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Why do I need Elfsight Accordion Slider?

Combine the best of two features. Offer stunning user experience

Promote your offers more effectively

An interactive slider will help you highlight the best deals, works and offers on your website

Tell compelling stories

Share step-by-step instructions, tell the story of the company in detail, or show all the stages of creating your products

Better user experience

Place you most interesting offers and works at one place where users can view it in all detail and make it easier for everyone to find relevant content
websites support
hours of development invested
1 min
to start using the widget
customer satisfaction rate

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You can start with creating your first Elfsight Accordion Slider widget for free.

What makes Elfsight Accordion Slider special?

Responsive slider just for your use case
With Elfsight Accordion Slider, you’ll be able to form a widget that will comply with your goal. Add images, YouTube and Vimeo videos or upload your own, attach texts to easily grab users’ attention and make your content or offer noticeable. Interactive slides are more likely to be clicked which means that you’ll easily highlight the best deals, explain how your products work, introduce your company and so much more.   
Fit it perfectly into your website
Create a horizontal or vertical Accordion slider and place it anywhere you need on the page by means of our Advanced position feature. By adding different types of CTA buttons you’ll get your visitors to click, and different elements like background, title, badge will help you tell your story in more detail. Use them all to make a slider that works for you.   
Select a ready-prepared color scheme or set up your own design
Our developers offer a unique solution for non-professionals - a Color Theme Generator that’ll produce a design for your slider automatically. Simply select brand color, a Light or Dark mode, and permit the automatic color designer to do all the magic for you. In addition, if you need a distinctive look of the widget, you can further modify all the components separately: popup, background, head section, etc. See all modifications in real time in free configurator with no need to program.   
Tons of styling and functional options, shaped by our user feedback
Thanks to the insights from our exceptional Elfsight user community, we've gathered a comprehensive understanding of what features would be most beneficial in a widget. While these ideas are a reflection of potential functionalities, we appreciate the ongoing dialogue with our users that helps us understand their needs and preferences. Your input is invaluable in shaping our understanding of ideal website tools!  

What our customers say ❤️

Michael Smith
Michael Smith
I just adore their apps, they fit perfectly well with my theme. They are highly customizable, and surely more than enough for the person who just likes to play around with the plugins.
Brian Colin
Brian Colin
Their apps helped me to customize my website. It looks very professional and I'm very excited.
Tom Michaelson
Tom Michaelson
We have used their plugins for client's stores and can't say enough about how great the apps are as well as the customer service whenever we address it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Accordion Slider?

The Accordion Slider is either a responsive element combining the functionality of accordion with that of a slider.

How can I get the widget’s code for installation?

You can get the code right after forming your app making use of the live demo or straight via the Elfsight admin panel after registration.

How can I implement Accordion Slider to my site?

In order to embed the app, view the steps from the clear guide:

  1. Manage Elfsight configurator and start shaping your customized plugin.
  2. Tailor the plugin parameters and click to save the modifications.
  3. Copy your unique code which appears in the popup.
  4. Embed the plugin code into your homepage and click to save.
  5. Well done! You’ve installed the plugin on the page.

Stumbled upon any problems during the installation? Feel free to contact our customer support team and they will be glad to help.

Does it suit my website builder or CMS?

Certainly. The widgets are compatible with any CMS. Find yours in the list below: WordPress Shopify Weebly Wix Blogger Webflow BigCommerce Squarespace Joomla Opencart

Is there a way to transform the widget’s colors?

In case you need to perform any modifications to the plugin or add sources, you can do this right via the admin board. Perform all the modifications, press save button and they will be automatically implemented on your site. Supposing it doesn’t work the proper way, address our Support staff.

What other widgets are coming to Elfsight in short order?

We offer you to watch for the following products be launched:
Announcement Bar, Apple Maps, Apple Pay Button.
In case you didn't manage to get what you wanted, then hurry up to notify us directly or write us at the wishlist field!

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