Donation Request Form widget template

A pre-configured coding-free donation request form template for your site. Start using it by just inserting the code.

This donation request form template is suitable for all non-profit organizations. It is the simplest form template that you can use without any code-editing on your website. It will be the easiest way to accept donations from users. You can modify it further according to the needs of your organization.

  • Set any URL where a user will be redirected after the form filling
  • Switchable progress bar when step-by-step format is applied
  • Set custom width of the form in Default and Boxed layouts

How do I implement Donation Request template on my website?

To add our widget, you will not need coding knowledge or certain skills about your website platform

  • Get registered in Elfsight service via the demo so that you can startusing a selected template;
  • Note the widget code, that you will see in your account at Elfsight Apps;
  • Add the code to a selected page or into the website template;
  • Make sure to apply the edits. Success!

Whenever you want to edit your form, do so in your personal account at Elfsight Apps. It does not require to change the website code.

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