Evergreen Countdown Timer widget

Make use of this evergreen template to add our clock tool to your HTML website or Facebook page smoothly.

How can I use evergreen countdown timer?

A repeating countdown widget is a timer that displays the amount of time a particular user has to get the offer. The widget is unnecessary to code: smoothly attach and adjust visually all component parts of it in the free live configurator. Set up the widget settings in a couple of seconds and create a popup that draws the highest attention. You are welcome to add a personalized clock widget wherever you wish:
  • Ecommerce website (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento).
  • Social platforms (Facebook Page, Tumblr etc.)
  • Website on any CMS (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress etc.)
  • Personal blogs (Ghost, Blogger and many more).
  • Share the widget with a link (on an individual page).

Pick up your best Evergreen countdown timer

Below you’ll find several associated templates. Pick up the item you like the most and incorporate it into your website.
Evergreen Timer template

Template 1: Evergreen Timer

Make a countdown that shows the time for a new visitor to get a personal discount. Let them 1 day to think before it’s too late!

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Evergreen Sale countdown template

Template 2: Evergreen Sale

Create an attractive banner and put a CTA-button on it. Set one hour before the end of the campaign, and users will surely purchase on your website.

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Exclusive Evergreen countdown timer template

Template 3: Evergreen Exclusive

Emphasize a unique chance to get an amazing discount for your products with the help of this timer. Give users not more than 45 minutes to think it over and put a bright CTA button on a horizontal banner.

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How can I add evergreen countdown timer to my website?

To integrate the widget, there’s no need to have any specific skills or coding experience.

  1. Get registered in our service through the demo to use the selected template;
  2. Save the embedding code, which can be found on your page at Elfsight Apps;
  3. Paste the code to the page where you want to embed the widget or into the site template code;
  4. Save the changes. Success!

Each time you want to alter your widget, you can do it in your account at Elfsight Apps. You don’t have to make changes to the website code.


How can I make my own Evergreen countdown timer?

You are free to adjust any chosen template the way you wish by means of the Elfsight free configurator. There’s an option to change colors, layout, text alignment, size of the font and performance of the widget.

Is there a way to add widget to Tumblr or Facebook Page in place of website?

You can insert the widget anywhere there is an opportunity to paste custom code or iFrame code.

Will you give me a hand if I need it?

Yes, our experienced support team offers free installation and setup assistance.

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