How to add Testimonials Slider plugin to Weebly

The step-by-step reference on installing and configuring Testimonials plugin on your Weebly web-resource. The tutorial doesn’t need web-developing expertise or any additional professional experience to carry out and its implementation will take up not more than 2 minutes.

Plugin characteristics

Elfsight Customer Testimonials plugin enables you to show reviews and use them as your clients’ testimonials on your products or services. Real-life posts that allow to see the feedback's author are the most powerful tool of growing client trust and improving Internet resource conversion.

Video Guide

Plugin features and basic characteristics:
  • Fully adaptive template;
  • A number of colorful preset design templates available;
  • Added company logo and other sales components;
  • Help for all users.
Learn more about the Weebly plugin.
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Installing the plugin

If any issues come up during the guide implementation, message our support center and our employees will be happy to help.

Part 1: Creating the widget

Create your own profile or authorize

Paste your current email and set a password. If you already have a valid user account, you will only have to log in at Elfsight Apps.
create your own profile

Select a widget

Select Testimonials Slider in the catalog and click on it to go to the widget page.
select the testimonials plugin

Setting up the appearance

Choose the layout you like or create your widget to your taste. You can see more about all the properties at the testimonials widget’s page.
setting up the apearance

Take the widget’s code

To finish the first part of the tutorial, you need to get the widget code that you will be placed to the required website.
get the testimonials plugin's code

Part 2: Embedding on a Weebly website

Login to Weebly

Login to edit the website.
logit to weebly website

Add the «Embed Code» element

Select a page and place the HTML element on that page.
add the «embed code» element

Edit the inserted «Embed Code»

Click on the element and press «Edit Custom HTML».
edit the inserted element

Paste the testimonials installation code

Add the Elfsight Apps widget code and save the changes.
embed the testimonials wdiget's code

The testimonials widget has been successfully added!

To view the testimonials widget, go to the edited page.
how to add testimonial plugin to weebly

How to change plugin parameters?

After you paste the code to the web-page, you can introduce the corrections in your account at Elfsight Apps. You can carry out the changes via your Elfsight Apps profile in our intuitive editor and apply them. The changes are automatically made and you don’t require to update the code once again.

What is Elfsight Apps?

It is a cloud resource to improve your web-page with the help of extensions. Install useful functions and connect your site to social media to draw more visitors and clients.

Generate your own Testimonials Slider right here

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