Boxing Day Countdown Timer

Boxing Day Countdown Timer widget

Make use of clear and practical timer to remind about Boxing day discounts
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How can I employ Boxing Day countdown?

A countdown widget shows time remaining before holiday and items left in stock. You don’t need to code it: smoothly incorporate and arrange visually all elements in the live demo. Shape the widget in seconds and make a popup that attracts the greatest attention. It is possible to add a timer widget anywhere you wish:

  • Website on any CMS (Wix, WordPress, Squarespace etc. )
  • Personal blogs (Blogger, Ghost and many other).
  • Social platforms (Tumblr, Facebook Page etc. )
  • Share the widget via a link (on a separate page).
  • Ecommerce website (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento).

Boxing Day countdown template

This is a red timer banner that can be placed at the top of a web page. A lively countdown to mark the days before Boxing Day and promote a holiday sale campaign.

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How can I add Boxing Day countdown timer to the website?

To install this widget, you have no need to have any particular capabilities or ability to code.

  1. Register in our service with the help of the demo so that you could have the selected template;
  2. Note the installation code, which appears on your page at Elfsight Apps;
  3. Insert the code into the site template code or to the page where you plan to embed the widget;
  4. Apply the edits. It’s done!

At any time you wish to edit your widget, you are welcome to do so in your personal profile at Elfsight Apps. It is not required to make changes to the website code.


How can I make a Boxing countdown template on my own for website ?

You are welcome to edit any picked template the way you want by means of the Elfsight live configurator. There’s an opportunity to change layout, size of the font, text alignment, colors and performance of the widget.

May I add the widget to Facebook Page or Tumblr instead of a website?

You can paste the widget everywhere there is an option to paste iFrame code or custom HTML code.

Will you help me if I face a problem?

Yes, our experienced support team offers free setting and installation assistance.