Church Registration Form widget template

A ready-to-use no-coding church registration template for your website. Integrate it by just inserting the code.

A lot of churches have registration forms that they require to fill in for people to receive membership. This church registration form template will cut the long membership process shorter for your members-to-be. Just provide this church registration form on your church website and process enquiries faster! Embedding is easy and coding-free! 

  • Assign any email address and form filling results will be automatically sent there
  • Choose the scenario after the form submission: Thank you message, redirect to another page, or form concealing
  • Editable texts of Thank you message and the button for a repeated form filling

How do I implement Church Registration template on my website?

To add our widget, you don’ need coding competence or certain skills with your website platform

  • Create an account in the service through the demo in order to startusing a ready template;
  • Note the embedding code, that you will see in your page of Elfsight Apps;
  • Paste the code to a chosen page or into the website template;
  • Apply the edits. It’s done!

Whenever you feel like changing your form, it’s easy to do so in your personal profile at Elfsight Apps. You don’t need to alter the website code.

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