WordPress Countdown Timer plugin

Create countdowns, counts and timers to deliver a feeling of urgency and scarcity and raise purchases on your site
WordPress Countdown Timer plugin
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Use Elfsight Countdown plugin to create all possible kinds of counts and timers that push visitors to shop. Stock or sales count will bring a feeling of scarcity and competition; sale countdown will stimulate shoppers to purchase before they miss low prices. A personal countdown will encourage each person to use a personal deal faster; holiday sale banners will attract attention thanks to theme design.

Make your events and sales unmissable and draw more purchases.

Encourage customers to buy by setting a feeling of urgency.
Make your audience sense a fear of losing your low prices time and sale showing time ticking down to the end of it. It will make audience purchase quicker and lift sales on your website.

Show a decreasing stock of your items and convince users to buy.
Demonstrate that your items are being sold out quickly and becoming scarce, with a special stock count. It will make audience value the items higher and become eager to have them too.

Attract more attention to your sale period using a special holiday-style countdown bar.
With eye-catching theme bars, you can demonstrate your seasonal offers and sales and reach more audience. Use holiday time to the maximum to level up sales on your website.


The most Important features of our Countdown, which turn it into the perfect WordPress plugin:

  • Option to set start and finish date and time;
  • Option to set button link for redirection;
  • Editable time unit labels;
  • 5 timer styles included;
  • Responsive interface with automated adapting to the screen size.
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How to embed Countdown Timer to WordPress website

Simply follow several steps presented below to activate the widget on WordPress.

  1. Open our free editor and start building your custom instrument.
    Find the preferable layout and features of the plugin and save the modifications.
  2. Copy the unique code which appears in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    When the creation of your personal Countdown Timer plugin is done, copy the exclusive code from the emerged window and save it for later usage.
  3. Enter on using the tool on WordPress website.
    Integrate the code you’ve saved recently in your website and apply the adjustments.
  4. You’re done! The setup is successfully accomplished.
    Visit your page to see the performance of the plugin.

Having difficulties or questions while following the tutorial or setting a customized plugin? Leave a request at help center and support team will be pleased to help you in shaping and inserting plugin on your website. Or check our detailed manual.

How can I add a Countdown Timer to the WordPress site?

The foundation of the widget occurs within the Elfsight website and you don’t need to learn coding. Use our live demo to adjust your own plugin, acquire the code and embed it in your website.

The best usage examples of online timer integration

We offer a plethora of personalization options: full-scale widgets for adding in the content section, floating plugins with scrolling feature, layouts for the footer, head section and all sorts of vertical options for website sidebars and menus.

Can I build a Evergreen timer or Stock countdown through the agency of the editor?

You are free to build any widget’s modifications. There are a wide range of layouts available in the editor, and all of them may be easily customized as you need.

Install a WordPress Countdown Timer on your site in 60 sec!

Generate a custom plugin, using a configurator just in 2 steps.


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