How to Add Contact Form to Website for Free

Discover tutorials on how to quickly embed a customizable “Contact us” form into your website regardless of the CMS platform. You will learn to add a contact form plugin to your pages, by simply integrating a generated HTML code.
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How to Add Contact Form to Website for Free

Learn about Contact Form

The Contact Form helps businesses in search for improved communication with their customers. Elfsight developed a form plugin that is easy to create, customize and finally embed into any HTML-based website. We wanted our form to be an attractive way for website holders to say “Contact us”. This can help you stay in touch with customers. Consequently, it is an easy way to show that your business is responsive and vivid. The business owner shows interest in customer experience, building a deeper communication with a form plugin. Integrate it in order to help your visitors make the first steps providing some basic information. 

In the article we will discuss more reasons to use this contact widget on websites. Also, we will provide you with easy steps on how to add the Elfsight no-code Contact Form to any CMS for free. You will see tutorials concerning creation of your custom product and its embedding into any website.

It is always easier to grasp new knowledge by trying something yourself. We created a demo where you create your first “contact us” form widget right now. Also, read these steps to understand the principles of the Elfsight creator.

Make a contact form in demo

  1. Explore various templates in the demo. Choose the best option to start your “contact us” form.
  2. Then define the set of fields and change the elements’ styles.
  3. Create an account or log in on Elfsight to get the free widget’s HTML code.
  4. Now you can copy the generated HTML of your custom contact widget.
  5. Paste the HTML code into your website’s admin panel.

As you can see, it was easy to do. After these steps, the “contact us” form plugin will be available on your website!

Answering FAQs on Contact Forms

After a brief description of forms in general, you might want to ask more profound questions on work with this website plugin. We prepared a set of answers to erase some of the widespread worries that our customers usually have in the beginning. We hope that this section will ensure an easier starting point for your no-code form experience.

Is the Elfsight Contact Form widget free?

Yes. You don’t need to pay anything for using our product on your website. Any user of Elfsight can get an HTML code of the desired form widget and embed it into a website’s HTML for free. The free tariff plan is unlimited, but if you wish to discover more opportunities with dozens of other Elfsight widgets, you are welcome to examine our Pricing.

Can I adjust my contact form plugin?

Sure. You can pick any template of the contact plugin and use it as a foundation of your individual design and custom fields. You can also take a blank form as a template to create your own plugin from scratch, choosing from a variety of 20 fields. Design adjustments are easy and flexible.

Can I embed a contact form into WordPress website’s HTML code?

Since WordPress is one of the most used platforms for websites nowadays, we ensure that our products can be seamlessly embedded into such websites’ HTML. Here are brief steps on how to make a compatible plugin for WordPress. You can read more about using the product, visiting WordPress contact form page:

  1. Choose a suitable template to start. Keep in mind the purpose of your future form plugin.
  2. Select the needed fields, adjust positioning, titles, fonts and colors to create a unique, yet convenient plugin.
  3. Then save the changes.
  4. Log in or create an account on Elfsight to move on. 
  5. Click “Install” to generate an embed HTML code of your custom form plugin. 
  6. Copy the HTML code and add it to your website’s pages, using the WordPress admin panel.

When you are on your website, you might need to read tutorials on product embedding into WordPress, before integrating the generated HTML to desired locations.

Can I add a contact form to Squarespace website’s code?

Yes. Squarespace accepts our plugins perfectly well. We invite you to read more about contact forms for Squarespace learning about awesome features. Here is what you need to do to embed a form’s custom HTML code into your website:

  1. Start with choosing a template which best suits your commercial goal.
  2. Adjust the number of contact fields, modify texts, fonts, colors and overall design of the form.
  3. When your “Contact us” form is ready, save the plugin.
  4. Log in or create an account on Elfsight to access your custom plugin’s HTML code.
  5. Click “Install” and you will see an embed HTML code generated for your form.
  6. Copy this custom HTML and paste it into your Squarespace pages.

We also provide more detailed tutorials on embedding the plugin into Squarespace, so that you can easily add the form to your website’s HTML.

Can I embed a contact form into Wix website’s code?

For sure, you can add our form widget to WIX websites. We develop our plugins in order to function well on such popular platforms. In addition, we gave more interesting information and helpful tutorials on the contact form for WIX, so that you can get a better understanding of features and steps. Here is an easy way to begin working on your custom form plugin for WIX, by making a few simple steps:

  1. Find the most suitable template for your contact encouraging purpose.
  2. Benefit from various structure and appearance options, resulting in an individual “Contact us” form.
  3. Confirm your changes, when you feel satisfied.
  4. Log in or create an account on Elfsight. This way, you can get the plugin for free.
  5. When you click “Install”, we will display the personal embed HTML code of your custom form.
  6. Just copy the HTML code and deliver it to your WIX website.

When you get back to your website, we recommend you to read the following tutorials explaining how to add the contact form to WIX pages.

Can I add a contact form to Webflow website’s code?

Yes. It works with all of the best CMS platforms, including Webflow. If you still hesitate to get the plugin for your website, why don’t you read more about the Webflow contact form performance and embedding opportunities. Now let’s proceed with these easy steps that will help you add the contact plugin to your Webflow platform:

  1. Among a selection of templates, choose the one for your current needs.
  2. Add the necessary contact fields of your future plugin. Explore flexible settings changing positioning, sizes and styles the way you want.
  3. After that, save your changes.
  4. Log in or create an account on Elfsight. You need to become our user to receive your free HTML code of the product.
  5. Now click “Install”. You will immediately get the HTML code of your custom form plugin.
  6. Copy the form’s embed code and paste it into a desired spot of your Webflow website.

Adding plugins to Webflow tutorials are available to provide you the top materials on working with your “contact us” form achieving best results. Following the steps from the tutorials, you will be able to embed your plugin in a suitable way.

Can I embed a contact form into Shopify website’s HTML code?

Certainly. Your Shopify e-store can be greatly enhanced with our “contact us” form plugin that blends in smoothly with the website’s appearance. The contact form app for Shopify will help your business get more conversions. By doing so, you will result in establishing closer contacts with your visitors. That’s how you get the plugin integrated into your Shopify website:

  1. Look at the possible templates to stop at the best choice for your future plugin.
  2. Change the contact fields, the style of elements, appearance features and make the individual design.
  3. Save your creation, when everything is adjusted.
  4. Before you get the HTML of the ready product, you need to log in or create an account on Elfsight.
  5. Click “install” to have the HTML code generated for you. It will contain all your plugin’s settings.
  6. Copy the HTML code and take it to your website, locating it in a desired area.

Now you have the embed HTML code of your free form plugin and you can learn to add it to your Shopify website.

You can surely find more instructions on other platforms, by visiting the Help Center. There are guides and tips for our contact widgets and various platforms, providing detailed assistance on various aspects of work with Elfsight products. You can also ask questions and receive clarifications on processes of creating and embedding of widgets.

Eventually, you can get more information about other platforms supporting Elfsight products or find assistance dealing with a technical issue.

Advantages of Elfsight Contact Forms

We are convinced that your next questions upon reading the FAQs are all about the necessity of using the widget when doing business online. As a website holder, you need serious reasons to change something on the pages. If it works, what’s the point of doing more?

In this section we are going to discuss why integrating this widget can be a help for many websites. We will speak about the Elfsight’s Contact Form plugin advantages for different businesses. Also, we will provide you with some of the best ideas on when to apply the form plugin’s code on a website.

More data from potential customers

A form gathers essential information from website visitors, such as names, email addresses, and inquiries. This data enables personalized follow-ups and tailored marketing strategies. Elfsight’s Contact Form plugin simplifies data collection, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your website audience’s needs.

The form contains a “contact us” CTA

A form plugin fosters direct communication, nurturing relationships with your audience. Through inquiries and feedback, you can gain insights into customer preferences and pain points, enhancing your products or services accordingly. This “contact us” form facilitates seamless interaction, allowing you to engage with customers on a personal level.

Contact Form features 1

More chances to increase leads

By capturing visitor information, you create a pool of potential website leads. Leveraging this data, you can nurture leads through targeted campaigns, converting them into paying customers. Elfsight’s user-friendly editor streamlines lead generation, enabling you to grow your customer base.

Quick start in design of the form

Elfsight’s Contact Form plugin provides a hassle-free setup process with pre-designed templates and intuitive customization options. Above all, this means you can get your form widget up and running on a website’s HTML swiftly, without the need for coding skills or design expertise. This efficiency allows you to focus more on your business strategies.

20 types of fields

The Elfsight Contact Form plugin creator provides you with 20 various field types and dividers, which you can integrate to craft your attractive and user-friendly plugin. These contact fields encompass text areas, input sections for contact details, as well as rating scales and multiple-choice selections. This comprehensive range of options ensures that you can effectively gather diverse types of information.

Contact Form features 2

Elfsight contact form is free

Utilizing Elfsight’s free Contact Form plugin gives your website a cost-effective solution for gathering customer inquiries. This is especially advantageous for small businesses and startups, as it allows them to access valuable customer data without straining their budget.

Integration support (Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier)

Elfsight’s Contact Form plugin integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Zapier. This integration streamlines the management of gathered data and allows for automated workflows. For example, you can automatically add contact details to your mailing list using Mailchimp integration, enhancing your email marketing efforts.

Contact Form features 3

Spam and bot protection with reCAPTCHA

One major concern with this online plugin is spam submissions. Elfsight’s Contact Form includes reCAPTCHA, the best tool to filter out spam and ensure the authenticity of submissions. Similarly, it protects your business from malicious activity while maintaining the quality of data collected.

Convenient editor with flexible settings

Elfsight’s Contact Form offers a user-friendly editor with versatile settings. This means you can customize your form plugin to integrate with your brand’s aesthetics and user experience requirements. The flexibility in design and functionality ensures that your form plugin seamlessly blends into your website’s overall design.

Embedding the Elfsight’s Contact Form into your website grants your business these advantages, enhancing user interaction, lead generation, and data utilization. Whether you’re a small business owner or a larger enterprise, these benefits can significantly contribute to your online success.

In-depth Tutorials on Form Creator

Earlier we briefly touched the issue of creating a form widget for websites. Generally all you need to do is pick a template and go with it. In this section we would like to help you have an easy start with your first widget. Particularly, together we will analyze opportunities that your website gets embedding the Elfsight form plugin.

We will walk through a visual guide commenting on steps we make to create a form widget to be embedded into your website.

  1. At first, go to the starting page of the form creator.
  2. Choose a template. To make it a real lesson we are not following the easiest path. Let’s pick “Blank” —  the best option to start something from the clean sheet.
Contact Form tutorials 1
  1. Press “Continue with this template and we will move on to placing contact fields.
  2. Then add fields of your preference. We took “Heading” and “Time”
Contact Form tutorials 2
  1. You can now change the titles and captions of the fields we added. Try to change the fields introducing some logic in the structure.
  2. Likewise, you can change color accents and field shapes. Our form widget becomes prettier and starts to hold a certain message.
Contact Form tutorials 3
  1. Add and adjust more fields to finalize your form plugin. You can drag contact fields to change their order. 
  2. Assign settings to any contact field. For instance, you can make a field compulsory to fill. Like the “Name” gap in our example.
Contact Form tutorials 4
  1. Click “Add to website” when you think your form widget is finished.
  2. At this point you need to create an account on Elfsight or log in.
  3. Now you have your working profile and it is easy to come back to form editing or press “Install” to continue.
Contact Form tutorials 5
  1. The first thing you see next is an HTML code. This code contains all the information about your personal form widget and can be integrated to any website. Secondly, you can see icons of CMS platforms with guides on the embedding process.
  2. Copy the HTML code and save it anywhere you want. Now you can work with it adding to any website’s locations. Congratulations!

We hope that creating a form widget was not only easy, but also entertaining for you. Elfsight constantly works on making interfaces more intuitive and user-friendly. Contact us in case you have any additional questions on integrating your custom form widget into a website’s HTML code.

Possible Scenarios for Form Embedding

Here we prepared a chart that presents a comprehensive overview of website scenarios where businesses generally benefit from the embedding of a form plugin. The scenarios encompass a range of business needs, from customer inquiries and lead generation to feedback collection and event registration. 

For each scenario, we delve into how the embedding of a form plugin serves as a potent website solution. Through both efficient lead capturing and organized event management, the form widget emerges as a versatile website tool that fosters customer satisfaction and cultivates meaningful connections. In other words, harnessing the potential of the contact establishing plugin proves pivotal in driving success and pushing businesses towards lasting prosperity.

Businesses’ needsSolutions
Customer InquiriesBusinesses frequently receive inquiries from customers about products, services, or support. It is easy to use the embedded form plugin as a communication channel, allowing customers to ask questions and get quick responses. As a result, this enhances website customer satisfaction and builds trust, leading to better relationships and repeat business. However, don’t use way too many fields and questions. The primary goal is to start communication.
Lead GenerationA form plugin acts as a lead generation tool by capturing visitor information. By collecting names, emails, and inquiries, businesses can easier follow up with potential leads through targeted marketing campaigns. This process evidently increases the chances of converting website visitors into customers.
Feedback CollectionCollecting feedback is vital for improving products and services. Embedding a form plugin is the best way for businesses to receive valuable insights directly from customers. Feedback ensures customer-centric changes, and demonstrates a commitment to quality, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Event RegistrationWhen hosting events, businesses require a streamlined registration process. An embedded form plugin can facilitate event sign-ups, providing essential details. Consequently, this decreases administrative efforts, ensures accurate guest lists, and delivers event-related updates. The convenience enhances the overall event experience.
Partnership OpportunitiesCollaborations and partnerships can be initiated through a contact establishing widget on websites. Businesses can invite potential partners to express interest, share proposals, or discuss cooperation. This way strategic alliances, joint ventures, and expanded market reach may arise.
Customization RequestsOffering customizable products or services requires understanding customer preferences. A form plugin enables clients to submit specific requests, preferences, or specifications. By catering to individual needs, businesses provide the best solutions that foster customer loyalty and establish a reputation for attentive service.
Job ApplicationsHiring processes can be another way to use a contact form plugin. Businesses can invite job seekers to submit applications, resumes, and cover letters. This way you make the recruitment process easier, centralizes applicant information, and allows for efficient candidate evaluation.
Newsletter SubscriptionsGathering subscribers for website newsletters is very efficient using a form widget. Businesses can invite visitors to opt-in for regular updates, promotions, and news. Consistent communication fosters brand engagement, strengthens contacts with website customers, and drives repeat business

These are just some ways to find a reason for a form widget on your website. They are verified and proved to add success to their users. Probably, you have your own way to integrate this remarkable instrument. If so, you can share your experience with our Community. This is where we also collect feedback and help each other to test various approaches. During communication, experienced users can exchange practices and test hypotheses together.

Summary on “Contact Us” Forms

To sum up, we have embarked on an insightful journey into the realm of Elfsight Contact Form for websites. Our exploration encompassed diverse aspects, ranging from practical recommendations on using its features to analyses of applications across various business scenarios. Let’s recap our expedition and highlight the significant takeaways.

Empowering through Tutorials 

We provided user-friendly guides on creation and seamless integration of the contact establishing tool into different CMS platforms. By simplifying technical complexities, users quickly embed the contact strengthening plugin, regardless of their CMS.

For more advice and guidelines you can contact us via Help Center.

Unveiling Positive Features

In addition, we explored the impactful features of Elfsight Contact Form that can transform website engagement and communication in a good way. From various contact field types to integration with tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Zapier, it offers businesses a sustainable customer interaction and data management. For example, integrating reCAPTCHA ensures secure submissions, highlighting Elfsight’s commitment to convenience, security, and efficiency.

Contact Form features 4

Guiding Principles and Best Practices

Our article steers businesses toward best ways to use the form through recommendations and best practices. Emphasizing responsive communication, setting response expectations, and aligning plugins with brand identity enhances customer experience, leads, and interactions. Therefore, the form made by Elfsight enables seamless alignment with these principles.

Solutions Unveiled: Analyzing Scenarios

Central to our article was dissecting scenarios where the form proves the best dynamic solution. From customer inquiries to event registrations and partnerships, a “contact us” form showcases versatility in so many ways. Enabling direct communication, data collection, and personalized engagement, it addresses major business needs.