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The best Joomla extensions

Free collection of the excellent plugins with a wide functionality to advance user activity on your website and achieve all essential promotional business aims. Smooth installation, a great choice of adjusting options and premium customer service.

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The impressive Elfsight extensions for upgrading your Joomla website

the best free joomla extensions for your website

For nine years, Elfsight developers invent simple and mobile-friendly plugins for your business. Wet always guarantee you a professional help and a fast load speed. These tools are used by lots of online-store, educational and many other website owners around the world to cope with the main website tasks more rationally.

Just implementing extensions on your website you will have an opportunity to level up sales rate, show good on your offers, improve trust to your company. Our plans vary from free to premium. Try to add any desired plugins, using our interactive demo and find out how much it will be applicable in terms of optimization of your service website.

Why are our Joomla extensions ones of the best tools?

Check out a list of important benefits of our plugins, which guarantee us to be more effective than other company solutions:

  • Free and quick assistance with implementation or customization process;
  • Automatic adaptation to all website resolutions;
  • Unnecessary to have a team of developers;
  • A large scale of the personalization settings;
  • Cloud solutions allow to advance your website speed;
  • All future updates are free and come out regularly;
  • Affordable pricing plans range;
  • Constant help for any users’ issues.

Subscribe the free Lite plan of our extensions and benefit from its potential or single out any desired tool with 20% discount.

Which way can I add the extension into my Joomla theme?

You are free to insert the extension into your website template. Simply go to the admin panel and do the following actions:

  1. Go to theme settings;
  2. Find the block where you want to insert the extension on;
  3. embed the code from the Elfsight Apps and save your changes.
  4. You’re done.

Which one of Joomla versions and templates can be compatible with the extension?

Our extensions can be integrated with any options themes of the Joomla website. We always make sure of the reliable work of all solutions.

Where can I check statistics of Elfsight extension?

You will alter the needed adjustments of the widget options in our initiative admin panel.

May I contact the Elfsight Help team if I need a hand with the customizing the Joomla extension only?

All clients can message the highly qualified Elfsight team to ask for a tip on the usage of the solutions.

How to add the extensions on the Joomla website

To implement our plugins, complete all the points from the simple guide:

  1. Pick out the suitable plugin;
  2. Configure some required settings like you need;
  3. Save the changes;
  4. See the obtained code;
  5. Install the code into the suitable place of your website or template;
  6. Done! The implementation of the extension is finally completed.

If you need a consultation, please don’t hesitate to message our Support Center. We’ll be happy to assist you!

1. What kind of Joomla options can be supported by Elfsight plugins?

The extensions can be added on any versions of the Joomla website. We guarantee a stable representation of all our tools.

2. Where will I make some changes in the settings of Elfsight extensions?

You can make the necessary adjustments in the settings with the help of our initiative Elfsight editor.

3. May I message Support Center in case of some extension settings only?

All clients can write to our friendly Support Team to ask for an assistance with the plugins settings or customization.

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