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Why do I need Elfsight Resume?

Show your experience. Prove your professionalism

Convenient and understandable resume

A clear delineation into sections will not allow the potential employer to get confused in the information that you provide

One of the best ways to showcase your work

Attach your portfolio to interest the employer or find new potential clients

Focusing on your strengths

Highlight what you are most proud of - past work place, education, or completed projects
websites support
hours of development invested
1 min
to start using the widget
customer satisfaction rate

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What makes Elfsight Resume special?

Create a resume that is impossible to miss
Create a resume that is impossible to miss
With our Resume Builder widget, you can create the most easy-to-view and attractive resume. Use its contemporary design to highlight your education, projects you've been involved with, past work experience, and add a portfolio of your most outstanding works. For your convenience, the widget has already included fields for education, career, positions in the previous place of work, as well as a special field where you can share achievements that you are especially proud of. Each of the fields can be turned on and off depending on your needs. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of resumes for a variety of purposes - this feature will be very useful to anyone with experience in different areas of business.   Learn more
Show your experience in the best possible light
Highlight the parts of your resume that you want to focus on. You can push forward your education, work experience, or focus on your portfolio. Your projects can be displayed as a Slider with a photo, video or text inside, as a Grid or as a List. Clicking on each of your projects will open a Popup, in which you can reveal as many details as possible on your work and tell about every nuance.   
Show your experience in the best possible light
Use a ready-made color scheme or create your own design
Use a ready-made color scheme or create your own design
We offer an extraordinary solution for design amateurs - a Color Scheme Generator that’ll produce a scheme for your plugin automatically. Just choose a Light or Dark mode, brand color, and allow the automatic color designer to set everything up for you. On the other hand, if you need a unique design, you can always continue to modify all the widget’s constituents individually: background, header, popup, and so on. See all modifications immediately in free configurator without hours of altering and programming.   
Imagine a spectrum of functional and design possibilities, influenced by our user community
Thanks to the valuable feedback from our Elfsight users, we now have a clear vision of what a highly effective plugin could provide. Envision a widget with an extensive selection of adjustments, allowing you to seamlessly integrate a custom button into your website. While we're excited about concepts and detailed setup functionalities, these are currently ideas formed from user recommendations. Your insights are essential in grasping what features could truly make a widget an integral component of your online presence. We greatly value your input and eagerly anticipate the continuation of this collaborative journey!  

What our customers say ❤️

Mathias Gwadanican
Mathias Gwadanican
Partner, Sinouvé SCOP
I really enjoy their apps. I will keep using them and I will install them also on my new sites. Embedding is fast and the support team will do everything and even more to help you.
Theodoros Kakoulidis
Theodoros Kakoulidis
CEO, PureProductsTrade
Top-quality plugins. I have them just the way I want on my website. Customer service team was brilliant and fast.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Brilliant customer service! We required some customization and they fully made it. And it looks nice on our website! Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Resume widget?

Resume widget is a handy tool allowing you to easily expose your work experience right on your website in an attractive card with all your work details.

How can I acquire the widget’s installation code?

You are free to obtain the code after shaping your plugin in the active demo or directly in the Elfsight admin board after registration.

How do I implement the Resume widget to any site?

In order to integrate our widget, follow the points from the uncomplicated guide below:

  1. Use Elfsight demo and start shaping your custom-built plugin.
  2. Customize the plugin characteristics and apply the required adjustments.
  3. Acquire your individual code appearing in the window.
  4. Place the unique code into your page and save it.
  5. Congrats! You’ve properly implemented the Elfsight tool on the website.

Came across any difficulties during the installation? Don’t hesitate to contact our client support staff and we’ll be glad to assist.

Does it go with my CMS or site builder?

Sure thing. Our plugins can be implemented on all popular website builders. See the list:

Can I adjust the widget’s size?

In case you‘d like to apply any modifications to the tool or adjoin sources, you can do this right in the admin panel. Perform all the alterations, press save and they will be automatically implemented on your website. In case it doesn’t work as it should, contact our Support staff.

What other widgets can be found on Elfsight in short order?

We offer you to watch for the following products be launched:
Sale Notification, Spotify, Stocks.
In case you didn't manage to get what you wanted, then hurry let us know via the wishlist form!

Can I add the resume widget on Wordpress?

Yes, there’s a simple way to embed the resume plugin to WordPress site. To do it, you have to copy the code that appears after you’ve formed your tool in the configurator. Paste the code of your CV plugin into your WordPress homepage. That’s it! Now you can go to your website to see if you’ve managed to embed your CV plugin to your website correctly.

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