40+ Countdown Timer templates for your Website or Facebook Page

Add the Timer and Clock widget to your website. Fast. Easy. No Coding.
G2 Badges
Promote your events and get new visitors by adding countdown clock on your web page with no effort.
Birthday Countdown Timer
Don’t let anyone to forget about your birthday and add interactive timer on your website.
Evergreen Countdown Timer
Shape the sense of importance by means of Elfsight Timer added on your web page.
Remind everyone about the approaching eclipse making use of Elfsight Timer widget.
1 hour Countdown Timer
Define the time left till upcoming event by means of interactive countdown clock on your website.
5 minute Countdown Timer
Show the minutes running out with the help of interactive countdown clock added on your website.
Heat up the audience showing the time is running out with Elfsight Clock widget.
Mark the hours left till the end of the day by means of Elfsight Timer Widget.
Mark the certain time period and engage the audience with our Countdown Timer on your site.
Generate sales by shaping the sense of scarcity with Elfsight Timer widget.
Attract more people to the mass by means of countdown widget embedded on your website.
Define the time left till the end of the meeting in a few clicks using Elfsight Countdown widget.
Christmas Countdown Timer
Remind your visitors about upcoming Christmas using Elfsight Countdown widget.
Gather more people at your conference by means of Elfsight Timer on your website.
Shape the sense of urgency and scarcity by adding interactive timer widget on your site.
Mark the sales period on your website by means of our Countdown widget.
Countdown Timer for landing page
Make your landing page more engaging by adding an interactive Elfsight Timer.
Make everyone eager to attend your event with our interactive Countdown Timer on your website.
Veterans Day Countdown Timer
Remind everyone about honoring military veterans with an interactive Countdown Timer.
Cyber Monday Countdown Timer
Mark the online sales during Cyber Monday on your website by means of our Countdown widget.
Hanukkah Countdown
Wish users a merry Hanukkah and remind them to congratulate their families on this wonderful time
Kwanzaa Countdown
Honor universal African-American culture and heritage and display time left before Kwanzaa on your website
Boxing Day Countdown Timer
Count days and hours remaining before the Boxing day and install a Countdown timer widget on your website
Party Countdown Timer
Heat up the atmosphere and show your visitors the party starts soon using our countdown timer.
Black Friday Countdown Timer
Make use of Elfsight Timer plugin to get your visitors to take an action and make a purchase.
Valentine's Day Countdown Timer
Use engaging Timer widget to push your users buy goods on the most romantic holiday.
Scarcity Countdown Timer
Use engaging Countdown widget to push your users to make a buy as soon as possible.
Fomo Countdown Timer
Apply engaging Countdown plugin to inspire your audience to act and don’t miss out hot deals.
Make use of our Countdown Timer widget to inspire your visitors to take an action immediately.
Use Elfsight Timer plugin to push your audience to make up a buying decision.
Launch Countdown Timer
Apply Timer widget to make your visitors to make up decision which benefits you the most.
Make use of engaging Timer plugin to inspire your users to make up a buying decision.
Make your audience engaged and waiting for the upcoming event by means of our Countdown Widget.
Football Countdown Timer
Make your visitors eager to attend upcoming matches adding Elfsight Countdown Timer on your website.
New Year Countdown Timer
Use Elfsight Countdown Timer widget to make your audience take an action and heat up the atmosphere.
Announce upcoming baby birthday with great fanfare with Elfsight Timer.
Use the most interactive way to announce upcoming childbirth and use countdown timer by Elfsight.
Thanksgiving Countdown Timer
Push your users to make a buying decision sooner with our Elfsight Thanksgiving Timer
Halloween Countdown Timer
Make your users eager to buy your goods as soon as possible with Elfsight Countdown widget.
Election Countdown Timer
Get your audience count down moments till approaching election by means of our widget.
Wedding Countdown Timer
Announce your upcoming wedding day using our interactive countdown timer widget.
Remind everyone about approaching tax deadline by means of Elfsight Countdown Timer.
Make your vacation seem closer with the help of Countdown timer widget on your website.
Make your holiday nearer by means of Elfsight Timer Widget embedded on your website.
Spice up the atmosphere before the date by adding our interactive timer on your web page.

Our countdown timer incorporates a versatile variety of functions and templates suitable for any HTML site or website builder and can be used by e-commerce, non-profit organizations, and in other spheres. Creating a countdown timer isn’t difficult and can be even faster with our pre-made templates for any website design, use case, or occasion. You can simply pick a suitable countdown template from the catalog above, set your own end time and date or time frame. That’s it, your custom widget is ready! 

The countdown widget editor offers plenty of customization choices to create an HTML timer appropriate for any case or design. You can freely change and upgrade the chosen timer template’s design – colors, time format, fonts, background; and content – call-to-action message, title, button texts – to suit your specific requirements. You’re also free to set the animation type for the numbers in the countdown clock – fade, slide, or flip.

The widget format also varies – it may be a descending or ascending clock or number counter. Marketers claim that the situation when the countdown timer is over and the clock shows zeros should be avoided, as it may cause irritation among the audience and lower customer loyalty. That’s why you should decide what scenario to set in a template after the timer runs out: displaying a pre-made or your custom message for users or redirection to a particular web page.

The final step to launch your HTML countdown timer is to add the installation code to your website. Simply press ‘Add to website’, copy the code that appears in the popup, and paste it right to the site’s code or in the custom HTML section on a chosen page or website template where you want the clock to be displayed. Depending on a template and your needs, the timer widget may be added to your website as a static header or floating banner on the upper or lower side of the screen, or embedded in any position of your content zone. Also, you can simply share it via the link if you don’t have a website.

The primary purpose of a countdown timer is to make a way of anticipation or urgency among the audience for some special event. Additionally, businesses conjointly use HTML ecommerce templates to convey a sense of time running out to stimulate sales during special promotion periods or holiday sales. Countdown timer also permits the audience to learn what time is left until something starts or ends – be it a buying deal or special promotion, concert or festival, business summit or conference.

Another way to use a countdown widget is to indicate that you are running out of items in stock. This may seem to be a strange plan to some people, however if you launch such a counter to highlight that some things or event tickets are scarce, they will tend to be more desirable by the audience than something else that is in abundance or simply obtainable.