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The Best Sitejet Widgets

Free selection of plug-and-play widgets with extensive functionality for growing user engagement and achieving all basic commercial tasks. Instant app, a broad number of customizing features and professional customer assistance.

Check out the entire selection of these free integrations for your website

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The impressive solutions for upgrading your Sitejet website

the best free sitejet widgets for your website

Over numerous years, our Elfsight team of professionals develops cloud and responsive integrations for you. We constantly provide you with premium support and a high loading rate. Our service assists online trading, non-profitable and many other website owners all over the world to solve the basic website issues more efficiently.

Just adding widgets to your website can enlarge sales levels, show positive feedback on your offers, and increase trust in your business. Tariffs vary from free to premium. Quickly apply any desired widgets into your website, using our interactive demo and find out how much it might be useful in terms of growth of your business website.

What makes Elfsight widgets one of the best tools for your website?

Check a list of top features of our widgets, which guarantee us to stand before than our competitors:

  • Free and quick response with installing or tailoring integrations;
  • Adaptability to any website parameters;
  • Unnecessary to hire a developer;
  • A broad number of the personalization settings;
  • Cloud solutions offer to increase load speed;
  • Steady without any charge updates;
  • Affordable pricing rates;
  • Prompt help for any users’ issues.

Try out the free option of our widgets and view its features or install any selected tool with a 20% discount.

How to integrate the widgets on the Sitejet platform

In order to integrate the solutions, read the points from the detailed tutorial:

  1. Pick out the suitable tool;
  2. Customize necessary settings according to your needs;
  3. Apply “save the changes”;
  4. See the received code;
  5. Insert the code into the fitting place of your website or template;
  6. The app of the integration is totally.

In case any difficulties come up, don’t hesitate to contact the Elfsight Help Center.

Which way do I implement the integrations into my Sitejet theme?

You can implement the integrations on your site. Simply open the admin panel and do the following actions:

  1. Select theme settings;
  2. Find the part where you want to add the app on;
  3. embed your code from Elfsight integrations and save your changes.


Which one of Sitejet versions and themes can be integrated with app?

The integrations are compatible with any versions themes of the Sitejet website. We assure you of the reliable work of all tools. [faq_item question_tag="h3" schema_markup="1" question="Where will I be able to check views of my integrations?"] All our customers can make necessary amendments in the settings in the handy Elfsight configurator.

Can I message the Help team in case of I haven’t implemented the Sitejet app yet?

All our clients can message the highly qualified Support specialists to give a request about the work of our solutions.

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