Shopify Notification Popup template

If you want to make sure your users are paying attention, the Notification Popup template for Shopify websites is the way to go. This template allows you to display crucial messages, announcements, and updates in a visually appealing way. And with easy integration and customization options, you can tailor it to your brand's needs.
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No credit card required
Easy installation
100% Shopify compatible
Free plan available
  • 12 Custom Content Blocks
  • Form Fill-Out Email Alerts
  • 5000+ Data Export Integrations
  • Modal, Slide-in, Pane Layout Styles
  • Engaging Popup Opening Button
  • Frequency Popup Display Settings
  • Exclude or Specify Pages for Displaying
  • Auto-Opening Trigger after Time Spent
  • Scroll Trigger On-Element or On-Click
  • Exit Intent Trigger
  • Set Up Popup for Multiple Mobile Devices
  • Call-to-Action Button
  • Coupon & Redirect Link Creation
  • HTML & iFrame Fields
  • Image & Video Upload
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
  • Tech-Free Customization
  • Multiple Languages Translation
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript Editors
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How to create the Notification Popup template for the Shopify website?

To create the Notification Popup for your website, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Notification Popup template.
  2. Customize the elements and features to satisfy your brand vision.
  3. Sign in to your Elfsight dashboard.
  4. Get the installation code.

How to add the Notification Popup template to the Shopify website?

To add the Notification Popup to your Shopify website, do the following:

  1. Customize the appearance of the Popup widget to match your aesthetics.
  2. Log in to your Elfsight admin panel or set up a free user profile.
  3. Receive the auto-generated embedding code.
  4. Navigate to your website.
  5. Put the shortcode into your website builder. Done!

For a more in-depth guide, we suggest checking out our article on how to embed Popup on a website.

Do I need to have coding or programming skills to embed the Notification Popup?

Not at all. Coding skill is not necessary in any way. You have the full capability to build and add the Notification Popup to your website, regardless of your familiarity or experience in coding.

Can I set up the popup to open automatically?

Definitely. When you’re in building mode, choose a trigger that will ensure the Notification Popup template appears at the right moment on your Shopify website. Below are your alternatives: on-page load, within a specific time spent on a page, on scroll, on scroll to element, on click, and on exit intent.

Can I use the Notification Popup template for free?

Definitely. There is no chase to jump right into the paid options right away. Elfsight follows a tiered subscription system that consists of Free, Basic, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Go at your own pace and test out all the functionalities without restrictions with our Free tier. Remember, you can always upgrade and access extra perks when you’re ready!

Can I add a call-to-action button to the Popup widget?

Certainly! All you have to do is follow these guidelines:

  1. Access the Popup editor.
  2. Find the “Blocks” section.
  3. Add the “Button” block.
  4. Configure a call-to-action message, click behavior, and appearance.

What email integrations or tools does the Shopify widget support?

One of the main advantages of this Shopify widget lies in its synchronization ability with external applications, including Mailchimp, Zapier, and Google Sheets. You can actively make sure that no captured data slips away.

Where can I add the Notification Popup on my Shopify?

The ball is in your court. No specific rules need to be followed. Nevertheless, make sure it makes sense and is strategically placed in the most popular spot, such as the homepage or product page.

How to customize the Notification Popup?

The possibilities are endless-customize the complete widget’s visuals to showcase your brand principles and boost conversions effortlessly:

  • Popup details
    You can stack elements and create an array of limitless content blocks: title, text, call-to-action button, link, discount voucher, form, image, and video. Moreover, to elevate visual aesthetics, you can incorporate gaps, separators, and custom HTML and iFrame fields.
  • Display settings
    Elfsight gives you three choices: frequency, pages, and devices. Clearly define all the necessary requirements to maintain the desired level.
  • Custom elements and features
    And there’s more to explore: triggers, custom CSS, custom JS, redirect link, layouts, close buttons, background visuals, alignments, and so on.

To exclude confusion and issues along the way, contact our Customer Support Team to solve any queries!

Help with Notification Popup Setup and Website Installation

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