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How to Add Google Maps plugin to Weebly

Display the itineraries and markers on the original
Elfsight maps plugin and increase the amount of offline clients. Try the useful products developed by our team right away.
The very advanced Google Maps widget for Weebly, that empowers you to shape maps with extended appearance, locality info cards and building user routes. We also offer a widget to display Google Reviews on your website.

The strong points of Elfsight Widget

Elfsight Google Maps is the easiest ever in display and operation, it won’t require web-developing experience or other specific experience. The maps’ adjusting layout, multiple color schemes and the location markers’ custom appearance permit you to implement the maps for various website layouts and will look stunning on any device screen.
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Installing the maps

To install, you should to perform a couple of uncomplicated operations.

Video Tutorial

Step 1

• Register your personal page or enter the service

If you don't yet have a access at Elfsight Apps, in the first place you should set up a profile. If you already have a page, authorize in your account.

• Click on “Google Maps” widget

To show widget to a Weebly website, you need to click – Google Maps Builder.

• Shape the app

Pick the relevant parameters that will allow you to set the google map on your site in the preferable way.

• take the app script

You can copy the unique script to set the app to your resource in the popup window.

Step 2

• Login to Weebly

Go to editing your website.

• Edit the page

Insert the Embed Code element to the page.

• Edith the HTML element

Click on the element, and then click on Edit Custom HTML.

• Insert widget code

Paste the maps’ code to the field that comes up, and save the changes, by pressing on the button in the upper menu to publish them.

• The map’s ready!

You have successfully installed the widget.

Setting up and making corrections to the plugin

You can control and change every one of your widgets without implementing any improvements to the site’s code from your own account at Elfsight Apps. The below controls are offered to for our users:
  • Sharing popular landmarks in your area by setting settings them as markers on your map;
  • Google street view design;
  • Popular color schemes;
You can find More information about the advanced app for advantages and controls on the Elfsight maps page.

A couple of words about our service

It is a multiplatform resource featuring a solutions catalogue to develop your own web-resource and transform it to a powerful source of getting visitors. Make your own web-page wiser together with the Elfsight Apps. Discover other apps for Weebly developed by our team.

Try out the demo version of the Weebly Google Maps for free

Construct your unique widget with an original design for your personal website.
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