School Countdown Timer widget

Apply this «Back to school» template to integrate our Clock widget to your website or Facebook page swiftly.

Construct sales-generating school countdown clock and stimulate your audience make buyings by creating a feeling of urgency. Draw visitors’ attention to holiday-style clock bar to leave no possibility of sale missing. A countdown widget on your website or Facebook page will show the time left to the end of the discount period and attract attention to your upcoming events. 

  • Flexible sizes of timer and button
  • The possibility to set message font size
  • 2 options after timer finish: conceal timer or show message

What I need to add School Timer template to a Facebook page? 

  • Copy the finished widget code
  • Form a new FB page tab
  • Adjust your code to the tab
  • Save all the adjustments and check it up

More info on building custom FB tab is available here

How do I embed School Countdown Clock template on my website?

To add this widget, you will not need programming knowledge or certain skills with your website platform

  1. Register in the service with the help of the demo to receive a pre-configured template;
  2. Note the unique code, which is in your account at Elfsight Apps;
  3. Embed the code to a selected page or into the website template;
  4. Save|Make sure to apply the changes. It’s done!

At all times when you would like to alter your back School Countdown Clock, do so in your profile at Elfsight Apps. You don’t have to make changes to the website code.

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