embed the module to my Sitebuilder theme?

You are free to embed the module on your site. Just open the admin panel and perform the following actions:

  1. Select theme settings;
  2. select the part where you need to implement the module on;
  3. add the code from the Elfsight Apps and employ your adjustments.
  4. Simple as that.

Which of Sitebuilder versions and themes can be integrated with the Elfsight module?

Elfsight modules can be integrated with any versions themes of the Sitebuilder site. We will provide you with substantial work on the tools.

Where can I see all info about the module?

All Elfsight clients will implement all required changes in the settings in the initiative editor.

Is it possible to contact Elfsight Support center in the event that I need assistance with settings?

All customers are free to email the highly qualified Elfsight specialists to submit a question on the performance of Elfsight solutions.

How to add a module to a Sitebuilder website

You can see maximum info about the settings of each widget in widget section.

  1. Click the chosen widget and generate it in the panel.
  2. Display module code on your website (inset it into the code of the page or the template: sidebar, footer, etc.)
  3. Installation is successfully finished!

Need free consultation about how to shape your module? Didn’t manage to add the widget to your site? Feel free to write to Elfsight support center. We are always here to assist.

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