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How to Add Instagram Feed Plugin to Web.com Website

In this review we will show a clear manual on how to show Instagram application InstaShow on a Web.com website. We will use a product by Elfsight Apps - top cloud service with ready-made tools for web platforms.

Arrange Your Own Instagram Widget

Go through a few quick phases to create the Instagram Widget for the required page of your website. The likely setup time is around 3 minutes.

Act 1: Open an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

First, in order to work with Elfsight Apps, you have to create an account. Enter only correct email addresses and passwords to register. In case you already have an Elfsight Apps account, please, enter here.
Login to Elfsight Apps

• Select a plugin

Our platform offers various widgets which allow enhancing online resources. To add Instagram app to a Web.com website, you have to press InstaShow.
Select Instagram widget

• Make InstaShow comply with your wishes

Get the design, styles and presentation configuration to organize the feed that will blend with your website. InstaShow profits:
  • Adjustable width, height and gutter;
  • Adjustable amount of columns and rows;
  • Responsive breakpoints to make the gallery correspond to a browser’s dimensions;
  • Browsing controls, which consist of arrows, scroll and drag;
  • etc.
You are able to learn more about all the features at the Instagram Feed page.
Configure app for web.com website

• Take the code to paste it into your website

The resulting step in our platform is to obtain the plugin script by clicking “Get” button alongside the gallery’s title.
Copy app code

Act 2: Instagram Widget Installation Stages on Your Site

Read also how you can embed Instagram on any website.

• Authorize at web.com

Log into your account at web.com to go to dashboard.
Log into your account at web.com

• Go to pages editor

Select the “Website” item from the list and go to pages’ editor.
Go to sites editor

• Insert the code

Select the place to put the code to, and add the “HTML Snippet” element from the «Apps» section in the side menu.
Set up a new HTML element

• Configure the plugin block and apply the changes

Set the “HTML Snippet” to a necessary size, and press “Edit” to make the changes. Paste the plugin script you’ve got at Elfsight Apps into the window that comes up in the right-hand menu. Finally, press “Publish” to apply the changes.
Paste the plugin’s code and save the changes

• Installation is complete!

Go to the webpage to check out the plugin!
Add Instagram Feed Plugin to Web.com Website

How to Improve Widget’s Settings after Installation

You can correct the plugin’s parameters or the featured social media account in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you put the changes into use, they will be automatically applied to your plugin.

Best Instagram gallery widget for Web.com

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