Google Adsense WordPress plugin

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Why using awesome Google Adsense plugin on WordPress website

First of all, if you need your WordPress site to generate income for you after the hours of hard work updating it, having the Adsense plugin installed on it is a must have. Adsense, an advertising network run by Google allows you to get money for demonstrating targeted Google ads on the pages of your WordPress site. And perhaps the best thing about the Adsense plugin for WordPress is that you won’t need to deal with advertisers directly. As all the details will be handled by means of Google advertising platform and the Adsense plugin, you won’t need to bother about collecting money or other questions concerning the relationships with advertisers.

Here’s why you might want to implement the Adsense ads plugin on your WordPress website:

  • Display ads at any place of your WordPress site’s page. Through the use of our new Adsense ads plugin for WordPress, you’ll manage to reveal ads on your site without much of a hassle almost anywhere on the site’s page – from header to footer. The Adsense ads plugin will be really easy to implement, will not require any coding skills to use it and will suit any WordPress site. There will be no need to embed the Adsense code to your site manually – you’ll only need to paste your publisher ID in the Adsense plugin settings and will be automatically demonstrated on the pages of your WordPress site. You’ll see that the Adsense plugin works impeccably as the ads could be seen at any place of your WordPress site’s pages. It means that Adsense ads will be run not only on sidebar or footer, but on every ad spot you’ll provide. Also, you won’t need to worry about your Adsense plugin performance. The WordPress Adsense plugin is absolutely compatible with any CMS or theme – from Muse to WordPress, and work’s perfectly on any device type, including tablets.
  • Quickly benefit from Adsense Ads on your WordPress site. By means of our new Google Adsense ads plugin for WordPress, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to run ads for those user categories who have already been on your WP site, also displaying the items they’ve interacted with somehow – looked through, added to their carts or studied them any other way. Simply strat with setting up your first ad campaign and wait for a huge amount of traffic to start generating on your WP website upleveling your sales and boosting the conversion rates.
  • All the meaningful Adsense metrics and stats are at one place. Getting meaningful insight on the important Adsense stats on your WordPress or any other console has never been so easy as it is in our Adsense plugin for your website. You can get all the meaningful data on, for instance, [CPC, |CPE, |Impressions per ad session, |Page CTR, ] and so much more. And all these Adsense ad stats will be gathered in one easy-to-use panel – all you need to do is to open the plugin’s admin page and start exploring your stats. And if you need to perform any alterations towards your Adsense ad campaign, you are welcome to do it via the admin panel, and as soon as you’re finished, all the changes will be automatically applied on your WordPress site. The Elfsight Adsense plugin will suit any gadget, including smartphones and tablets, so don’t worry about the plugin’ mobile performance.

Adsense ads is a free to use tool

And using the Adsense plugin for WordPress, you’ll choose one of the easiest ways to integrate it to your website as you won’t have to mess with the code and learn programming. Simply add the Adsense plugin’s code to your website as soon as the plugin is released, and start monetising your WP site! And the free time you’ll get from that can be used for optimising your website for providing better user experience.

You can demonstrate Adsense ads on multiple websites using one ad account

For those who have multiple WP websites and businesses, this feature may come in handy. The Adsense plugin’s admin panel will make it even more simple to perform these actions. Just as you get the plugin up and running, you’ll be able to monetise all of your WordPress or any other sites in a few clicks.

You can easily customise your Adsense ads looks

Yes! Through the agency of the Elfsight Adsense ads plugin for WordPress, you’ll be able to customise the ads that run on your website and even choose how and where exactly on your website you want them to be shown. For example, you are free to make your Adsense ads to be rich images. Or turn them into plain text.

Running Adsense ads on your WordPress site guarantees you passive income

There’s no need to put in a lot of effort in your Adsense ads on your WP site in order to see returns soon. And applying the new Elfsight Adsense plugin is among the easiest ways for you to begin getting your passive income. Simply wait for it to be released and get one of the most easiest way to integrate Adsense code to your site.

Many more amazing styling and functional settings upcoming soon

Our exceptional programmers and designers are working on the widget functionality and appearance at this stage. There will be a broad selection of settings, there will be an opportunity to customize your Adsense ads content so that it turns into a complete part of your website. It’ll be possible to create the application and test all the functions in the near future, wait for it!

The basic widget features will contain:

  • CTA buttons to guide users towards your goal
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, and more.
  • Put your content anywhere on the page with the help of advanced position.
  • Ongoing live updates.

Start monetising your website using Adsense Ads Plugin for WordPress

Which way do I embed the Adsense plugin to my WordPress site?

You can paste the Adsense ads plugin to all pages of your WordPress website, or only to the pages you set. There’s also an option to hide it on particular pages if you don’t want the Adsense plugin to appear there.

In case you experience any difficulties, do not be afraid to contact our customer service team. Our people are eager to help you with all the difficulties you may have with the product.