Joomla PayPal Button extension

Organize paying with PayPal on your website with no coding
Provide easy paying on your website with Сheckout button
Set Subscription button to allow quick subscribing for your services
Let users decide how much they want to share, with Donate button.
Vary the size, choose elements, pick colors and more personalization options.
Clean design fits into almost every website without much customization.
Looks and works perfectly on any device, from desktop to mobile
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Elfsight PayPal Button module is an uncomplicated way to allow your shoppers to pay with PayPal on your website. It helps creating buttons for payments, subscriptions, and donations. It’s easy to add tax and delivery price, choose localization and currency, demonstrate text and much more. Start a handy and safe paying practice for your audience using one of the most reliable methods.

Add PayPal payments to your website without much effort!

A handy payment system on your website with no coding in a moment’s time.
Customers appreciate secure paying online. Design your own PayPal button with Elfsight and you will provide an easy and fast paying instrument for your customers. No coding, no sweat.

A single tool to process payments, subscriptions, and donations.
Allow your users to check out, subscribe and donate to your business. It is all available in a multipurpose instrument by Elfsight to help you save effort and time.

One of the most reliable and well-known payment methods on your site.
It’s a must to integrate your website with one of the most secure and popular paying services. And thanks to Elfsight PayPal Button, it will take just seconds.


See why Elfsight PayPal plugin is the best, here are its useful features:

  • Option to add product name;
  • Option to set shipping price;
  • Adjustable button width;
  • Adjustable button text and text color;
  • Show or hide PayPal icon.

Test all the features in live demo

How to add the PayPal Button extension to Joomla website

Our plugin is easy to set up and it will not require skills in web development. Total installation duration is about 1 minute.

  1. Integrate PayPal.
    Start creating a widget by clicking «ADD» button on the page with PayPal in Joomla marketplace.
  2. Embed Button on the webpage.
    In the editor of your website, drag the plugin element to the page.
  3. Create the PayPal extension.
    After adding the widget, click the button icon to configure the main parameters. Publish all the results.
  4. Extension adding is complete!
    Visit your site, to check your results!

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Diverse Joomla PayPal extension without much effort!

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