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How to add Facebook Feed widget to Weebly

Publicize your content and raise your site’s users' interaction with the aid of the best Facebook widget from Elfsight.

The Properties of our Facebook Feed

The widget is perfectly adaptive with most screen types, and the comprehensive style parameters allow it to fit in with your platform’s appearance in a good manner. Use any Facebook profile content: profile, feed, videos, photos, happenings.

Construct a high-performance website, with the help of quality plugins to engage your users, и raise conversion to a higher level.

Integrate and regulate your feed

Let’s analyze the widget’s embedding and configuration stage by stage.

Configuring your Weebly Facebook widget

Set up a profile or log into your profile

Register your unique Elfsight Apps account or go to your account.

• Configure your plugin

Configure the product’s settings and style.

Set up plugin for Weebly website

• Get the display script

Get the plugin code to show to your own website.

Copy feed code

Pasting to your website

• Login to your personal account

Go to Weebly sites’ dashboard.

Open the Weebly website dashboard

• Insert the HTML element

Select "Embed Code" from the left-hand menu and move it to the required place on the page.

Add HTML element

• Edit the HTML element

Click on an element and select "Edit Custom HTML" in the popup window that comes up.

Edit the element

• Insert the code and save the changes

Paste the code you’ve got at Elfsight Apps to the required place in the element. Save the changes.

Paste the plugin code

• Facebook plugin on your Weebly website is up and running!

The installation has been successfully completed.

Facebook Plugin to Weebly

How to Adjust Widget’s Settings after Setup

You are able to edit the feed’s appearance or the source social account in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you save the modifications, they will be automatically implemented for your widget.

Key features

The Main characteristics of the best Facebook feed that are an advantage over the rest of similar products:

  • Excellent design;
  • Absolutely responsive;
  • Caching the results;
  • Comprehensive Appearance customization;
  • Allows to embed any Facebook content.

You can get more information at the Weebly Facebook page.

Some words about Elfsight Apps

An original resource, to increase numerous Content management systems websites’ performance.

Test the Facebook widget online-demo for free!

Generate an unmatched feed for your own Weebly website.
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