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Medium Feed widget for website
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Why do I need Elfsight Medium Feed?

Link Medium blog. Show users more.

An easy way to enhance your website

Adjust Medium blog widget to upgrade your growing site and boost user engagement

Link Medium content to build user trust

Prove your expertise and increase trust by introducing the brand blog

Attract more readers on your Medium blog

Give users an easy way to become devoted readers of your blog
websites support
hours of development invested
1 min
to start using the widget
customer satisfaction rate

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What makes Elfsight Medium Feed special?

Simple Medium blog to website integration
Simple Medium blog to website integration
Our widget will insert Medium content on your site, making it an actual part of your brand. It will only take you several minutes to create the tool just the way you need. Be sure to have no redundant work on both platforms.  
Emphasize the most important content
Stress the content you want in a way you desire. We will offer a variety of ready-to-use post styles for you to choose from. For example, a bright display of the title and author along with the publication date.  
Emphasize the most important content
Use a ready-made color scheme or set up your own design
Use a ready-made color scheme or set up your own design
We offer a unique solution for those who value their time that’ll create a design for your plugin automatically. Simply pick up a primary color, and let the built-in color designer set everything up for you. In addition, if you need a peculiar look of the widget, you can further customize all the components individually. See all modifications straightaway in an online configurator without hours of programming.  
Many more amazing and functional styling options upcoming soon
Elfsight incredible developers and designers are working on the widget functionality at the moment. There will be a broad range of features, it’ll be possible to tailor your Medium Feed so that it becomes an essential part of your website. You’ll be able to test all the functions very soon, stay updated!  

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
Easy to add apps that work as promised. Good news they are planning to add a widget for Medium, as most people are unfamiliar with RSS. Waiting for it!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Total rating deserves 5 stars and I really enjoy their widgets. I use Instagram Feed to embed posts from there on my site, glad that Medium is upcoming too!!!
Tom Michaelson
Tom Michaelson
I am impressed by the customer support team, offered features and numerous design customisation options allowing me to adapt it to fit the page design. Thank you, for making it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medium Feed?
It’s a widget allowing you to add content from your Medium blog to your website. Use different templates to demonstrate your business the most representative way.
Which way do I get the widget’s installation code?
You are free to copy the code right after creating the app via the live demo or directly in the Elfsight admin panel after sign-up.
How can I embed Medium blog on my website?
Use our configurator and start shaping your custom-made tool. Customize the plugin features and save the necessary modifications. Copy your Medium embed code appearing in the popup. Paste the widget code into your homepage and press “Save“ button.
Does Medium integrating go with my site builder?
Sure thing. The widgets are adaptable with 99% of popular website platforms. Find yours in the list or contact our Support Team for assistance.
Best way to use Medium Feed on your website
In order to get the most out of using the plugin, paste your code on the homepage of your site or in the gallery and increase your user engagement and loyalty.
Where do I find the RSS of my Medium blog?
Medium integration with the widget does not require RSS. We took care of your convenience and time.
Is there a way to adjust Medium Feed?
In case you need to perform any modifications to the widget or add sources, you can do this in the admin board. Apply all the changes, click save button and they will be implemented on your website. If it doesn’t work as it should, address to our Support Team.

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