Popup Notification widget

Designed to grab users’ attention, Notification popups can inform website visitors about recent purchases or boost signups. They should also be visually appealing and reach the right people. By using a widget, you can reach your goals in seconds!
Popup Notification widget

How can I use a Notification Popup widget?

The Notification Popup Widget gives you a chance to reveal a Notification in a popup window with zero programming or design. Embed Notification into your website HTML and get it viewed often. Simply pick out a premade template from a range of variants, without difficulty tailor it in a free online demo, and attach 2 strings of installation code to your website builder: Angular, Bootstrap, etc. 

How to add a Notification Popup to a website?

The construction is fairly easy! Below are actions, after which you’ll acquire an appealing and a professional Notification popup. You have a chance to move further and easily modify the widget’s and all elements’ behavior, colors, pictures, fonts, sizes. 

  1. Register or log into the Elfsight dashboard
  2. Pick out Popup widget and opt for your favorite template
  3. Go to builder section in editor and add a text and title block
  4. Regulate the widget. Click ‘Save’
  5. You will get a code in window
  6. Paste it to HTML of your website template

Next, remember that the Notification widget by Elfsight is a cloud-based instrument, which means it’s actually located on Elfsight servers. There’s a possibility to make modifications any time through Elfsight apps and they will show on your website straight away. Furthermore, the widget doesn’t slow down the site. 

What events trigger a pop-up?

Notification Popup by Elfsight is top-notch because you can set its functioning the way you need. The Notification window will pop up in any case you define. For example, it may show up on page load, on scroll, after a particular time on page, etc. Below, you can read about the essential triggers which will help you make a Notification popup appear. 

  • Onclick
    This is the easiest and most obvious way of making a Notification popup come into view. It may show up after clients hit a particular component on a web page. For example, you can trigger a Notification to come up in a box after the website user has tapped on a CTA button or just a link in the midst of a text. 
  • Onload
    From now on, there’s no need to think about tricky sequences of events and settings. Just determine the Notification popup to come into view right on a load of a page, and take pleasure in people becoming familiar with your proposal immediately. On the contrary, be cautious about an onload config for a Notification box. Banners and popups that pop up at the wrong time annoy most website users more than vending. 
  • Onscroll
    The Popup box grants you a chance to show the Notification after a customer has scrolled over a certain percentage or element of a web page. It acts phenomenally when a client has got to know your brand, content, and deals, and is willing to buy something. In such a case, a Notification will show up accurately at the appropriate time. 
  • On exit intent
    Are customers in a hurry to quit your site? Probably, they haven’t got to know something crucial on a page. Here’s what exit intent serves for: clients are going to exit a page, and a Notification popup shows up instantly. 

Afterwards, consider that the Notification popup by Elfsight is cloud-based, which means it’s located on our servers. It doesn’t slow down the speed of your website, you can make changes any time at Elfsight apps and the modifications will reflect on your site right away.

Try the Notification Popup for yourself. It’s free, fast, and you can create it in a free online popup builder:
Configure your template ↓

Сhoose and adjust ready templates! 

Applying a Popup widget for showing a Notification gives tons of benefits. 

  1. Lots of professional templates
    You can apply them with no further improvements or regulate any way you need. Templates are all editable, alterable, manageable, and pretty! 
  2. The configurator is simple, clear and explicit
    You have a possibility to form a popup by simply putting different constituents together in it. It’s totally unnecessary to become a programming wizard to make your video popup box match the integral site design. 
  3. Add videos by links from YouTube and Vimeo
    They are the most common video web hostings in the world, known to everyone.
  4. Attach any type of constituents in any sequence
    You can be sure texts, images, buttons, and headings will look awesome on any device your people employ. 


Nonetheless, you might still have challenges with installing and creating the Notification popup on a particular CMS. Below you can find instructions for the most popular site builders and CMS. The logic is similar for any other website builder. And take into account: if you come across any difficulties with making, inserting, or tailoring your Notification box, don’t do not waste time and reach out to our customer care team – they will professionally assist at that point.

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