HTML Countdown Timer widget

Speed up sales on your site with urgency-creating timers and counts


HTML Countdown Timer widget
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Use Elfsight Countdown Clock generator to set any kinds of counts and timers that will inspire visitors to purchase on your website. Stock or sales count will bring a sense of scarcity and competition; sale countdown will speed up clientele to purchase before they miss out a profitable offer. An individual countdown will encourage each person to use a personal deal faster; holiday bars will draw attention thanks to theme decoration.

Uplift your website sales with urgency-building timers and counts.

Stimulate shoppers to buy by setting a feeling of urgency.
Display countdown timers, which will tick time, left until the end of your sale period or special deal. They will produce a sense of urgency and push users to make a buying decision faster.

Demonstrate the stock lowering in order to elevate items’ value.
Produce a feeling of competition for your goods by demonstrating how the number of sales is increasing and the stock is going down. Item’s value will raise and shoppers will want to acquire an item, too.

Draw more attention to your sales using an eye-catching holiday-style timer bar.
Demonstrate attractive theme sale bar for holidays and special occasions. It will reflect holiday mood and advance your special offers to help you sell more during a profitable season.


A bunch of properties, which make our countdown code the most important widget for every HTML website.

  • Option to set start and finish date and time;
  • Option to show a message before timer;
  • Editable text of timer finish message;
  • Four position variants: static top, floating top or bottom, and custom position;
  • Customizable sizes of timer and button.
Try the full list of advantages in our free editor

How to embed Countdown Clock or Timer to HTML website

When you craft your widget, you receive the countdown code for any website. This HTML code is simple to get and embed into a desired location. You can simply start in the demo, adjust everything to suit your website goals and get the HTML code for embedding. To perform embedding of the widget on your website, you will not need knowledge in programming or a lot of time. Only 3 uncomplicated steps and 3 minutes.

  1. Design your individual Countdown Timer.
    Using our free configurator, shape a plugin with desired look and settings.
  2. Copy the code for embedding the plugin.
    After widget creation, acquire the code for Countdown widget from the appeared notification on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Add the widget on the HTML page.
    Open the page code in the HTML editor, insert the widget into a required area (content, footer, sidebar etc) and apply the edits.
  4. You’re done!
    Open your site, to see your plugin.

That’s a very quick process that any user can handle. No programming skills are required to create a custom widget and put it on your website. Also, there are a lot of convenient features that contribute to your experience and the experience of your website visitors. Find it hard to shape or add the Countdown Clock on a site? Address our help team or read our guide on adding HTML countdowns to websites. We will assist you in embedding your personal widget into a desired page of your website.

The best usage examples of Countdown Clock integration

We have a host of personalization possibilities: full length widgets for implementing into the content area, floating widgets for scrolling feature, layouts for the footer, head section and all variations of vertical opportunities for website sidebars and menus.

How do I build a Stock or Fame counter through the agency of the editor?

You are welcome to build any widget’s variations. There are a bunch layouts applicable in the editor, and all of them may be swiftly personalized the way you need.


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