Countdown Timer Examples

Check Countdown Timer examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Countdown example 1. Timer

Create a countdown timer for your discount period or special offer. It will serve as a reminder of your sales and whip up visitors to use at while there’s still some time. With seconds ticking, the urgency will grow on. After the timer finishes, you may show a message with your custom text.

Countdown example 2. Sale Banner

Holiday time, when people are shopping for presents, is a perfect chance to attract new sales. Don’t miss it and engage more users into shopping on your website using a holiday-theme top banner counting down the time to the finish of sale. It will create a holiday mood and delicately remind of your great sale, floating along with the scroll.

Countdown example 3. Special Offer Banner

A great way to spread your coupons is to announce them on your website and add a piece of rush with a countdown timer. Add a floating bottom bar to each page of your website. Show your custom text and link it to a required page, so that visitors could approach a coupon in one click.

Countdown example 4. Urgency

Go personal and create a timer for each of your visitors. Offer some bonus for each user within some short time and increase urgency among your shoppers. It’s easy to set any amount of time. Try out different color combinations of background, timer, button and apply our predefined styles to create a timer that no user will miss.
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Start with creating your widget
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Countdown example 5. Event Start

Promote events, contests, and other occasions in advance and attract more and more participants every day. Switch off all other time units, and the timer will count days to the start and keep your audience looking forward to the event. A button next to the timer will allow to buy tickets at once or lead to any other page.

Countdown example 6. Limited-Shipping Banner

Set a fixed top banner that will offer shoppers your special bonus and count down just a short time to use it. This might be a free shipping or special gift, that users will only get if they byu shortly. A whole banner is clickable to easily involve users into your marketing trick.

Countdown example 7. Wedding

Counting days to your wedding? Set a countdown timer to remind everyone about this great occasion and keep guests looking forward to it. You can use a holiday theme to create a special mood and add emojis to message text for higher emotional charge.

Countdown example 8. Launch

Launching a new product soon? Don’t let a single visitor miss this news - create an eye-catching launch countdown. Increase the size of the timer to make it really impressive, choose out of the predefined styles, change colors, add emojis, edit time unit labels - each element can contribute to making your timer noticeable.
Start with creating your widget
Start with creating your widget
Fast. Easy. No Coding.
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Countdown example 9. Trust Counter

Add to your website a showcase of customer trust. Demonstrate your growing client base or other achievements with a count that will add one more with a set frequency. Enter your current number of clients; choose an interval, so the number will grow according to it; and decide on the finish number.

Countdown example 10. Stock

That’s a good trigger for shoppers when they see how the stock of the item is decreasing. You can create a stock counter that will imitate real activity and decrease the number at random interval. To integrate it smoothly, for example, into a product card, you can easily decrease timer and font sizes and choose suitable colors.

Countdown example 11. Fame Counter

Stimulate visitors by showing that the item they are viewing are also viewed by other people. Display a count that will show the number of people interested in this item. It can grow at a set interval and reach the number that you choose. To make it look as a kind of warning and build a feeling of urgency, choose red color of the font.

Countdown example 12. Timer to New Year

Make your website hit a holiday mood with an impressive theme countdown bar. Choose the theme for the upcoming holiday and create a celebration atmosphere. Upscale the size of the banner to make it an element of decoration and show your customers you are ready for the holiday.

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