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Shopify Subscription Popups for website

Expand your audience using our coding-free Subscription Popups templates made for Shopify websites. From the sleek and modern Email Capture Popup to the enticing Ebook Popup, we present the ideal customizable solution to suit any situation. Personalize it to match the brand, embed it effortlessly on the website, and witness a substantial growth in your email listing!
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Newsletter Popup
Adding a popup widget to your website can help you see the newsletter subscriber count soar for sure.
Add a popup template to unlock new growth opportunities for your subscriber base.
Adding a popup widget is the best way to grow your email list and capture potential leads.
Create a popup widget and take your email marketing strategy to the next level.
Create the best way to expand the mailing list and encourage website users to follow each step of your brand with this template.
Add a popup template to promote your latest E-book or valuable content in an attractive and engaging way.
Add a popup template to the website and start growing your email subscriber base today.
Add a popup template on the website and welcome visitors to join your exclusive community.
Create a popup widget to maximize your email marketing efforts and grow newsletter subscriber numbers in no time.
Creating an increased reader engagement for the latest news is super easy with the website popup template.
Collect more email subscribers using Elfsight Popup integrated into your web page.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Why are Elfsight Shopify Subscription Popups the best?

Focus on your ideal demographic, heat the audience’s interest up, and compel them with your business with Elfsight’s Subscription Popups templates. Create a Popup widget that embodies your brand’s essence using a core message and tons of personalized visual components. Leave behind the necessity for the coding knowledge or any design skills to implement the plugin-simply tweak it accordingly, get the installation code, and add it to the Shopify website. Isn’t it easy? Start spreading the word, stimulating demand, and taking control of your promotional initiatives for special events or recent sales!
Why Elfsight Subscription Popups are the Best?

Shopify Subscription Popups Features and Integrations

12 Custom Content Blocks
Email Notifications via Form Fill-Out
5000+ Data Export Integrations
Modal, Slide-in, Pane Layout Designs
Engaging Popup Opening Button
Frequency Popup Display Settings
Exclude or Specify Pages for Displaying
Timed-Display Trigger
Scroll Trigger On-Element or On-Click
Exit Intent Trigger
Set Up Popup for Multiple Mobile Devices
Call-to-Action Button
Coupon Code & Redirect Link Creation
HTML & iFrame Fields
Image & Video Upload
Mobile Responsiveness
Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
Free-Coding Editor
Translation to Any Language
Custom CSS & JavaScript Editors

How to create Subscription Popups template for Shopify website

In case you want to create the Subscription Popups plugin for your Shopify website for your Shopify website, you should complete the following steps:

  1. Choose the most desirable Subscription Popups template.
  2. Hit the “Live Preview” option.
  3. Personalize the elements and features to match your branding.
  4. Verify your Elfsight profile.
  5. Get the installation code.

Looking for extra help? Get in touch with the experts from the Support Team.

How to add Subscription Popups to Shopify website

To add the Subscription Popups to your Shopify site, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Elfsight account.
  2. Get the unique setup code.
  3. Open your Shopify site editor.
  4. Paste the code and save the changes. You’re all set!

For extra help, please, reach out to the Elfsight Support Team or refer to our blog post for guidance on how to embed the Popup widget on a website.


Can I embed the Subscription Popups without coders?

Yes! With Elfsight, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge or an external application to help you install the widget. Meaning, you can add the Subscription Popups with the generated code from our team.

What kind of triggers can I set to the popup widget?

The Popup plugin puts forth every effort to help you take a customized tactic through a broad array of trigger options: during website loading, after a specific time spent on a page, on scroll, on scroll to element, on click, and on exit intent. It’s entirely up to your business requirements and preferences!

What website builders and CMS are compatible with the Subscription Popups besides Shopify?

99.9% of website builders are supported by our plugins.

What details can I include in the Subscription Popups?

Ensure the Subscription Popups template remains on track while granting yourself the freedom to cover all the key factors-insert several marketing content blocks, attach the discount code, include a persuasive call-to-action button, and don’t forget about visuals.

Can I sync my popup with other integrations?

Definitely! All you need to do is follow these guidelines:

  1. Launch the Popup builder.
  2. Find the “Builder” menu choice.
  3. Include a brand-new “Form” block or adjust the current one.
  4. Continue scrolling downwards until you find the “Integrations” tab, then select it.
  5. Select the integration-Mailchimp, Google Sheets, or Zapier-and proceed with the further guidelines on the screen.

On what Shopify website pages can I add the Subscription Popups?

Positioning the plugin doesn’t have any specific guidelines. You have the opportunity to choose based on your own preferences. As an example, you can place it on the most popular alternatives: the homepage, get-in-touch page, or merchandise page.

What kind of display settings does the widget support?

The display settings for our Subscription Popups templates encompass three options: frequency, pages, and devices. Through frequency conditions, the amount of popups displayed goes under your unique business needs. Likewise, you have the flexibility to exclude or include specific pages and devices based on your preferences. The point is you have the privilege to customize the entire process and maintain your branding norms.

Can I customize the Subscription Popups template for Shopify websites?

Yes, you can! You can try out numerous personalized elements and free-to-use features to uncover the suitable outcome-whether it’s background imagery, layout formats, paddings, or accurate gaps.

Do the Subscription Popups templates work on mobile devices?

Yes, absolutely, the Popup templates embody this key aspect to deliver a top-notch user experience. No matter the gadget-the smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet-this Shopify plugin is compatible with mobile format.